Today’s Horoscope for Sagittarius: Monday

Today’s Horoscope for Sagittarius: Monday

Dec 07, 2020Kara

The days are passing by swiftly and it’s Monday once more! Have you enjoyed your weekend, Sagittarius? We are hoping you did because you will be needing all the positivity to have a better day ahead! What are the stars telling you about the big changes for today? Read on to know more about your Monday!  

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Mondays are always the busiest day for a hardworking career person and Sagittarius is equipped with all the necessary traits to combat your towering tasks and unending to-dos. Who would have thought that the calm and collected maiden is actually an analytic warrior in corporate clothes? 

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Working all day can be quite tough but for a visionary and determined Sagittarius, nothing is difficult. You are also constantly working on the perfect placement of all your stuff on your desk, being the fastidious person that you are. Together with being methodical, analytical, and intellectual, all these constitute the totality of a unique maiden.

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Among all your great traits, you surely have a peculiar trait of negativity this Monday. If some people practice their patience, you are one of those who don’t intend to wait long and just leave things if it wastes your time. Losing interest in things that come by after a long wait is a normal trait of a Sagittarius native, sadly, yes.

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Other than the fact that you don’t know how to wait, you are also an impulsive one who will right away be jumping off to the things you really desire. Most people also have a tendency to misunderstand you and your means, especially that you always have a hard time explaining what you feel. However, your barriers don’t define you today.

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Don’t freak out! It is not the literal earthquake we are talking about! What we meant by this one is the unstable shaking of your world, your personal life, and your family affairs. This month is mainly focused on family-related issues and you may see yourself stepping a few steps back from your career to focus on more important matters.

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Today, you might want to be mindful of yourself and your thoughts. Things in your life are a bit shaky and you won’t like it if it affects the people around you, especially your loved ones. Communicate with your inner thoughts to know what step is best to take. Moving forward this Monday is tricky but you can do it!

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We are at a point where we constantly plan our lives while simultaneously living an unplanned one. The same goes for our love affairs. Your Monday is a bit intense in the love department, especially because Venus and Mars can create a romantic bubble right before your very own eyes.  

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Be where you are supposed to be and let love unfold! Your unplanned life will lead you to meet someone you are supposed to meet but preparing to be bold and daring is your best armor. Your confidence is important to win someone’s heart! Make sure to be at your best and confident self before walking out of your apartment!

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As Neptune, the planet of dreams is in transit over your house of relationships, you will be having a tough time determining which is reality and which is a product of your imagination and intense desire for an unrealistic one. This will require you to take extra effort in observing your behaviors. Your words cut like knives, beware of them!

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Despite the fact that Neptune blurs your reality, it is in your power to determine which is real and which is not. Your relationships may be at stake if you aren’t able to know the differences earlier than you’re supposed to. Your partner will most likely misunderstand you today! 

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You may have a hard time dealing with the senior members of the family since last week. Today is not any different in terms of the mood of the entire house. Negativity is all over the place and the senior members of the family haven’t cooled down yet. The tension is still evident and there are no signs of harmony anytime soon!

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Pay extra attention to the younger members of the family. For they are the most affected by this today. Communication with your siblings is important for it surely heals. Just make sure to extend your patience with the seniors and not let your emotions get the best of you. Your family can do this, Sagittarius!

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It is not like you to intentionally lash out to your friends, especially because you are one loyal maiden. However, the celestial bodies are aligned and not encouraging to your relationships. Not only that you will have a hard time dealing with family members, but you might also be needing emotional management to save your relationship with friends.

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With Mercury, the planet of communication entering Sagittarius, take time to reflect on how you and your friends communicate. Avoid toxicity inside your circle. Don’t take out your stress and anxiety in them, especially if they are in a hard situation as you are. Intentional or not, you are still accountable for the harsh words you speak. Hold it in!

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Because of a brewing storm inside you, together with your family issues and your emotions all over the place, you produce a not-so-nice aura around you. Your career isn’t any more optimistic, too. Support from your family and friends isn’t felt anywhere near you so you will be extra discouraged in the office today. Your workplace even feels dull this Monday!

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No promotion anytime soon, nor a salary raise. You will also be having a tougher time achieving goals because of the non-cooperating colleagues and juniors. This is one of the few times your hard work does not pay off but don’t feel extremely down. For as long as you keep on trying, you will soon feel your success. 

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It is said that the higher the risk, the greater the returns. However, it does not project the same confidence in your financial status today! Your horoscope shares no good news in the flow of money this Monday. You are even in low intellectual thinking in terms of monetary risks and values. Avoiding risky dealings is your only option!

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Today is a not-so-good Monday and stress might catch up with you and mess with your emotional and mental stability. Your health will be chaotic today. You will feel drained after a few tasks and you will be in no mood to continue work and be productive.  

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It’s common for people to feel drained on a Monday, especially if the towering list of tasks is a bit too much. The mood at home, your career in a not-so-good position, and your money flow in a sudden halt, you might be in a tough spot, and your mind will be in a non-stop worrying scheme! What to do? 

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You have to realize that not every day you are on the positive side of the spectrum and enjoy all the magic of the universe. All you have to do is continue to work with your usual self, try your best to combat these challenges, and be ready for the changes that are coming. 

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Refrain from being in the same place that adds to your stress, take a breather, enjoy your coffee, and eat healthily. Let us not forget the power of meditation and yoga as well as breathing exercises. All these will be of great help to at least go by your Monday. Calmly, walk past the stress, and learn from it.

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End your day by doing the things you love, in solitude and peace. Other than a glass of wine, you might be interested in a rom-com The Proposal before going to sleep. This will remind you of your ambitions and your career. Are you in for a good laugh and popcorn?

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If you want to take out all the negative things in your mind, you might want to write it out. Journals are great to use as one of your hobbies. Chess, puzzles, and number games are your choices for possible past time, too! Who knows? You might forget about the bad day!

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One of your best possible partners is your best friend, Scorpio! You just have a similar approach in life and who does not want someone who aims for the same life and walks the same path as you? You surely love an intellectual conversation and Scorpio can give this to you! Ready your logic for it will be tested!

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Other than the scorpion, you match well with the bull, too! Taurus and you are both grounded earth-signs. While sharing the same taste and disposition, everything just feels right! You and Taurus are the best partner in raising a family. Your nurturing nature and Taurus’ caring side makes your home more harmoniously connected than ever today.

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Your compatible meter with the following zodiacs is extremely low. This does not say you will not be ending up with any of them, at all! This just shows that there are more challenges and tougher times if you end up with either Libra and Leo. 

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You and Libra expect the best in all things, which does not sit well because nothing and no one is inherently perfect! Sagittarius with a Libra is a disaster, at first glance. On the other side of the spectrum, we have king Leo. The lion’s bold and dramatic style is a bit too much for a reserved and collected maiden. So be warned about this on Monday. 

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Monday is the worst day so far, but we are sure it gets better. For as long as you still have positivity in you, you can surely battle your way to grab a memorable day! Don’t think too much and just go with the flow. The stars are guiding you. You can do it, Sagittarius! Best of luck! Let us know how things pan out! 

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