December Horoscope: Sagittarius

December Horoscope: Sagittarius

Dec 08, 2020Kara

November has been full of stressful events, so we know how excited you are to face a new month, and your own season at that! Welcome to the adventurous and optimistic time, Archers! Get to know if December will bring the cheer that you are expecting! Of course, some changes are also inevitable so find out what is coming, and read more! 

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Independent and strong-willed Sagittarius are those who are born on November 22-December 21. These people are the biggest travelers among all the zodiac signs. They belong to the fire element of the Zodiac and that’s one of the reasons why they are fiery and would like to live life to the fullest. 

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As the sign’s symbol is the Archer, it just shows their love for the outdoors and their restless nature. Sagittarians simply love the thrill of the chase. The sign is ruled by Jupiter, which makes them seem so lucky because no matter how absurd the thing they pursue is, they will still get the most out of it. 

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Among all the zodiacs, Sagittarius will comfortably take the first place for optimism. You simply understand that there is no use in dwelling in the past. You also have a knack for finding constructive criticisms for everything. However, you may be too introspective and would be harsh in criticizing your own actions. Self-improvement is the most important for you. 

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You are also adept at reading the real intentions of other people and their desires. Do you also know that you have some psychic powers? You instantly know it when you are misled or are being lied to by someone. You have no time for selfishness, and you will never tolerate self-centered or entitled people. 

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If people would like to hear a very blunt and honest opinion, then they should let Sagittarius tell them because, seriously, this sign doesn’t know how to put some filters on. They will say what others would never dare to utter out loud. These people also would like to get the wind in their fur. Fun is their favorite word.

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They aren’t naïve enough to not realize that people aren’t all wholesome and full of good intentions, they only like to see the best in them. The Archers hate negativity, and they don’t want to engage in bad news until there’s no way to refute it. They may seem like happy-go-lucky people but deep down they’re deep thinkers. 

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If there are some pretty good traits of Sagittarius, they also have their weaknesses that come with it. The Arches have some tendency to be inconsistent. They get bored easily. Many things may appeal to them the first time but then, they will lose interest quickly. They are also reckless when dealing with certain things. 

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The Sags will take some decisions impulsively then regret it later. The Archers are also overconfident and will have a hard time admitting that they are wrong. When they say that they don’t care, it’s not just an expression. It is literally true. They are worst when they are angry, they can’t stop harsh words from coming out. 

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There are famous archers who are the perfect embodiment of their sign, and there are also those who incorporate their sign into their works. Number one on the list is Taylor Swift who wrote the whole song “The Archer” which relates to classic Sagittarian traits. Britney Spears posted an Instagram about her Sagittarian traits last 2019. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Getty Images for Amazon/Kevin Mazur

You can’t also miss the Sagittarius references on Nicki Minaj’s songs, and on Beyonce’s song “Signs” which was dedicated to Jay-Z who is also an Archer. Vanessa Hudgens exemplifies the Sagittarian free spirit, Tina Turner showcases classic optimism of her sign on her interviews, and DJ Khaled is also proud of his Archer sign. 

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This December, you are encouraged to let go of the things that are holding you back in finding new love. There may be still some things that you’re holding on to even if the situation is not so promising so, have the courage and break free because you’ll be surprised to see what’s waiting for you at your next destination.

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This season, the more friends that surround you, the merrier it will be. You are a fun person, and you love it when the people that you love are near you. You’re born to laugh and love, and it’s not hard for you to enjoy the diversity of life and other cultures, so it’ll be easy for you to connect with people.

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As you are already a generous being, there’s no need to remind you to share what you have with them on the yuletide. However, you must take note that the last thing your friends need this joyous month is a lecture. Maybe you could leave that for next year and just enjoy the moment by their side first.  

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You may love to help with the decorations, but you just can’t deny that family gatherings are not your favorite thing. This December, you will be annoyed at your relatives for they will tease you to their heart’s content. You will also feel stressed because of the expectation of the adults from you. 

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This month may be a time for joy but having too many of them surrounding you will bring more sour feelings than sweet ones. Just be careful in answering their queries and continue to be the optimistic Sagittarius that you are. Remind yourself to be respectful, but don’t let them also to walk all over you when it’s too much. 

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In the work department, there will be slow progress that may make you feel irritated. No, it’s not you that will work at a snail’s pace but it’s the company’s system. Your superiors may tell you that you must wait for some time before you can have your salary increase or job promotion. 

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This will seem to you that you are not properly recognized and rewarded for your efforts. Be reminded that patience is a must, Archer. Your impatience may show in your words and in your actions so it may result in some work issues. You don’t want more problems with your career, do you?

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This is the time of the year when there will be many parties to attend, and of course, many foods to eat will also be part of it. You should mind your health because there will be a possibility that you will suffer from high cholesterol or blood pressure. 

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It is advised that you should directly go to your doctor and you must not take self-prescribed medicine. Exercising and meditating is a must. You must do it regularly while also eating healthy food. You must also understand that spiritual remedies could be more permanent than medicine. 

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Your pocket will be full this month (thanks to the Christmas bonus and presents!). You may also gain more income by buying and selling things like vehicles and properties. You are free to go shopping and spending this month. Just be transparent enough to your partner or family where your money goes to avoid some problems. 

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Though you can connect to different types of people, you should know that sorting out the options for the best partner can be tricky. So here, we have some insights for you. Libra and you will make the best match in all the zodiac. Aries and Gemini will also be good for you since your personalities are alike. 

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You should also know about the signs that won’t work well with you because it will be waste of time if you will pour your attention into the wrong people. Taurus might be fun, but you won’t have the freedom you want when you’re with them. Cancer will be emotionally unpredictable, and Virgo will have major differences from you. 

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The Archers and the children of the war god have many things in common and that makes them a perfect soulmate for each other. Aries lack some philosophical views so they will have the time of their lives listening to Sagittarius as they talk about their own ideologies. The passion and intelligence of Aries will be your inspiration. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

When the two of you will go out or attend gatherings together, the people around you will immediately notice your charisma and chemistry. Your friends will love to see you as you two will be emitting good vibes during the yuletide season. Your philosophy and Aries’s action-oriented personality complement each other and that makes you a good match. 

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You’ll find yourself drawn to a Taurus on the first few meetings as they are sensible, stable, and predictable. However, when you two are already in a relationship, you’ll find that it’s a challenging relationship because you don’t have anything in common. The Bulls are very responsible people and there are days that they’ll find you as their perfect opposite. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Helena Lopes

You are somehow unreliable and irresponsible in their eyes and they will feel that you are more of a child than a lover. You two may work well together in a business since Taurus will be the best down-to-earth partner. You two would also be better as friends since your brutal and direct honesty will be of help to them.

Image Credits: Pexels/Edward Eyer


Looking for a match with strong physical chemistry? Look no further for Gemini will be the perfect one for you. You two also have similar personalities so it’s a plus! Gemini’s a sponge for new ideas and they’ll never get tired of hearing your strong opinions. They love to pick on details while you look at the big picture. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Josh Willink

You two will have different perspectives but you’ll be objective enough to respect each other. Having each other by your side will make you feel like you’re in great company because of both your humor and love for adventure. Sarcasm will be your love language. Just watch out for boredom before it breaks your exciting relationship. 

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If you are strong enough to handle sensitive people, then having a relationship with Cancers will be no problem. However, if you cannot handle emotional ones, it would be better to not be too attached to them and leave them in their comfort zones. What these Crabs need is someone who’ intuitively understand them.

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You and the Lion will also make a good match once you two will finally adjust and relax around each other. You, Archers, won’t be able to resist Leo’s self-confidence and you’ll even go with them in the fondness of being dramatic. You will be one of the few number of people that can talk them around their stubbornness.  

Image Credits: Pexels/Asad Photo Maldives

The two of you are always full of energy and nobody can stop you if you ever want to party all night. You will be by each other’s side, living life to the fullest and there will be no killjoys in the relationship. Just be wary of bad tempers because it may lead your perfect romance to ruin. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Adam Kontor


A great partnership of clever minds may come out of the relationship of the Maiden and the Archer. It’s unfortunate that you two have major differences though. You could have been a solid match. You will not have any dull conversations as you both are very analytic and not emotional. Now, here’s where you two will not agree.

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Can you deny that you love spending grandly? No, right? Well, the maiden is very disciplined when it comes to their budget and finances and this will create a major conflict between you two. Also, there will be disagreements in your work and play habits because Virgo loves to be productive and it will seem too obsessive for you. 

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If the traits that you are looking for in an ideal partner are attractive, optimistic, and outgoing, then Libra has them all. There will be no more than an Archer could ask for if Libra is by their side. You two can live well together and there will be no aggressive confrontations between you for you both hate it. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Dejan Krstevski

The easy-going spirit between the two of you will work well and you’ll never have a dull life as long as you two are together. When you tend to be blunt, Libra will be diplomatic, so it’ll make a peaceful connection. The only thing that’ll be of a hindrance for you to have this perfect relationship is your unreadiness for commitment.

Image Credits: Pexels/Ivan Babydov


Let’s get this done with. The Archers and the Scorpion just cannot make it as romantic partners. Everything that will make you feel interested in them romantically is only intensity, after that, there’s nothing more. When the desire will fade, you will find nothing more to do with them. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Ba Tik

You would like to keep things fun and lively while Scorpio will be emotional and intense. When you will be with them, you would need to be careful with your words and you must take extra effort to censor some brutal things that you would like to tell them. You’ll surely pay the price if you won’t. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio


If opposites attract, what’ll happen to those who are similar in many ways? As you both have the same sign, that means that you have many things in common. You’ll be spontaneous, enthusiastic, and funny intellectuals so there will be no shortage of adventures when you are together. You both are not afraid to take risks, so what could go wrong?

Image Credits: Pexels/Владимир Васильев

The thing that will be your relationship’s weakness is your lack of practicality. The money will be a big issue. None of you knows how to spend wisely. You two also like to be free and if you can’t have the freedom you want, you will both be emotional and that will lead to the start of your relationship’s end. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio


Capricorn and Sagittarius is the total opposite when it comes to the way of setting the mood. You, obviously, are carefree, impulsive, and would take the occasional risks while they will take their time to narrate the things that they will say. Through that, you will eventually be annoyed by each other.

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

All you want to do is teach them to live in the moment so that they won't succumb to stressful work, but you’ll be surprised that they will accuse you of being an irresponsible individual. Your Capricorn is conservative and reserved but you can’t also deny you admire their inner strength and purpose. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Anthony Shkraba


Both of you are progressive thinkers and optimistic people that is why you two compliment each other very well. Your compatibility score is very high, maybe it’s also because you two both value independence and are not rushing into a commitment. That may sound odd to two others, but for you, it will work.

Image Credits: Pexels/GUIVERG

You will never have the guts to chat and flirt with another while you are dating your Aquarius. There may just be some jealousy, but it will not be too damaging to the relationship. You both are seekers of knowledge and not one of you holds a grudge. You will hold on to each other because of that. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto


It’s Pisces and their appeal, right? You simply can’t resist their attractiveness and mysterious personality, and before you even know it, you are already drawn to them. You will have a fascinating conversation on the early getting to know stage, you’ll realize that you two are very different after some time though. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Envy Creative

Just like Capricorns, Pisces is also reserved while you are bold and courageous. You will make them feel offended and hurt with your harsh and blunt way of speaking. You will also not get along well because they won’t understand your adventurous nature. They may also be too emotionally need for you. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mason Hassoun


There’s no need to hunt for the perfect songs that you can relate and vibe with this season for we have them here for you! "Lover" by the Sagittarian Taylor Swift would make a good start off in your playlist. "Everything I Wanted" by Billie Eilish, "All the Time" by Zara Larsson, and "Saturday Sun" by Vance Joy completes the list.

Image Credits: Pexels/Burst


During the yuletide season, you must chill and spend with your friends and family. Here are some movies that you can watch and enjoy with them. You will surely be excited when you watch Casino Royale for you yourself would want a grand life. Add Black Panther, Birds of Prey, and Pacific Rim to your must-watch list too. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Anastasia Shuraeva


The final month of the year will be a breath of fresh air for the Sags. After a year of many downs, they will be glad to usher in a new year. Kiss goodbye to the troubles of the year and be sure to end 2020 off on a high note. The stars are looking perfect for some new adventure, so grab this moment. 

Image Credits: Pexels / Anthony Shkraba

This is the last month of the year so you should make the most out of it. Go and shoot your arrows, Archer, so that you will not regret it when the opportunities pass. Be your true self while not letting anyone look down on you! Have a happy Christmas and may your table be full of amazing things. 

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