Today's Horoscope for Taurus: Saturday

Dec 17, 2020Rita

Saturday has arrived and with it yet another weekend of this lovely month of December! However, the year is coming to an end and some changes are coming your way, dear Taurus. The question that remains is: are these changes going to be for the better, or for the worse? Let's have a look at what the predictions for this Saturday have to say about it!

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People born under Taurus have a special kind of touch when it comes to getting things done. As such, it often happens that they finish their week way more tired than most, as they tend to overwork themselves during the weekdays. But, how can Taurus use these natural instincts to make sure their weekends are quiet enough and relaxing?   

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Prioritizing your ability to be organized this Saturday can be the answer to that question. We recommend that you start your day by making a list of all the little tasks and chores you want to accomplish, but leave some points for fun and relaxing activities as well. We know that you won't be able to rest until you get your responsibilities out of the way, so just do those first.

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As mentioned before, during this Saturday, Taurus natives should focus on applying their own intrinsic abilities to be hard workers to ensure that they not only accomplish all their errands and household tasks efficiently but also in a manner that allows them to have time. Time for what? Well, time to truly rest and do things they enjoy without being overworked.  

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A good rule of thumb is to set some specific hours (not too many!) in which you try to tick all the boxes off your to-do list, leaving the majority of your day free for your hobbies, family, friends. There might even be some time to just sit down and do nothing. It might seem like an impossible task, but we know that if someone can do it, it is you!

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There are some unexpected changes happening in the love department, however, it is still uncertain whether these will have a negative or a positive impact on the relationships. The natives who are in a relationship might find some struggles in communication with their partner today, especially in the morning. 

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The single natives, however, will find themselves feeling more lonely than usual. While this will be a temporary feeling, it is important that you do not allow yourself to overthink your emotions and current situation. Take advantage of the fact that it is the weekend to try and connect with your friends or close family members in order to overcome the negativity.

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During this Saturday, you will find great comfort in being close to family members, both those who are nearby but also the extended ones. The harmony you will feel in your household will give you the energy to keep going forward and face any hardship that might come your way, so try to focus your thoughts on that.

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With the end of the year coming closer by the day, you can also take this Saturday as an opportunity to rethink what happened in your family life in the past year. Make a list of the positive changes and the ones that you wish were different, and have an honest conversation with your close family members. Opening up is a great way of becoming closer.

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As we mentioned before, the predictions indicate that you will need the support of your friends today, which is why you should try and contact them. In case you can have a phone call with your best friend, even if just to vent about your feelings, you should do it. You will notice how much better you will feel once you open your heart.

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Taurus natives are born-workaholics - we know, there is nothing you can do about it, your mind just keeps on being busy with the deadlines and things that you need to get done. Nevertheless, the weekend is a period for rest, and as such, you should make a bigger effort than usual to leave work at the workplace.  

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This Saturday it is recommended that natives try to keep their focus on their own emotional well-being and physical rest. Whether that is through doing activities that you enjoy and will keep your mind busy, or just by sitting down on the couch for a couple of hours doing nothing. Sounds challenging, right? But we are certain that you will take a great advantage if you do it! 

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One of the departments of the lives of Taurus that will remain stable during this Saturday is their finances. While there are no expected changes, it is wise to keep up with following your budget and try to bump up your savings accounts. Entering the new year with a nice safety net is something that will allow you to have a prosperous new year in terms of finances.

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You are expected to wake up with some strange feelings in your body, perhaps sore muscles or indigestion. In order to ensure that you are able to enjoy your weekend in an energetic manner, take this Saturday as the day to start with a clean slate. How can you do this?

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Focus on having healthy and nutritious meals that fuel your body with the right vitamins, and accompany that with some type of light-weight exercise. Physical exercise that will allow you to stretch your body is preferable, so why not give it a try. Methods like Yoga or Pilates are perfect! There are guides online that can help you take care of the muscles that are paining you.

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One of the options available to help you relax today is to listen to a podcast. While there are several topics of discussion and types of podcasters, we believe that Taurus will take some benefit from enjoying something that will bring them closer to their inner selves, as well as something that will allow them to rethink their approach to life.

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As such, why not give a try to some podcasters that want to guide you into happiness? "Limitless Life" hosted by Melyssa Griffin, "Bulletproof Radio" hosted by Dave Asprey, "The Good Life Project" hosted by Jonathan Fields, and the "Truth or Dare Movement" hosted by Allie and Carly are all excellent options

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Natives truly enjoy seeing the results of their labor, and due to that, you should try a hobby today that allows you to do just that. But, what if you mixed that with something that can help you explore your creative side? Journaling is just the ideal hobby for those who want to keep their lives organized while keeping a bit of beauty as well.  

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As we mentioned before, your sign should leave some free time in the day to take care of yourself, whatever that may mean to you. In case you just want to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and your favorite book, so be it! As long as you allow yourself to rest, everything counts! 

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For those that need a little extra care today, why not do a home-spa session? All you need is to light some scented candles, run a warm bath, and put a nice and relaxing playlist on Spotify to put you in the mood. Try to let your mind wander and your thoughts dissipate.

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The natives who enjoy watching a movie before sleeping should try to find some easy going titles, that will not make them think too much and, better yet, that will make them laugh! Why not give a try at some classics like "Bridget Jones's Diary", "13 Going on 30", or even one of the "Harry Potter" franchise? We are sure a little old-time revival will feel nice!

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The week just ended, and today is Saturday, so make sure to take advantage of it, dear Taurus! While there will be some ups and downs, it is crucial that you do not give up nor let yourself overthink, especially when it comes to things you can not control. Today you should make an effort to let yourself go from your natural instincts and enjoy life outside your comfort zone.

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Are you ready for what is to come? We are sure that you will have a wonderful Saturday, filled with bliss and exciting times with your loved ones. But what do you think will happen? Let us know what your expectations are in the comments below, and don't forget to share this horoscope with all the friends you may have! 

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