The Best Dog Breed Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Dog Breed Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Dec 01, 2020Danica

We all know that adopting a dog is such a monumental task and a massive responsibility. If you have been wanting to adopt a dog for quite some time now but still have no idea what breed to go for, then why not look unto the stars for help? Find out which dog breeds will be the best for you based on your zodiac signs by reading this article!

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If you are an Aries then chances are that you are one of the sportiest and the wildest people out of all the zodiacs. Seclusion scares you the most so every once in a while you feel the need to just go out there and explore. Naturally, you will need a dog breed that can keep up with your ever-changing lifestyle so might we suggest getting a Labrador?

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Image Credits: Unsplash / Naomi Suzuki

Labradors are some of the kindest and the smartest dogs, they can surely keep up with you in the wild. These beautiful dogs will always be there to accompany you no matter where you go, and they also have a keen sense of adaptability. Labradors are perfect for all of our Aries out there because both crave to be domesticated yet free!

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Tauruses are stoic and this means that they will endure some of the most painful things in their lives without asking anybody for help. They might hate being a burden to other people but they really do enjoy the company of animals. If you are a Taurus and if you are wondering what dog breed is perfect for you, then might we suggest adopting a Pomeranian?

Image Credits: Unsplash / Alvan Nee

Yes, Pomeranians might seem like such a small dog but they are the perfect example of the phrase, “small but terrible”. Pomeranians are feisty, smart, and also very playful. They are the perfect support dog for our fragile yet beautiful Tauruses.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Flouffy


It is only natural that a Gemini would want their dogs to be the center of attention...just like them. Geminis are some of the smartest, most dramatic, and most temperamental people out of all the zodiacs. This means that they really have to think about the dog breed that they might want to adopt before actually going for it because they might constantly change their minds.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Chris Benson

Although, who can resist the charm and wits of a French Bulldog? This type of dog is one of the gentlest out of all the breeds out there and this means that they can be the perfect choice for the ever social Geminis. We all know that adopting a dog is no joke, but we feel like this is a responsibility that our Geminis are now ready to embark on.

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It is safe to say that Cancers are some of the goofiest, happiest, and most family-friendly people out of all the zodiacs. If you are a Cancer and if you have a toddler in your family, you might feel like adopting a dog is not an option for you right now. However, dogs can be the best mate that your kids will ever have.

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Might we suggest adopting a Golden Retriever? Just like our dear Cancers, Golden Retrievers are gentle and playful in nature. Plus, they are really good and affectionate towards children so they are the perfect breed for our Cancers out there!

Image Credits: Unsplash / Oscar Sutton


It is no secret that Leos are some of the most loyal people out of all the zodiacs. In return, they might want to adopt a dog that can be equally as loyal as them. One dog that comes to mind when it comes to it being really loyal is a Chow Chow.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Pauline Loroy

You might feel like Chow Chow’s are just insanely cute...well, you are right. However, they are also very social, they are a tad bit aggressive when it comes to people they might feel unsafe with, and they can be overprotective towards their owners. Leo's perfect dog is a chow-chow, and there is no doubt about that.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Nathan Dumlao


Libras are some of the most social people out of all the zodiacs. They do know how to have fun but they also would rather be at home watching highly interesting documentaries...there is no in-between. What dog breed would be perfect for the highly intellectual, friendly, and diplomatic Libra?

Image Credits: Unsplash / Gilbert Beltran

A dog breed that comes to mind is a Poodle! Do not be fooled by a poodle’s cuteness because they are also quite intelligent, active, and very loyal. Just like our dear Libras, Poodles also love being trained and learning new tricks so these traits make them the perfect choice for our Libras out there.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Seye Kuyinu


Out of all the people in the zodiac, Scorpios are the most curious. Their ever-changing love for knowledge, affection, and friendship are traits that make them the perfect dog parents. If you are a Scorpio and if you feel like you are now ready to adopt your first-ever dog, then might we suggest going for a Dachshund?

Image Credits: Unsplash / Glenn Han

Another dog that goes after the phrase, “small but terrible,” is a Dachshund. These dogs are insanely clever, they are really playful but they can be a tad bit stubborn too...just like our Scorpios out there. Dachshunds are the perfect dog breed for our Scorpios, so why not adopt one today?

Image Credits: Unsplash / Glenn Han


If we know one thing, it is that Sagittarius are all realists. They love being in the present, they enjoy spending time with the people who make them feel great and they do think that everything has a silver lining. Although no matter how serious our Sagittarians can be, they are also some of the most fun people to be around...albeit them being overly honest.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Riley Sullivan

If you are a Sagittarius and if you feel the need to adopt a dog, then a Siberian Husky might be the perfect dog breed for you! These dogs are naturally friendly, overly alert, and just really outgoing. This makes them the perfect dog for our darling Sagittarius!

Image Credits: Unsplash / Alin Luna


Capricorns are overly sensitive and they do love to feel their emotions. More often than not, Capricorns might feel like they would rather spend their leisure time with themselves instead of spending it outside with their friends. This makes them the perfect candidate for adopting a dog.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Joe Smith

A dog breed that might seem really perfect for a Capricorn is a Beagle. Now, do not be undermined by a Beagle’s size because they are some of the friendliest and gentlest dog breeds. A pairing between a Capricorn and a Beagle can only be a good, Beagles can be the best snugglers!

Image Credits: Unsplash / Marten Bjork


Sports play an important part when it comes to an Aquarius’ lifestyle. They do love running around or going out and about during their free time. Our darling Aquarians are naturally energetic, they do love having fun and they do enjoy a good sweat.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Tadeusz Lakota

Obviously, they would need a dog that can really keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle, so might we suggest adopting a Border Collie? These dogs are some of the most energetic, alert, and intelligent dog breeds out there. Can you just imagine going on a run with your Border Collie just trailing alongside you?

Image Credits: Unsplash / Tadeusz Lakota


Pisces is naturally kind, friendly, and very emotional. They do enjoy spending their time alone but they also do not mind being in the company of other people...although they would much prefer the first one. Pisces are great people and they can be the most generous people out of all the zodiac!

Image Credits: Unsplash / JJ Shev

If you are a Pisces and wondering which dog breed would be perfect for you, then might we suggest adopting a Saint Bernard? These dogs are the epitome of the phrase, “gentle giants” because they can grow really big but they forever stay babies at heart! Saint Bernards are keen observers, they are playful and they can be overprotective towards their owners. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Alex Motoc


Virgos are some of the most hardworking and stubborn people out of all the zodiacs. They are a tad bit uptight but they also know how to let loose. We feel like our darling Virgos should adopt a dog that they can train and a dog that they can play around with.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Eugene Zaycev

Might we suggest adopting a Doberman? It is true that Dobermans might seem like a daunting breed...after all, they can grow insanely tall. However, we think that Dobermans can really make a Virgo feel more relaxed and they might even feel the need to take breaks more when they are training their dogs!

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We know that adopting a dog is no joke and you really have to think about it before you go on and get one because dogs have feelings too. Although if you feel like you are ready, then, by all means, go for it! After all, dogs are one of the best things that can happen in our lives.

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Bear in mind that dogs come with hard work and a whole lot of love! Do you think that you might be ready for a dog right now and did you like the dog breed you got? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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