Strengths And Weaknesses Of Taurus

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Taurus

Dec 07, 2020Brittany

Tauruses have secrets, just like all zodiac signs. What makes them tick, and why are they great friends to have around? These are all questions Tauruses (and their loved ones) need to know. This passionate persona can be a lot to handle, so be sure to read the good, the bad, and the ugly things that make this sign unique!   

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Meet The Unpredictable Taurus 

First things first, Tauruses (and all other signs) need to remember that personality and character traits exist on a diverse spectrum. What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, we can find very different types of Tauruses. Not all of them will be shy and secretive. 

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Some Tauruses can actually be quite loud and boisterous if they want to be! While there is a general group of characteristics and behaviors most commonly associated with our Taurus friends, it is vital to keep an open mind when figuring out this complex and often unpredictable star sign. 

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The Secretive Investigator 

Before we unpack the strengths and weaknesses of the Tauruses, it is essential to understand their emotional intelligence, secrecy, and need to find out the truth. They will investigate until they find the answers and do so, all while keeping up a calm and relaxed demeanor.

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Due to the fact that Pluto is the planet of transformation and in charge of the Taurus sign, they tend to be pretty mysterious. They like to keep a low profile and adapt naturally to their environments. If they are displeased about lying or any other misjudgment, they will undoubtedly make their opinions known.

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The Brave Side Of A Taurus 

If you have a Taurus on your side, you can rest assured, knowing that there will always be someone eager to venture into the unknown waters of life. This sign can be extremely brave, which is one of its key strengths. They inspire others to follow their dreams and go on adventures. We all need this kind of motivation before making a big leap! 

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Their need to think outside of the box makes them both excitingly creative and resourceful. Their hardworking nature matched with their bravado allows tricky planning to fall into place effortlessly. When bold questions need to be asked, the brave Tauruses will lead the way. 

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A High Level Of Emotional Intelligence 

Tauruses ooze emotional intelligence, knowing what to say and when. If they trust you, they will have no problem going deep and sharing their innermost desires and secrets. This water sign has a very vast capacity to love and share, which is why they have been compared to the ocean, which is both peaceful and therapeutic. 

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In a romantic relationship, your Taurus lover will never let go of you, sticking by your side through thick and thin. They are always in sync with their own emotions and will bring out the best in their partners who may struggle to open up. If you get married to a Taurus, be prepared for lots of DMC's (deep, meaningful conversations!) 

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Wise Beyond Their Years 

There has always been a very ancient feel to a Taurus. They have even been described as "old souls" because they always offer great insight no matter their age. They seem experienced, composed, and ready to deliver a life-changing speech simply because of their instinctively controlled nature.

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Taurus is often mistaken for being much older than they really are. This is a good thing that certainly serves them well in the workplace and in real life. No one takes chances with the Tauruses because of the strength and confidence they embody paired with a feel of mature adulting skills. 

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Here To Save The Day

Thanks to their extreme focus and determination, Taurus often come through when no one else will. While some friends or family may let you down, Taurus will be there to save the day. This is because they are both ambitious and heroic, delivering results when it counts the most.  

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If you have a task that needs to be done on time and completed to perfection, try to find yourself a Taurus. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether it's your prom, wedding, or a work event, hire a fiery Taurus who can rely on. You can thank us later! 

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Their Unique Sixth Sense 

If you know a Taurus, then this fifth and most prominent strength of theirs is one you cannot miss. It is, of course, their uncanny intuitive and perceptive nature. Not only do they have a keen "sense" about most things, but they can also read people well, which allows them to predict how things will unfold better than any other sign! 

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Watch Out For That Sting 

Scorpio is known for its potent stinger that can strike when you least expect it. Tauruses are similar to this as they will carry grudges for a very long time and strike back if they are pushed too far. This rash tendency comes in as one of their main weaknesses.

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If you want to avoid this side of them, it's simple; just stay loyal! This might be easier said than done as Tauruses tend to create far fetched ideas about people. Their imaginations run wild if they feel betrayed and double-crossed. Don't count of a Taurus to bury the hatchet... 

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Trust Is Earned Slowly 

One trait the Taurus's tend to lack is that of trust. They take a while to warm up to people, preferring to stick with those that they have known for a while. They do eventually open up, but building real trust will take time, and this sign will put friends, family, and loved ones through specific "tests" to check if they can genuinely trust them.

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In a romantic relationship, this weakness is especially problematic because Tauruses place lots of pressure on their partners. If they start to doubt their faithfulness, things can turn sour pretty quickly. Potential loved ones must be aware of this so that they can navigate this in the right way. 

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The Overly Obsessive Taurus 

If there is one evident Taurus weakness, it has to be their obsessive characteristics. Whether it is a person, a celebrity, a place, or their job, Tauruses get very attached and cling to them. Many have called the Taurus zodiac a "fanatic" who becomes engulfed in things.

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This can, of course, lead to loyalty, but many Tauruses take this to the next level. Their obsessions borderline being unhealthy, and they can become so stubborn that it may be tough to reason with them. They won't see their obsessions and will defend their actions blindly. 

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Green With Jealousy 

Tauruses and their immense loyalty also mean that they will suspect their partners of all kinds of things. This is because of their deep love and commitment to their partner, but it leads to ugly jealously. In order to determine if they have their partner's full attention, they will spy on their other half as a result of their jealous feelings.

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They find it difficult to see their partners interact with others and can become both cunning and manipulative to stop this. They resort to giving their partners ultimatums, hoping that this will make them the only focus of their lives. This trait must be continuously checked because it can derail a good relationship. 

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Taurus Sarcasm Doesn't Always Go Down Well. 

The kings and queens of sarcasm are undoubtedly Tauruses. Not only do they always have a witty comeback, but this dry and often rude sense of humor can rub people up the wrong way. Tauruses might find it odd if their friends are offended by their "jokes."

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Despite their high emotional intelligence, Tauruses are far too smart for their own good. They manage to come up with quirky replies instantly, and while this can be a good thing, they tend to use it in a demeaning way. Arrogant Tauruses will always have a sarcastic remark up their sleeve, and this brings out their passive-aggressive side. 

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We hope these general traits and characteristics help you discover more about yourself, dear Taurus. If you are an acquaintance of Taurus, use these words to help you understand your friend or lover. What do you think about the strengths and weaknesses we have documented? Leave us a comment, and be sure to click the share button! 

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