Today's Horoscope for Taurus: Sunday

Dec 17, 2020Kara

Finally! It’s a Sunday. You may wake up today and find yourself feeling sentimental and you don’t know why. It’s the planets moving. The universe is preparing something new for you today that is why your emotions are also stirring up. What could that new thing be? Read on to be prepared, Taurus! 

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As you have already felt emotional while in bed, it is good for you to get up and have alone time. Give yourself the pampering that you deserve and go out of the house for a stroll in the street without someone that will disturb your peace by constantly talking to you. It is a beautiful time of the year, do not miss it by keeping the curtains closed! 

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All you need is to breathe today. As you are a detail-oriented individual and a perfectionist, of course, you may want to look at people and simply observe them. Be reminded that what you need is peace of mind. Criticizing other people’s street style that doesn’t satisfy your eyes won’t help with that... 

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Time and time again, we will tell you that there is no such thing as "perfect". Sometimes, no matter how logical you are, it is a wonder that you cannot explain to yourself the reasons that you should not overthink. Today, put your mind at rest and not think of anyone's flaws. 

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Calm your own storm by writing down the qualities and deeds that you think are good and give validation to yourself. It’s a Sunday, another beautiful day lies ahead, it is up to you to seize it! This is not the time for pessimism. It’s a day to be alive and full of energy so make use of that to do something joyful and productive, Taurus. 

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Ho-ho, it seems like Cupid is also your Santa today. The god of love may have seen you feeling low for the past few days and now, he has decided to aim his arrow at you. Go home to your partner and have a cup of hot chocolate together. These small things will strengthen your bond and lead to a lovely evening. 

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If you don’t have someone special yet, cupid will impact the arrow in your heart. How? Well, you will just be amazed and look up to realize that someone who cared for you might want something more than a friendship. Now you may also want to give them a chance at love! How exciting... 

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You may have wondered what will lead to a major change in your life today and we found what it is. Today, you will realize that you are no longer a skeptic who will want to see things first before believing in them. You are now someone who believes in the capacity of other people, especially those that you love.

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You’ll also realize that less stress and negativity is coming in because of that. It will impact all of your relationships and even change you. Your faith will be strengthened, and your mind will eventually be at ease when you are not on the edge and skeptical of what’s happening around you. This is certainly something to look forward to today!   

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Now here is where not much change will happen. Taurus, you never learn sometimes. You are still making some wrong decisions by prioritizing people that won’t even cross bridges for you. Stop swimming for them today. It may be hard for your naturally kind soul, but it is not healthy anymore.

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If you feel like you are being taken advantage of, don’t wait for the next time that it happens before you put a stop to it. There will always be red flags, so don’t be intentionally blind. Confront them directly and voice out your thoughts so that they will know that you are not a pushover.   

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One of the things that also gets you emotionally riled up is your family’s discord this week. Though it’s supposed to be a happy season where you must all celebrate together, it’s discouraging because there is some kind of rift in the household that is a little hard to mend. Harmony is nowhere to be found and the seniors will be stubborn. 

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They will be the cause of the trouble and they will not settle down. The children around you will also be affected by it so it’s better to try and resolve everything as soon as you can. You don’t want to face the new year with a family that is still in the middle of a misunderstanding, would you?

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There’s nothing much to say to you about your work ethic since you have been doing so well. Maybe it’s because your traits are really fit for the workplace. The detail-oriented person that you are is simply made for the place that you are in now. All you need is some time to rest after a day’s grind.

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Your workmates will also be very enthusiastic to spend time with you and it will be contagious. In no time you will feel the energy in the place and invite them over for lunch this Sunday. Even the employers and the higher-ups will look like they’re in a good mood and they will smile at everybody which will make the environment a lot better in the coming days! 

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This is usually the time of the year when you will be counting all your expenses that you spent on gifts and Christmas celebrations. Luckily, today is not about that! It will be about all that you have received. Not only that, but there’s also more blessing that’s coming today so you might want to wait and count down the hours this evening. 

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The money will be flowing like honey into your account and you should be careful with what you will do with it. Why don’t you set some plans for the coming year? Spend your money on things that matter so that when you gain profit from it, you will remember what is important. 

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The combination of the stars today is in favor of your physical health and there is no need to worry about it. There would just be some symptoms of cold because of the weather but you will have instant relief from it. You will soon have the energy that you need back to prepare for the coming week. 

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You must be careful about your diet because it affects your holistic health. You may opt to go with fresh fruits and vegetables instead of street foods today. Flex those muscles and do some physical exercise that will help you feel rejuvenated. That is all that you need to do in order to have good health this Sunday.

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Even though there is no problem concerning your physical health, there will be some things that will bother your mind. It will also affect your work so you must do something that will not make you overthink and stay calm. This is not the best time to go out and have lunch by yourself. 

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Since it’s too cold, why don’t you have a cup of tea and just sit down to breathe? A five-minute meditation will also be a big help for you throughout the day. Roll out the yoga mat that’s been staying in the corner and make some good use out of it. As long as you can keep your mind at ease, that will be enough.

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While you are at the point of catching cupid’s arrow, it is important that you know the people with who you’ll spend some time. An emotional being like you doesn’t deserve someone who invalidates your feeling so here are the signs that will make you feel that you are understood and heard. 

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Taurus and Taurus simply have the same taste and even your love for practicality and materialistic things will bind you even closer. You will find them cool and comfortable to be with. Cancer will be quite supportive of your love of learning and Capricorn will be there whenever you call on them.  

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In a season of jolliness, there is no need for bitterness but there are people that will just make you feel annoyed to the point that you would only like to be by yourself. Being alone is not a good option, just know who to keep in your company and stay away from the ones that will ruin the mood.

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Your incompatibility with Gemini is so big. You love to organize things while they love to mess them up. They will ruin your day and Sagittarius will also make you feel insignificant and not sure of yourself. This is why you will dislike them, so it would be better to stay away for today. 

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Don’t let the emotions take over your life today. Let go of the negativity and focus on the blessings that are coming your way. The season of merriment is not yet over so take advantage of it until it lasts. Let us know how your Sunday goes and be sure to click the share button! 

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