Today’s Horoscope for Scorpio: Friday

Dec 21, 2020Kara

It’s time for a TGIF moment again and isn’t it lucky that the most wonderful time of the year also falls on this day? You might be excited to open the presents under the tree, but before that, why don’t you first open the present that is in for you today? Read and unwrap the changes that are prepared for you... some will be surprising for you, Scorpio!  

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You will be happy that you were born as a logical, systematic, and perfectionist Scorpio when you walk out of your room today because you will find everyone to be busy with last-minute shopping for gifts. Of course, as detail-oriented as you are, there will be no more worries about these things for you have already completed your list.

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You always come prepared and you always put things in order that is why when the time comes you will not panic. You even know what to give to people because you are a keen observer who values what each one likes... This is why it is most likely that those who will receive something from you will be extra grateful.

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Though your gift of perfectionism may help in some ways for today’s festivities, it may also come as a weakness. It’s not a secret that your eyes can see every small detail that’s why the people you love will also try hard to keep things in order and in their proper place when you are around. You must appreciate it.

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If there is still something that you think needs fixing and you cannot do it on your own, try to tell someone that can do it as pleasantly as you can. Watch your expression and don’t let them see the irritation that is building up inside of you because it may ruin the joyous mood that everyone is in.

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There might be some misunderstanding between you and your partner that seems to hang in the air, and you are just trying to cover it with smiles because other people are around. You must not let it be an elephant in the room any longer, try to directly confront them so that things will be cleared between you.

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You must also have an open mind and a heart that’s ready to listen when they explain. Without it, there will be no acceptance and forgiveness today. This is after all a time for love and the toxic things must be left behind before the year ends. Show your partner that you will always listen, no matter what.

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Today you will be happy to know that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care about your happiness and wellbeing. But you will even be more surprised when people will come to you and simply say that they are lucky to have you. You may be wondering why, so this is the time that you must think about it.

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There will also be some friends that you have lost contact with that will make some efforts just to connect with you once again. Don’t put off the communication much longer because the planets are conspiring to get you back with long lost friends again. Maybe there is also a greater level of a relationship that is coming.  

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There will not be much change in your family except that this day will be filled with more laughter and warmth than the past few days. There will be no misunderstandings and disagreements but there must be some things that the people in the house must work on so that the harmony will stay. Try to reach out to them.

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There are times that you’ll not say anything if you have found something that you don’t like in the house, and that’ll just make you upset. That may happen today, so before you reach the breaking point, say what you want to say while you can still do it calmly for it is not the day to ruin the mood.

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Finally, it’s a day in which you don’t need to give much focus to work because there will be no hectic things bothering you. Just a little click here and there then you’re good to go. You should also wait because there will be good news that will come regarding your work position. 

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Tell yourself as early as now to keep your feet on the ground no matter what achievements will come. Also, be reminded to give some smiles or good vibes to your co-workers and higher-ups today because that will complete their day and it will also make some impact in your life as well. Enjoy this not-so-stressful day while it lasts.  

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Check your pocket! It’s almost empty, isn’t it? It’s because the perfectionist in you can’t resist giving the best in everything, even in the presents that you will give out. That is not wrong, but you must also know, dear Scorpio, that perfection cannot be measured by the amount that you give. It’s in the effort that you exert. 

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It doesn’t matter now though, because even though there’s not much money left, your heart will also swell with happiness. That’s the beauty of giving. Who knows, a greater blessing may be on the way! As it is said, give and it shall come back to you. Worry no more about the pockets, it’ll be filled sooner than you expect.

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There is some tendency that you will feel some symptoms of a cold today, and you must not tell yourself that it will be alright and that it will just go away after some time. Buy medicine or have some herbal medication that will make the itch in your nose and throat go away. Have some rest while you still can and recuperate your body.  

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There’ll not be much to bother your mental and emotional health today because the environment that you are in will be stress-free, but you still need to take care of your physical wellbeing. Try to have an exercise session before you attend some parties and make sure to eat healthy food if you can, too much fatty food is not good! 

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Too many people will be surrounding you today that you will have no time to check on your hobbies There will be no time for boredom however because kids will be all over the place and there is a need to stop them from messing with all of the fancy things that are set up around your home. 

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Why don’t you gather them around and have some fun with them as others are busy preparing? Tell them some stories or teach them how to play chess because Scorpios are good at that thanks to their logical minds. This will already be a big help as the kids won’t be troubling the adults at work.   

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You will be meeting new people today so there’ll be a chance that you will get to know someone that will make your heart beat faster before the year ends. Of course, when you go into a new relationship, you must be ready for so many things but something that you need to make sure of is the compatibility between the two of you.  

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You are encouraged to take the chance with the Bulls for even though there will be some tough rides, you two will stay together because of your mutual love for practicality. Capricorn will never leave you hanging, and Cancer will be so supportive in your future endeavors, so you will have nothing to worry about.

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There are just things, or shall we say relationships that are not meant to happen, and you will be wasting your time with Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leo. The first one will be very annoying, the second will be too messy for your systematic personality, and the third will be too boastful for you.

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There’s no way to turn back time and the new year is fast approaching. While you are still in a good mood today and you are in a happy state, why don’t you set some plans in order to start the year right with a set of prospects in mind? Nothing can go wrong with some bucket list goals. 

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It’ll help you reach more goals and also try something new. Don’t forget the budget plan, for it’s very crucial and it’ll be efficient for people like you. Don’t just try to make some plans for yourself too. Have one that involves your family and friends so that you will know what to do for some get-togethers. 

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As you can see, this day is bringing you lots of goodies and you must not let it all pass. Live in the moment while it still lasts. May this day lessen all the stress that you’ve been feeling the past days so that you’ll make an even stronger comeback. Let us know how your day goes, Scorpio!  

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