Today's Horoscope for Sagittarius: Friday

Today's Horoscope for Sagittarius: Friday

Dec 15, 2020Kara

TGIF! Finally, it's the end of another hectic week and the start of what should be an amazing weekend! The universe has been working its magic all week long and been building up to give you a blast this Friday, Sagittarius! Ready to find out what's headed your way? C'mon and read up!  

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Have you been experiencing some sleepless nights this week, dear Sagittarius? Well, say goodbye to those because you're long overdue for a good hibernation. It's high-time you shake off everything that's been stressing you out and begin focusing on recharging your mind and your body. Fridays are the best days to do so. 

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For this Friday, try to be more conscious of what you say. You will feel like your potential will be recognized and realized beginning today, but make sure not to let that sudden burst of confidence affect your demeanor negatively. You're a thoughtful and calculated person, so you'll know what to say and when to say it. 

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Be mindful of this on every front. At home, with friends, at work, or even on social media. Think before you post, share, or comment, or else your simple act might be subject to the wrath of other people. Not everyone will get your line of thinking or humor, and that's okay, as long as you don't unintentionally alienate people who mean something to you. 

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Friday might be the day to let everything loose, but you still have to make sure that you're keeping a tight ship. You will not thrive in a messy environment. What's more, it may hinder you from relaxing your way to the weekend! Keep this in mind as you navigate through today. 

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Last December, Venus entered Scorpio which means that communication lines would have been made easier for you. We're sure you've noticed that it's been much more of a breeze to express yourself. Cling on to this. Good communication is essential in your relationships. 

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On this Friday, however, you will feel like the weekend is pushing you to be more intense with your partner. With Venus in Scorpio, Mars will be agitated causing some changes. Good news for you and your partner... So remember, keep those communication lines open and simply let your inner-goddess of love shine forth.  

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With Venus hanging around you, you should know that your feelings will be dialed up to a hundred. This means that your ability to discern things will be your greatest tool for Friday. While external factors might throw in some monkey wrenches to get you overthinking, don't let analysis paralysis seep in, Sagittarius.  

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You lovely overthinker! Keep a calm mind, and communicate. When things are getting a little too hectic, compromise. Seek a win-win situation at best. Don't try to dominate a conversation, negotiation, or a simple daily decision that involves more than just you. This will help create a settled mood for a lovely weekend.

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Again, since Venus is hanging around you like a dove your emotions will be on high, this also means that your ability to empathize will be on high alert. Take some time and try to reach out to some friends. You might catch an off feeling or two and be in a great position to work things out with them or help them with what they're going through. 

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If you're feeling moody today, it's best to keep a good distance between you and your family. Things might take a turn for the worse because of something that might be said and misunderstood. If you can't keep your distance, keep your emotions in check and extend your patience. Try not to let anything family members say ruin your Friday.

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Jupiter is on the horizon, so there will be some positive sides to this otherwise awkward family time. The colossal planet brings progressiveness to the minds of everyone which can result in some family issues being ironed out. You may also want to spend time with your "chosen family" for some good vibes all throughout this Friday. 

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With the Sagittarius season in its final days, you should be in the mood for some festive times. After all, the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Though your zodiac may be a hermit type, this doesn't mean you don't know how to have a little fun, right? It's Friday and it's time for you to get festive! 

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In previous months, Mars was moving through your eighth house of money. This means that you might have felt a bump in your expenses, one that may have made you feel overly cautious about how you spend. Though you were strapped for cash, you learned some important money-saving tricks. Well, Mars is still here but this time the planet is making up for it.

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The red planet must be feeling guilty about what it put you through, cause today - with a little luck on your side, Mars' presence is here to open up new streams of income for you. So if you're out and about, keep a watchful eye for signs of new opportunities to earn. This is Mars' way of giving back to you after all that trouble the aggressive planet caused.

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There was a new moon eclipse on Saggitarius and this is a sign of new opportunities for you in your fourth house of home and family. With this, it should be high-time you make improvements at home. This Friday, go out and get the furniture you've always wanted, have the repairs and renovations you've been planning done already! Now is a perfect time. 

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Mars is really trying hard to make up for all the trouble you've gone through. This means that a new job, promotion, or recognition might be on the table for you this Friday. Along with it is an opportunity to renegotiate your current employment package - think better benefits or a gym membership.

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If you're self-employed or looking for something that fits the work-from-home trends, let Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in your fifth house of creativity lead the way. Try your hand at creative writing or any kind of work that has to do with communication. Being a Sagittarius, you're going to be great at it.  

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Your health isn't something in question for today. As long as you keep a healthy diet, work up a little sweat at the start or end of your day, you're fine. However, it's the health of another person in your life that comes into play today. This Friday, your mother may seek your assistance in finding a medical specialist. Be there to help her. 

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Have you noticed that at the end of the workweek you start feeling numbness in some areas of your body? That's because of all the stress your body has had to endure while working tirelessly all week long! To deal with that numbing muscles, exercise is a way out. It’s Friday today, and it's the best time to let loose. 

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You don't need to go crazy with CrossFit or hours in the gym. Take a quick run around your neighborhood or take a bike ride around your park! It's a great way to get yourself pumped for what may come your way this weekend. Sometimes all you need is a good sweat session to let the stress drip away.

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Sagittarius are perfectionists. You know this, obviously. So this means that not everyone can handle you nor can they be the kind of people you want to be around, let alone on a Friday. If you're looking for a great day, the best person to spend it with is a Cancer. This sign brings balance and stability to an overthinking, and turbulent Sagittarius. Not to mention a lot of fun!  

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If you're looking to be you and let loose then there's a certain type of person you're gonna want to avoid. Keep your distance from Sagittarius. We're not saying they're terrible people, it's just that your precise and perfectionist nature will not match well with the erratic, eccentric, and "free" nature of the centaur. Good luck if you do run into a Sag!       

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The biggest thing about Friday is that it's your break time. Time for you to really be you! You should do so by spending time with friends that make you feel uninhibited. Be with people that allow you to be your true self. Grab some drinks at your favorite spot, or a bucket of popcorn and enjoy a feel-good movie, or whatever it is you want to do. Just be you!

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Finally, the end to a hectic week is within your grasp, Sagittarius! You deserve to let your hair down and be the person you wanna be today. All the signs in the sky are pointing to a great day for you, just make sure you keep things on track today! Leave all stress of the week and enjoy your Friday! Let us know how your day went, was it a great one?  

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