Today’s Horoscope for Taurus: Saturday

Today’s Horoscope for Taurus: Saturday

Dec 08, 2020Kara

Already know what you're gonna do this weekend, Scorpio? Before you finalize your plans, better to take a look at the different things coming your way this Saturday based on your Zodiac! How are you doing there Tauruses? It’s Saturday once more, all of your hard work to accomplish your tasks and office work earned you the right to celebrate this lovely day! How will your life most likely turn out to be? Let’s listen to your stars and get ready! Read on to know more about the drastic changes coming to you! 

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Taurus is one of the most complicated zodiacs there is. However, the sixth sign is also seen in relation to their symbol, the Virgin, as one of the purest zodiacs. People born between August 23 to September 22 are said to be complicated creatures with complex personalities. What do you think of this, dear Maiden?

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A logical and hardworking Maiden sees things from a different perspective. They are also analytical and is always thinking with no limitations. Artistic Tauruses are visionary and can make their best imagination into reality, especially if they put their whole focus on it. They are quite observant, too, so be extra careful in front of a Taurus!

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However, not everything is all great about a person, especially a hardworking and analytical Taurus who sometimes get to be extreme of all their traits. While they are being observant and their memory being one of their excellent tools, they can’t help but feel the anxiety kicking in and worry endlessly whenever an incident resurfaces in their minds. 

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Not only that but a Taurus is also stubborn! If they have a vision of what they want, nothing can bend them to work for otherwise. They are easily frustrated, too, whenever something doesn’t go their way and most of all, the perfectionist zodiac is very hard to please! Are you one?

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Something great is bound to happen during the eclipse days from now but you, Taurus, are in need of preparation. This eclipse will highlight the charts associated with your success, legacy, and reputation, and because of this, there is a great need for you to work on yourself. Are you up for a transformation?

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The only person you have to make a commitment to today is yourself. Things between your domestic and professional life have been extra challenging but you need to take time to give attention and care to your personal well-being. It is okay if you feel like you want to close the door for the world today! Focus on yourself.

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You are allowed to feel exhausted and you are allowed to rest. You are allowed to turn your back on all your tasks for a while and see to it you have enough rest for yourself. You still have a long time this month with all the movements of the stars. Don’t feel guilty for wanting some time for yourself!

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You had many realizations from the past days and you will see yourself working on it, today! Just remember that healing is a continuously active process that does not happen overnight! Do not get frustrated if you see no changes at the end of the day. Your small progress is progress! Baby steps, Taurus!

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Well, not entirely chaotic, but your love department is up to both happiness and confusion at the same time. Have you ever been in a situation that you are extremely happy to be with a person and feel confused about the reason behind it, simultaneously? If it happens you haven’t yet, do not get alienated from this foreign feeling today!

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Gone is the time you have to walk on eggshells around your home! The sun in Taurus lights up your home and family sector and you are up for a brighter connection with your family members! It is time you connect with the elder members of the family, and if you are able, try to reconnect with your grandparents as well. 

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You will be needing the bright sun in Taurus today, especially because the warm energy creates an encouraging mood across every member of the family. Conversations will flow more naturally and you are now able to communicate your thoughts without worrying much! The Holiday season is coming, too! Care to plan ahead together with your family? 

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Your ruling planet Mercury will clash with Neptune so expect a little misunderstanding with your friends. There is a great difference between what you think you said and what you actually said. Also, they might have misunderstood your point. This will most likely cause a rift between you and your friends. 

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Good thing it’s Saturday and you don’t have any work. You will have enough clearing to do on some misunderstanding. There should be an effort on both sides to achieve a more favorable outcome, but everything must start with you, Taurus! Make sure to communicate more clearly to avoid misunderstanding! Best of luck, dear Maiden!

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You have many responsibilities but you might be up for a new one! Not exactly today (since it’s a Saturday), but you will be having an enjoyable time looking for new work! Oh, no! You aren’t fired in the office! You are just bound to do something else aside from being an office person. Perhaps, aiming for a greater goal?

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Jupiter and Saturn meet in what they call a Great Conjunction, and it’s a time of ambition, common sense, and the ability to materialize your every plan. You are in great shape to think of all the things you want to accomplish, and you are able to do it! Are you excited about a new hobby or a health regimen?

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Today, there is a need for you to avoid too much spending, especially because your financial forecast is telling you bad news. Your activities for the past days may cause you to suffer a little bit on the financial aspect, but don’t worry, it will not lead to you miss out on anything at all. Just avoid a huge splurge today!

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The stars are also not in favor of you closing some deals or trying some new investments, Taurus! Be extra cautious of the way you spend your pennies. Assess what matters more and spend on the more important things! You still have a long December to go and a Holiday to spend a lot! 

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There is a great impact Saturn will bring to Taurus of all generations and it is very much associated with your health, wellness, and routines. Other than that, your constant search for the best-suited fitness plan and self-care routine that will serve you greatly this Saturday!

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You will see yourself either signing up for a new meditation course or work on yourself through a youtube workout channel. Either way, it’ll be very beneficial to you! Avoid overexertion, working on more than what you are capable of. Transformations are slow and you need not check on every muscle built after a 3-minute workout! 

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If you want to have alone time and enjoy a rather calm scenery, grab your things and go fishing, dear Maiden. Since you are not athletically competitive, you will enjoy activities such as mountain climbing, swimming, running laps, and even camping! Long bike rides are also good for you!

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If you happen to look for someone who speaks the same love language as you, it’s definitely Taurus! You two are both lovely earth-signs who share similar interests and views. You are most likely to feel just right with a Tauran partner. You two are great partners in creating a traditional yet cozy home, so go for it! 

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Other than a Taurus, you are also a great partner to Cancer as you also share many similar interests. This is a union that is difficult to mess up! You are quite attracted to a fellow giver, as Cancer is as nurturing as you! You are up for a lasting relationship with Cancer if you want to! 

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On the other side of the spectrum stands the zodiac who is probably the least compatible with you! This includes Leo as both of you are of extremely different personalities despite being neighbors on the zodiac wheel. You, together with a Leo just do not fit, especially with two different approaches in life.

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If there is someone you’ll most likely stay away from in forming a relationship, it is Scorpio. Your view of the world and your approach to relationships are just incompatible! You, Taurus, love details and being organized, while Scorpio hated the idea of being contained. This partnership just doesn’t sit well. Let’s not push it today! 

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Saturday comes and goes many things have already happened! You just have to hang in there because things will get better for you! Work on yourself, your ideas, and your emotions. You will be needing all the personal reality checks to combat a rather harsh 2020! Best of luck as you end the year, Scorpio! Let us know how things pan out! 

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