December Horoscope: Taurus

December Horoscope: Taurus

Dec 08, 2020Kara

Finally! 2020 which has been a tough year even for the toughest Bulls is finally coming to an end! Be ready! 2021 will bring to light the need to embrace change and the acceptance of new opportunities. This may be a little difficult for the stubborn and steady Taurus, but what is life without taking any risks? Let's find out! 

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People who are born on April 20 to May 20 surely falls on the fixed sign, Taurus. You, Bulls, are being ruled by the planet Venus and you belong to the second ruling house. Your spirit color is pink, and your lucky gem is emerald. As Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull, Taureans enjoy bucolic environments.  

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It is also undeniable that the sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and money because Taurus is the most sultry of all the zodiac. The cosmic oxen are also enchanted by physical things and are highly attracted to comfort and luxury. Nobody wants pleasure more than Taureans do. 

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Ok, for this yearly trivia, let’s talk first about the Bulls’ pet peeve. Boy, Taurus just hates it when they are rushed. You don’t like it if you are interrupted by anything while you are doing something, do you? As you are a fixed sign, you also just can’t bear sudden changes.

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

A Taurus won’t believe what comes out of your mouth directly if you don’t act on it. Don’t make a promise to Taurus, just prove it directly. People around you must also be ready because your sour sarcasm may hurt. You can read people’s true intentions so they better watch out for their own acts too!

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One can’t hear the word Taurus and not directly associate stubbornness with it. However, being stubborn is not always a negative thing. Sometimes, stubbornness means that you won’t let others take advantage of you as you don’t like to be pushed. No. Never. You have strong opinions and no one can say anything against that! 

Image Credits: Pexels/Elina Sazonova

You can be gentle and fierce. You love the comfort of your home and loved ones. If people want something to get done, then they should call you for there is no task that can ever beat the Bull. You simply have endless reserves of tenacity, patience, and resilience and you are up for any challenge. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Wendy Wei


Yes, stubbornness is not always negative but it’s also undeniable that it can get on someone’s nerves at times. Being opinionated is not a bad thing, but the problem starts when you are not willing to learn and appreciate the opinion of other people. Money is also a big deal for the Bulls. They are pretty frugal in a not-so-good way.

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You spend a lot of time saving your money but sometimes, you care so much about how much something costs that only the best of the best stands out to you. The higher the price, the higher that you value an item. It gets worse, because you may equate the level of someone’s care to the amount of gifts they give you. 

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Did we mention that Tauruses are opinionated? Well, guess what? You could see that trait in the Taurus celebrities that you may not have known to be one of the Bulls. Who will ever forget how Gal Gadot stood up for herself? Gigi Hadid also stands up for herself and others.  

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Gregg DeGuire

Kelly Clarkson is one of the stars who’s very vocal about her thoughts, "Magic Mike" actor Channing Tatum is undeniably possessing the sultry Taurean vibe, Dwayne Johnson is rock firm on his charities and foundations, and George Clooney together with his wife are humanitarian awardees. These are just some stars who are the embodiment of their sign.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jason Kempin


This may not sound good if this is told to other signs, but we know that to a fixed sign like Taurus, this is wonderful news to hear. Well, as it is said, you will not see much changes in your love life in 2021. If you are single, then you are most likely to remain without a partner.

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The sun will be in your comforting fourth house this month so it’s encouraging you to return to your roots, redesign your home, and have some rest and comfort with the family. Go and repaint the walls together based on what you think the color of your home’s atmosphere is.  

Image Credits: Unsplash/Kinga Cichewicz

You must also get ready because there could be a startling change in your household because of the solar eclipse that will speed up your ultimate destiny, especially because it pertains to your family and home life. You may be required to get used to a new living situation or family dynamic.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Soroush Karimi


This month, all stressful things must be set aside, including toxic friendships. This month will wrap up with a full moon in your highly social and community-oriented 11th house so it will inspire you to connect with a set of like-minded people. So, don’t push yourself to fit in with those that don’t get your perspective. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Adam Winger


The stars are set to be favorable on your health matters this month. What a perfect Christmas gift! You will have no issues with your physical health and if you were suffering from some ailment before, it will be alleviated and you’ll be able to sleep without getting anxious about it. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/freestocks

The only thing that you should watch out for is your stress level. Allow some play and other activities to fit in your schedule because too much serious work will affect your temperament. You don’t want to feel somber in December, do you? Take some deep breaths and mind your mental wellbeing if you want to have the best Christmas mood. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Ivan Akimenko


You better get ready while it is still early and prep yourself because you will be dealing with urgent matters and issues that your colleagues, and business associates, are coming to you with. No worries, though. Mercury in Capricorn is going to reinforce your inner energy, so you’ll have advantageous connections.  

Image Credits: Unsplash/Christina @

Many new projects and opportunities will be offered to you. This time, you won’t be afraid to take risks and move forward. Gemini will also be playing a big role in your life in the middle of the month for it will stimulate your creativity that will help you in your workplace and career. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Annie Spratt


As long as you will not be involved in any speculative activities this month, your finances will be flowing as it has never been before. As it is also the month of giving and sharing, you will be surprised that you are receiving much more than you have given. December is really showing you its beauty!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Brooke Lark


Christmas gatherings and parties are coming so you may already have prepared your OOTDs for the special occasion. Well, why not make your nails pretty to go with the look? Since you are a hardworking perfectionist (that’s a compliment!), you should go with a design that’s soft-focus to go with your innocent side as well. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Ilyuza Mingazova

Opalescent white would be perfect, it is as angelic as any nail art can possibly get. You may also try the soft-focus watercolor design and glitter stripe pastel for they will be ethereally gorgeous on you and it will also add some color to your style and will fit the Christmas mood.  

Image Credits: Unsplash/Elena Taranenko


Did you know that planetary movements can affect the day and the way that you would like to style your hair? You didn’t? Well, now you do! If you want your hair to grow faster then watch out for the waxing moon. If you want slow hair growth then cut it on the waning moon. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Element5 Digital

The moon in Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo is a favorable period for hair growth with less splitting and falling out, so watch out for the dates and mark your calendars. For using chemicals for hair-cut (curling, dyes, and more), the best time to do it is when the moon is in Virgo. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Oladimeji Odunsi


As mentioned earlier, this is not a month for any negativity in your life so you should know the signs that you are most compatible with. Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn are what you are looking for as they will be having the same perspectives as you do. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mason Hassoun


You definitely need to protect your heart and mind this season of joy, so you must run away from Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius. Your efforts will be worthless when it comes to their point of view and they will have different priorities so you will just be hurt by it.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Erik Mclean


Taurus, if you do happen to be seeking the love of another Taurus, beware of some problems you’ll be facing this December! You have the same level of intellectual capacity and have the same ability to hold conversations, however, this will not be enough to hold a challenging December at bay. You need to be working more on some things.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Envy Creative

For instance, you will find yourself searching for the faults of your partner. The more you look at the negativity, the more you’ll lose your view of the great person you are with. Stop seeking someone perfect and be the perfect partner you seek, Taurus!

Image Credits: Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto


This union will be about balance this month! Taurus, you’ll be amazed by Libra’s ability to think clearly despite all the curveballs this December. You’ll also be more attracted than you were in the past so be sure to keep your end still to keep your relationship balanced. Your differences will be challenged but you’ll be guided by the moon!

Image Credits: Pexels/GUIVERG

You tend to be shy when people ask you for details about this brewing romance but your partner Libra is proud and will most probably tell everyone about it. You both know the corners of being in a relationship so you’ll manage to navigate your way. Do not lose trust and try your best to talk things out! Good luck!

Image Credits: Pexels/Anthony Shkraba


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Who says you can’t fall in love with your best friend? In the zodiac wheel, Scorpio is the best friend of Taurus but the relationship doesn’t just end in platonic love, especially if the spark and fire will ignite between intertwined fingers. Grab that chance for a love story with Scorpio!

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio


Being with Sagittarius can be both a match in heaven or a fire in hell. As friends, you are unshakeable! Your friendship is strong you’ll want to try to be in a relationship but hold your horses! You might want to think about it over and over again for things don’t look good on the other side of the river!

Image Credits: Pexels/Владимир Васильев

To start, you lack trust not just towards your Sagittarius partner, but in the relationship as a whole. The main difference starts with your extent of sacrificing. What are you willing to give up and until when will you compromise? These questions will start to create cracks in your romantic bubble. Ingredients for disaster, Taurus! 

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio


Let’s talk about how well you will match with Capricorn this month! You are both earth signs so there will be a number of common grounds that you share. This is quite a smart relationship, especially because both of you are intellectuals. Your rationality is your great weapon! Who would’ve thought someone will be as rational as you?

Image Credits: Pexels/Ba Tik

Your foundation is based on how you deal with life, especially in times of trouble. You both seek material security, too. Other than these, you both also don’t let your impulses dictate your manner and decisions. If you happen to see a Capricorn this December, see for yourself how pragmatic this relationship is (only after you settle your personal matters).

Image Credits: Pexels/Ivan Babydov


The water bearer isn’t well fitted for someone like you. Imagine how irresponsible, chaotic, and unrealistic an Aquarius would be in the eyes of a practical, cleaning obsessed maniac, and perfectionist Taurus! Taurus is the representation of everything Aquarius runs from.

Image Credits: Pexels/Dejan Krstevski

You are best in communication and rationality which you can use to work on your never-ending differences but this will not be enough if both zodiacs aren’t willing to compromise and sacrifice. Taurus, your December is taking a toll on your emotional health, and adding weight by trying a relationship with Aquarius isn’t really a smart move.

Image Credits: Pexels/cottonbro


Taurus, you do not want to continue your relationships, but we cannot say the same when it comes to the gentle, dreamy, and visionary Pisces! Your differences are what make you the best pair there is in our zodiac wheel! Oh, how we love talking about the attraction of opposites!

Image Credits: Pexels/Elina Sazonova

The genuine fish makes you want to be a better person, Taurus, and not solely look at what other people lack. On the other hand, your hard-working nature will influence Pisces to do better in their work, strive more, and not give up. You might want to be with someone who will understand you, especially during this challenging month! 

Image Credits: Pexels/Adam Kontor


If you want to be with a partner that brings out the best in you, Aries isn’t that person, at all. Aries is an impulsive one, ready to fight, and is most likely to lose themselves in something. It just doesn’t sit well with an Aries.

Image Credits: Pexels/Asad Photo Maldives

It isn’t meant to last, but let us not close the idea that it is not meant to happen at all. You have a lot of shared activities and you might even enjoy each other’s company. For as long as no one on each side would take a potentially lasting relationship seriously, you will have an amazing December. Have fun! 

Image Credits: Pexels/Paweł L.\


You will be needing comfort and warm embrace this December and you will see and feel them with Virgo. Virgo is one reliable partner and surely, you can drop the strong facade and be weak and cry for a while around him or her. The bull can be as strong and as gentle as you want him/her to be. 

Image Credits: Pexels/Mukesh Mohanty


Taurus, being a perfectionist may come between your potential relationship with Gemini. The twins have the ability to see both sides of the story and can understand things from a deeper perspective. This suits the logical and analytical you! You may be a bit demanding in your relationship, but you need not worry for Gemini is fully committed!

Image Credits: Pexels/Josh Willink

This relationship will work more smoothly when a steady Taurus offers one of the twins a steady emotional anchor while giving the other twin the freedom they crave. This means you, Taurus, adapting to the changes of Gemini’s personality and compromising on what is needed. Just give things more time and surely, you’ll find yourself drawn to Gemini more!

Image Credits: Pexels/Edward Eyer


You are allowed to be excited for a zodiac who is the most compatible person for you. A Taurus and a Cancer has a potentially lasting relationship together and can navigate their way through life despite all the challenges and tough times they’ll come to experience. Be in each other’s worlds and you will be happier than you’ve ever imagined! 

Image Credits: Pexels/Helena Lopes\

Nothing is exaggerated, it is a fact that you are the other partner in a match made in heaven alongside Cancer. Your trust in your partner is so strong nothing can ever come between you. You are also able to communicate your thoughts without being cautious and without thinking you’ll be misunderstood. In this difficult month, Cancer is the best partner!

Image Credits: Pexels/Vera Arsic


Your relationship with Leo shows an undeniably unbroken equilibrium! The lion gets fired by the attention you give them and appreciates you more while encouraging you to rest in your self-improvement schemes and enjoy the inner child in you. Leo will also help you get past the inhibiting self-criticism and shine more like you!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Nayeli Rosales

This relationship isn’t only magical, it is also productive. While Leo shows the serious Taurus how fun it is to work, the latter will be helping Leo in developing his/her patience. With communication, you will be in a great relationship with Leo. Despite the challenges of December, merriment will still come your way.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba


The all-work-no-play Taurus can be hard to entertain but hey, we came here with a list of musicals you might want to watch in your boring days this month! Sing along to the beat in the musical film Grease and fall in love with Danny and Sandy. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Aneta Pawlik

Get excited with Belle’s romantic journey with the beast in the Disney musical film Beauty and the Beast or enjoy the great backdrops and amazing scenery in Mamma Mia! The Greatest Showman is also on our list, together with Annie! Do you have anything in mind about what to watch first? Call your friends over and enjoy these musical films!

Image Credits: Pexels/Anastasia Shuraeva


Open your music player and get lost in another universe with the songs you’ll blast in your headphones this December! Clarity by Kim Petras, Drive Safe by Rich Brian, and Overdue by Metro Boomin will make you embrace your Taurus spirit. Here are a whole bunch of songs you’ll add together with the first three! List them all, Taurus!

Image Credits: Pexels/Burst

Party by Beyonce, Pick It Up by Famous Dex, You’re The One by KAYTRANADA, Euphoria by BTS, Leaving by Ekali, I.F.L.Y. by Bazzi, Butterflies by Michael Jackson, Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale, Sunny Duet by Noname, and Just Friends by Musiq Soulchild: a whole set of songs you will surely sing along with!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Blaz Erzetic


What do the remaining days of 2020 have in store for you, Taurus? Go out for a run if the weather and your mood permit. December will come by and is surely not according to how you planned it. You will be needing to keep your emotions in constant check as well as the words that come out of your mouth.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Dan

Focus more on family-related issues than your career this month. Other than that, see to it you are emotionally and mentally well. You might even find yourself not minding financial and career matters but it’s fine. Money can be earned back, but not the warmth and love of family!

Image Credits: Unsplash/tabitha turner

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