Most Beautiful Fox News Anchorwomen

Most Beautiful Fox News Anchorwomen

Dec 01, 2020Roshanak

Most news anchors are known for being very attractive. Both men and women have to be pretty presentable, but the ladies of Fox News are considered some of the beautiful regular women on television. Megyn Kelly could have been a model, and Britt McHenry looks like the All-American dream girl. Let’s discover all of these gorgeous and intelligent journalists!

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Molina used to be the meteorologist for Fox News, and she was considered one of the prettiest ladies on the network. At least, that’s what Howard Stern thought. In 2012, she was known as the youngest meteorologist on a cable. She also appeared on ‘Fox and Friends Morning Show’ and is fluent in Spanish.

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Guilfoyle hosted ‘The Five’ and appeared on other shows such as ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and ‘Hannity’. She also married the former mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom. Her mother was Puerto Rican, while her father was an Irish immigrant. He moved to the United States at the age of 20.

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Ingraham hosts ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on the network which airs on weeknights and has been working for Fox since 2007. Thanks to her job, she has interviewed all kinds of major political personalities. She is also the host of ‘Laura & Raymond', which airs on Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service.

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Tammy Bruce is best known for being a political contributor to Fox News as well as a writer for and The Guardian. Over the years her political views have changed considerably, although she prefers not to be associated with either side. Bruce is also a New York Times bestselling author.

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Heinrich is a general assignment reporter on the network, and she started working for them in September 2018. Thanks to her amazing skills, the journalist has won three Emmys and several other accolades. Before joining Fox, Jacqui was an anchor for Boston 25 News and reported on some major events like the Erich Nowsch trial.

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Hogan is also a general assignment reporter on Fox News Channel, but she started working in January 2020. Most audiences will recognize her as the anchors on the morning news, but she sometimes fills-in for others. During her career, Alex has reported on the Bill Cosby trial, the Allentown car bombing in 2018, and many other stories.

Image Credits: Instagram/alexhogan_


Lahren is the host of ‘Final Thoughts’ and ‘No Interruption’. Both shows air on the streaming service. However, the journalist also works for the Fox News Channel as a contributor on political matters. You might have seen her on ‘Hannity’ and ‘Fox & Friends’. She has been working at the network since August 2017.

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Leslie Marshall has been working for Fox News Channel since 2009 as an analyst on political and social issues. She is also big on the radio with the ‘The Leslie Marshall Show’, ‘Tune In’, and several others. Furthermore, you might have read her column on US News & World Report.

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McDowell has been working for the company since September 2007 and is best known for ‘Mornings with Maria’ on FBN. Additionally, the journalist often appeared on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ as well as ‘Outnumbered’ on Fox News Channel. Before starting her career on TV, she wrote for SmartMoney magazine and

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McGlowan returned to Fox News Channel after some time away, but she had originally been working for the network since February 1999. Sue also created and is CEO of Political Strategies & Insights (PSI), a dynamic firm based in Washington D.C. For several years, she held an important role in Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

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Pavlich joined the network in 2013 and is a panelist for ‘Outnumbered’ which airs at noon every weekday. She offers political analysis and commentary for other shows on FNC as well. On ‘Outnumbered’, there four women panelists and one male panelist who changes every show.

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Ashley Strohmier is one of the newer anchors on FNC as she started working for the network in March 2020. She lives in New York now, but originally Strohmier was a reporter for KMIZ-TV in Missouri. The journalist earned several accolades including the Best News Anchor award from the Missouri Broadcasters Association.

Image Credits: Instagram/ashleystrohmier


Vogel is one of the veteran anchors at the network, as she has been there since 2001 and lives in Los Angeles. She reported several major stories such as the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and interviewed important people like Dalai Lama. Among her many accolades, there’s the Golden Mike for Best Breaking News Coverage.

Image Credits: Youtube/racefanvideo


Willis has been working for Fox Business Network since Mach 2020. She mostly reports on matters of personal finance. She originally worked for CNN Business News and hosted the show ‘Your Bottom Line’, where she taught the audiences how to be smarter with their money.

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Borelli has been a contributor to the FNC since 2009. She is also the author of political books and a correspondent for Conservative Review. Additionally, you might have heard her voice on the radio. She appeared on ‘The Sean Hannity Show’, ‘The David Webb Show’, ‘Patriot Tonight’, and more.

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Laurie Dhue has had several anchor gigs during her career. She worked for Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and more. For several years, she hosted several episodes of ‘For the Record’, the news magazine of TheBlaze, and appeared on the nighttime news of

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Bakhtiar started working for Fox News in 2006 but had to leave the network in 2010 after a major scandal took place regarding Brian Wilson. Luckily, she currently working for Reuters, but most people remember her from CNN ‘Headline News Tonight’. You might have also seen her on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’.

Image Credits: Instagram/rudi_bakhtiar


Chetry was a host on Fox News Channel between 2001 and 2007. She apparently was up for a job at ‘Fox & Friends’, which is the most important morning show of the network. After leaving FNC, she worked on CNN’s ‘American Morning’, but it seems like she has retired from broadcast journalism.

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You can catch Bila on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’, which airs on Saturdays and Sundays. The journalist has been working on FNC since 2013. She also appeared on ‘Outnumbered’ as well as ‘The Five’. Between 2017 and 2018, she hosted ABC’s ‘The View’ but returned to FNC soon afterward.

Image Credits: Instagram/jedediahbila


Lis Wiehl is a legal analyst and is best known for appearing on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ for many years. Unfortunately, she left in 2017, and news of a huge settlement deal with the host of the show was revealed. Unfortunately, it was similar to another scandal regarding Rudi Bakhtiar.

Image Credits: Youtube/Newsmax TV


Megyn Kelly started working for the network in 2004 and was based in Washington D.C. She became one of the most important reporters on FNC with shows like ‘America’s Newsroom’, ‘America Live’, and ‘The Kelly File’. She left Fox several years ago and currently hosts a podcast called ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’.

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Easton is a journalist, businesswoman, and author. She started appearing on several shows such as ‘Fox News Sunday’ as an analyst on many matters like foreign policy and the economy. Furthermore, she hosts a series called ‘Smart Women, Smart Power’ which consists of interviews with major diplomats from around the world.

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Kirsten Powers worked on Fox News for almost a decade because she decided to leave in 2016. She joined CNN as an analyst and writes for USA Today. The journalist has appeared on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’, ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon’, and ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’.

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Mercedes Colwin has worked for the network since 2005. As a lawyer, she contributes her knowledge to several shows. She is also a partner at Gordon & Rees in New York. The firm handles all kinds of litigation. Before starting her own practice, Colwin was an Administrative Law Judge.

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Emily Compagno has been part of the Fox family as a contributor since December 2018. She is also a lawyer and has been practicing since 2006 with a focus on criminal defense and civil litigation. This beautiful professional shares her knowledge on several different shows on FNC.

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Alicia Acuna is another veteran of the Fox News Channel, as she joined in 1997 and continues to be a general assignment reporter based in Denver. Acuna has covered all kinds of stories such as the tornado disaster in Oklahoma in 2013 as well as political events. Before working on the network, she was an anchor for NBC in California.

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Anderson is another somewhat new addition to Fox News Channel, as she joined the team in October 2019. She is a political analyst working on both daytime and primetime shows. You might recognize her from ‘Fox News Sunday’ as well. Additionally, Anderson hosts ‘The Trendline with Kristen Soltis Anderson’ on SiriusXM.

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Banderas has already been working for FNC for a long time. Joining in 2005, she is a correspondent based in New York. You might have seen her anchoring on ‘Fox Report’ and ‘America’s News HQ’. The reporter worked on important stories like the case of Terri Shiavo in Florida and the missing student in Aruba in 2005.

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Bartiromo has been working for Fox Business Network since January 2014. You probably recognize her as the host of ‘Mornings with Maria’ and ‘Sunday Morning Futures’. Furthermore, she became the main anchor of ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street’ in 2017. Clearly, her importance on the network cannot be denied.

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Blanchard is a correspondent for Fox News Channel as well as Fox News Edge. She lives in Washington D.C. and has reported on several stories since her beginning. Before joining the network, she worked on the 2016 presidential campaign. You might also recognize her as a Fox News multimedia anchor.

Image Credits: Youtube/jdotproductions


Bream has been working at Fox News Channel since 2007 and is based in Washington D.C. Most of her covering involve the Supreme Court and most people know her from ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream’. You might have also seen her in ‘Livin’ the Bream’ and heard her podcast on Fox News Radio.

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Hasnie is another somewhat new anchor on Fox News Channel, as she joined the network in February 2019. She is based in New York as a correspondent. She has worked as a reporter and anchor since 2011 on WXIN-TV, which is linked to Fox. During her stay on that station, the journalist hosted ‘First at Four’.

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Casone is another veteran on Fox News Channel, as she worked there since November 2006 as a financial contributor. She is also active on Fox Business Network. The journalist has covered all kinds of stories on the economic sector including the global market, corporations, foreign investment, and more.

Image Credits: Instagram/cherylcasone


Earhardt is one of the most popular and recognized reporters on Fox News Channel. She started working at the network in 2007 and is based in New York. Additionally, she co-hosts ‘Fox & Friends’ with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. She also appears on ‘Fox & Friends After the Show Show’ on Fox Nation.

Image Credits: Instagram/aearhardt


Ingle is another reporter from Fox News Channel that lives in New York. She guest appears on several shows on the weekends for the network as well as Fox News Radio. Laura has worked for the company since 2005 and originally lived in Dallas. Previously, she lived in Los Angeles and was a field reporter.

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Jenna Lee is one of the most popular and well-remembered former reporters for Fox News Channel. She started writing during college and got a gig at writing Wall Street news. Afterward, she was hired as a Fox News Anchor in 2007. Additionally, she co-hosted ‘Happening Now’ with Jon Scott. You might have seen her on other morning shows like ‘Fox Business Morning’ with Connell McShane.

Image Credits: Youtube/foxcnnTV


Faulkner is another majorly recognized face at Fox News Channel and has won several awards for her journalism. She is currently the host of two daytime shows ‘Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner’ and ‘Outnumbered’. Of course, the reporter is another veteran on the network as she has been there since 2005. Furthermore, Faulkner is known for hosting town halls and specials. This year, she had ‘America Copes Together’ due to the current global situation.

Image Credits: Instagram/harrisfaulkner


Abby Hornacek might just be one of the prettiest faces at the network. She looks more like a model than most news anchors, but don’t underestimate her. She hosts ‘PARK’D’, ‘Ride to Work’, and ‘American Arenas’, on FNC’s streaming service Fox Nation. On ‘PARK’D’, Hornacek provides a new look at the national parks of American and informs audiences about visits. Meanwhile, the reporter is also the host of the podcast ‘Getting Schooled’ from Fox News Radio. She does everything!

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Kellogg is another veteran of the network, as she joined in 1999 and was originally a correspondent from Moscow. She now lives in Milan. The journalist has covered some of the most important happenings around the world such as the attacks in Paris in 2015 and the birth of Prince George of Cambridge. Kellogg also reported on the 2012 London Olympics and has visited some of the most dangerous areas internationally to tell the truth about what happenings out there.

Image Credits: Twitter/amykelloggfox


Turner is a correspondent for FNC and has been a contributor since 2014. She lives in Washington and reports on the breaking stories of each day and during primetime hours. You might have seen her on several shows such as ‘America’s Newsroom’, ‘Outnumbered’, ‘MediaBuzz’, ‘Fox News Sunday’, ‘Fox & Friends’, ‘The Five’, and many others. Gillian also wrote for ‘The Hill’ and was VP of Jones Group International. Furthermore, the reporter has experience in the White House.

Image Credits: Instagram/gillianhturner


Marie Harf has been a part of Fox News Channel since 2017 as a contributor on political and national security matters. She also works for Fox Business Network and has appeared on several of their primetime show. Meanwhile, Harf is the Executive Director of the Serve America PAC, where she consults with different leaders from the military, intelligence, and more to help them enter politics.

Image Credits: Youtube/Fox News


Britt McHenry is another beautiful lady at Fox News Channel, and you might know her best as the co-host of ‘UN-PC’ which airs on Fox Nation. Most people have seen her in ‘Like It or Not’ as well from WTTG-TV Fox 5. Before working there, she was a reporter for ESPN and focus on the NFL as well as MLB.

Image Credits: Instagram/brittmchenry


Mele is another co-host on FNC’s ‘Fox & Friends First’ with Rob Schmitt, which airs earlier than the regular ‘Fox & Friends’ where she also appears. The reporter started her job at the network in March 2017 but originally worked as the host of CSN Philly’s ‘Breakfast on the Broadwhere’.

Image Credits: Instagram/jillianbmele


Tarlov is another political analyst at Fox News Channel as well as Fox Business Work. She appears during daytime and primetime shows since joining the network in 2014. Additionally, she is the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight for Bustle Digital Group which owns several popular websites.

Image Credits: Youtube/Fox News

Whether they still work at Fox News or left for other networks, these women graced our screens with their looks and smarts. Let us know which one is your favorite. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love watching the news. See you next time!

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