Today's Horoscope for Virgo: Thursday

Dec 21, 2020Kara

It's the happiest time of the year, Virgo! Excited about the yuletide celebrations already? While you might have your festivities planned, it looks like the stars are planning to throw you some curveballs this Thursday. So before going about your day, let's take a look at what's on for you! Be ready for a few big changes... 

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Do you have any idea how unique you are? In your group of friends or around your workplace, you're usually one of the only few who can truly hone into the complexities of emotions that surround you. You see what most people don't and find appreciation in everyone, in many different ways. 

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Your obsession with the small things in life and your keen perception are some of your most unique qualities. As you are ruled by logic, you can pretty much see every possible point of view there is. It's truly amazing how you can put yourself in the shoes of other people just with the power of your brain! 

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The trouble with someone who can see every angle and look through various points of view is that they always believe they are right. And you think you're always right! You're incredibly stubborn about this and sometimes feel that your conclusions are the only ones that people should follow. It will take a whole research and investigation team to take you down... 

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This is no doubt thanks to how much of an overthinker you are. While you have the patience that can outlast almost everyone, once your line has been crossed you're a force to be reckoned with. You can hold quite the grudge. Your powerful brain lets you adapt to a lot of things, but only with time. Quick changes aren't something you like or want to deal with. 

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So now you might be thinking, why did we just point out all your best and worst traits? Well, it's because today - love may be coming your way. If you're single, you might just bump into the right person while you're doing some last-minute Christmas shopping or out for coffee. Keep that keen mind sharp, but don't let other opinions cloud your judgment. 

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Make sure you're also showing off that incredible wit - this may attract that one person to you like a magnet! For natives with a partner already, we wanted to remind you that your stubborn mind might get in the way of all the holiday cheer that's about to come your way. You might get upset with your partner over something, be patient, and don't let it ruin the fun.  

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It's the holidays, so why are we talking about work and service right now? Well, on this day Jupiter, King of expansion, connects with sturdy Saturn, the taskmaster. These two planets are in your sector of work and service. Tada! Expect a new connection brought about by friends that can lead to prosperous work opportunities.  

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Work might not be the first thing you want to think of but good fortune could come from this quick and interesting introduction and it may prove to be an exciting new source of income for you. Also, take this "Great Conjunction" of planets as a chance to serve your family members at home, even if you're not prepared.

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Okay, so you may be thinking to yourself: "Money, something that I wish I had more of right now." Indeed, Christmas time is often one of the costliest times of the year. You plan a trip and buy gifts (sometimes expensive ones). Basically, you're on that holiday spending spree. Money is a touchy subject.  

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Despite that, make sure that you have those keen, Virgo senses on high alert today. Friends and relatives may grab a chance to talk to you about some interesting and possibly lucrative investment opportunities while at a gathering. Keep an open mind and try to tackle this conversation maturely. 

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Keep in mind, dear native, that an unhealthy body will lead to an unhealthy mind. Because you're such a tireless workhorse in all aspects of your life, it may be easy for you to neglect your body's physical needs. Thus eventually leading to mental unhealthiness. Please ensure you take the right precautions today before all the festivities start. 

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Start your day off the right way with a proper and hearty breakfast. Follow that up with some nice meditation to get your mind ready for the day's activities. Try not to overthink about work as this may lead to analysis paralysis. This could even be a start to you planning out a healthier schedule for yourself. 

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We cannot stress this enough, dear Maiden, please value your health! Yes, this day is gonna be full of exciting and tasty meals that you're gonna want to fill your plate with. It's Christmas Eve after all. However, we'd like to remind you to be a little more conscious of what you put on your plate today.

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Try to off-set the lunch and dinner you're probably going to have today with a healthy breakfast. A nice serving of avocado toast coupled with a nutrient full smoothie should do the trick. If you're concerned about your digestion, try skipping out from any dairy products tonight. With the mix you'll be served, dairy might not be the best to add.   

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Being a Virgo means that you're all about the little details. This is also true for your fashion sense. Although this holiday season is all about bold colors and bright lights you prefer the neutral. So if you're looking to stun and shine this day, we've got you all covered.  

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You are a classy zodiac so keep yourself warm with that faux leather jacket! Pair it with a neat, white top underneath - preferably one that also keeps you warm. Finish off your bottoms with high rise rigid straight jeans. If you have a pair of boots that match your leather jacket, slap those on too. Bring the cool to this Thursday, Virgo! 

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Though it's the holiday and you still might want to get some adventure out of your day. One must always make the most of this time of the year. If you're in an area of the world with a lot of fresh snow, go for a quick skiing session. For Virgos in warmer parts of the world, work in a last-minute bike ride to get yourself hyped for the fun tonight!  

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Despite what you think about today, it's not all that impossible that you might find love. You might be spending today in an environment that has more than just your family in it. So we better talk about who you're best compatible with just in case. In terms of your best compatibility or ideal partner, you and Taurus are a pretty interesting match. 

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You might catch yourself thinking, this person is too good to be true. In some ways, they are. Taurus pairing up with Virgo is a relationship between practical, devoted, and extremely loving people. It's so smooth because you both value integrity and loyalty. So if you're spot Taurus in your sights, best make your way to the closest mistletoe!  

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On to the person you might want to avoid during all of the Christmas cheer. Virgo, you're one very particular person. That means that you have specific tastes and specific types of people you mix well with. Here's the person you'd like to avoid, lest you want to have your Christmas spirit diminished: Sagittarius. 

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For starters, you prefer organization which Sagittarius doesn’t really give importance to. Being paired up with a Sagittarius will see you having trouble finding any common ground. The differences in opinions and way of doing things between you two are quite vast. So if you see a centaur making its way to you, think twice - unless you want a challenging relationship ahead of you.

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They say this season is when the Christmas magic really starts filling the world. The Christmas season is usually when the past and present collide too. Since people usually spend the holiday with family, you might find yourself traveling back to your hometown. This also means you'll see some faces from your past.

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Some remnants of your past will be reaching out to you, and they'll do it today of all days. This may be a chance for you to bring up issues from the past and finally resolve them. Introduce these figures from your past to the new you. Show them how forgiving or understanding you have become - and share in the Christmas spirit. 

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The Christmas magic is really in the air, Virgo! Are you ready to see what miracles will manifest before your eyes? Ultimately, we just want you to have the best Thursday you can possibly have. So keep your unique senses on high alert and let us know how your day has been! Also, be sure to share this article with fellow natives. 

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