Today's Horoscope for Scorpio: Monday

Today's Horoscope for Scorpio: Monday

Dec 14, 2020Danica

It’s Monday once again, but it’s the last one of the year! All kinds of things have changed for many people during 2020, especially for Scorpios. You have been doing an amazing job, and here’s your daily horoscope to get through today knowing as much as possible. There’s also a healthy dinner recommendation with the perfect show to binge on Netflix. Let’s get to it!

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Everybody hates Mondays. It’s just a fact of life, but luckily, this is the last one of the year. If you have anything else you wanted to accomplish in 2020, there are only a few days left. So why not start today? If you wanted to learn a new skill, there’s still time because anything can be found online.

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Interestingly, you might be inspired to do something unexpected today. Scorpios are known for being thoughtful and precise, but they sometimes go out of their way to try new things and break the monotony. Whatever it is, don’t be too impulsive.

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When it comes to your love life, things are continuing on a good note. Things have been great for single people as well as those in committed relationships. Anyone without a fixed partner has been enjoying getting to know others and going on dates. You might get a few invitations and messages today.

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For those that already have a partner/spouse, you could add a little something special to your daily routine. The other person seems to be in need of a little TLC, but it can be small and simple. Don’t think about it too much and let your heart decide.

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Everything seems to get hectic at home when the year is ending. You’re might be making preparations for New Year’s Eve, and it’s going to be a great celebration despite the difficulties of 2020. Today, you can check your “To Buy List” and see if there’s anything missing from that night.

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Most people are spending it alone with their main family, but you can also go online and schedule some Zoom meetings so that everyone you love can countdown 2021 together. You have been amazing at caring for your family unit, but your extended love ones need some attention too, even if it’s on the computer. Getting everyone on a Zoom meeting for New Year’s should not be a problem for Scorpios.

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Friendships have been put on the back-burner for most of 2020, and Monday is the perfect day to check-in. You might have some unresolved issues with a few people, and it’s just better to talk about these things as soon as possible. Everyone needs as much human connection as they can get.

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Your social life has not been truly important, especially when you’re still worried about keeping your family safe. But the world has a new normal, and you just need to make an effort. Monday is always the best day to do things that you have overlooked for a while.

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When it comes to working, no one has adapted easier to 2020 than you. So, Monday should not be a problem except for the fact that there’s a “rushing” vibe in the air. It always happens when the year is ending. However, there might be a project coming up soon.

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You could also be required to collaborate with other co-workers. Scorpios generally like to do things on their own, but being a team at work can be extremely beneficial. Other colleagues with see how amazing you are, and your bosses might be impressed as well. Let’s tackle this Monday!

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2020 was so unpredictable for finances that it was so hard for Scorpios to plan ahead. Luckily, you have always been careful in that scenario. Hopefully, you still have a good amount reserved for the New Year because Christmas can always be so expensive. This Monday, you can treat yourself to a morning coffee and muffin at the local café.

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It won’t break the bank. So, it’s nothing to sweat over. However, you have been considering taking a few risks and building your investment. Some people love the idea of having a solid passive income that can be so useful if their job falls through. If you have some time today, try researching a bit about it. Just like any Scorpio, take your time; make a pro-con list, etc. Always be smart!

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Health has been so tricky for everyone lately, and the excitement of the holidays tends to make people forget. If you’re on a diet, remember to take some cheat days. It’s not fun seeing everyone enjoying their hearty dinners while you smile at a salad. It’s also not great for anyone’s mental health. You deserve to treat yourself.

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Meanwhile, many people recommend meditation for Scorpios who get caught up in their heads a little too much. The end of the year could bring some new worries, and it’s important to tackle them head-on before they become a problem. Another recommendation for Monday is cooking as you can really relax your mind while working with your hands. Keep reading to see what you should cook today! It’s super easy!

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Doing something outside your daily routine is also one of the best ways of maintaining your mental health. It’s important to have a little recreation once in a while. Like most of the world, you probably feel like your head is perpetually in front of a screen. It’s necessarily wrong, but your mind also recreates other kinds of entertainment to stay in peace.

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That’s why it’s a good idea to get into painting. For today, a great recommendation is buying a “paint by numbers” kit. They are inexpensive, and anyone can follow along easily. Otherwise, you can buy an adult coloring book (it can also be a children’s book). The process will relax your worried mind this Monday, and help you tackle the next day like a champ!

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Scorpios as cooks excel at salads as they love using fresh products from the Farmer’s Market. The process of cutting all the ingredients perfectly is also one of the best ways to relax. Additionally, they know what to add to a dish to make it healthy as well as delicious. With that in mind, what should you make this Monday? You want something light for dinner, right?

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A great recommendation is the classic Cobb Salad. It’s a crowd-pleaser. There’s a reason why so many restaurants still have it on their menus. It’s also a plateful of nutritious food that won’t upset anyone’s stomach. You can try the “skinny” version of the dish from Taste of Home, or you can make the more traditional from the What's For Din'? Youtube channel.

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After making dinner and doing your daily chores (whatever they might be), it’s time to give yourself a treat. It might feel like you’re still trying to catch up on rest from these hectic holidays, and a bubble bath is a perfect way to unwind today. It’s small enough that you don’t have to plan ahead, and it doesn’t bother anyone else.

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However, try to make it a little more special. Add that bath bomb you have been dying to try. You might have been saving it for a special occasion, but cease this Monday! You can even add some scented candles carefully around your bathroom, and grab your book. One hour in the tub and you will be able to tackle the final week of the year without a problem.

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There’s so much amazing content on streaming sites that it’s can become overwhelming. It’s hard to pick what to watch because it also depends on your mood. Since this year has not been the best and Mondays are stressful enough, it’s better to pick something light-hearted. Normally, any high school/college show is great.

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However, this time, our recommendation is Netflix’s ‘Dash & Lily’. It’s a Christmas story about two young kids that fall in love by sending messages to each other using a notebook. It has all the best clichés of young love, and it’s also safe for the whole family. The episodes are short, and there’s only one season for now.

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Hopefully, Monday won’t be so bad with all these predictions. You know what to expect and how to keep stress to a minimum. Prioritize your mental health, enjoy treats every once in a while without guilt, and give as much love as you can because 2020 has shown you that life is too unpredictable. There’s no such thing as waiting for a special day anymore.

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Your friends and loved ones will appreciate what you’re doing, even if some of them cannot say it. The rest of the week should be a breeze if you follow our recommendation. Additionally, remind yourself of how amazing you are every day. Self-love is another way of keeping a healthier lifestyle.

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Hopefully, this day will pass quickly while working so that you can enjoy the rest of the night on more pleasant stuff like your family and a hobby. Let us know what you thought about today’s predictions. If you liked this article, share it with your other Scorpio friends. See you next time!

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