Son Was Trapped In His Father's Basement For 20 Years. Now He Can't Speak And Has A Beard Down To His Knees. What Happened To Him?

As the Brazilian police were searching through houses for a drug gang, they came upon Armando de Andrade suddenly.

They were faced with a man that had super long nails on his toes and fingers. His beard was down to his knees. They think he was tied to a bed in a basement with no windows for 20 years!



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Those who lived close by to Armando thought that he moved out when he was sixteen. When they would ask of him, they would say he is somewhere else, working and with family.

Armando was a regular teenager who enjoyed the usual things. Then all of a sudden, he vanished.

According to the police chief, when Armando stood up, he was damaged and could not speak. When they brought him out of the house, he didn't utter a word.



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The police did not know if he was fearful or was under the influence of drugs. Armando could not even figure out they were the police.

So they asked for help and Armando was brought to the hospital.

After Armando was discovered, his dad, Amancio de Andrade, declined he had something to do with this.



He says he left his son in his house when he turned eighteen and he came back a week ago asking his family to keep him in the basement so he can be free of drugs.

The dad says that Armando is grown up and should have gotten in contact with him. He says that just the week previous, he visited his house where he gave him food and let him stay in the basement.

He was requested by Armando to keep the door locked so he won't leave. What do you think of Amancio's explanation? Is it believable? Share your thoughts below!

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