The Twilight Saga: Destroyer of Cast Lives

The Twilight Saga: Destroyer of Cast Lives

Oct 23, 2020Zhenia Lis

The Twilight Saga was an almost overnight hit, launching its young teenage stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and others to instant fame. And while it might’ve been good for their pockets, the same can’t be said for their careers after the Twilight Movies.

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

Why is Taylor Lautner being ignored by Hollywood? Who battled to shake off the Twilight label, but eventually made it mainstream again? Ad who’s the actor who would “mindlessly hate it” if it wasn’t for being part of it? Let’s see where the former cast members are today!

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images


Though Twilight launched her to fame, Kristen had criticized author Stephenie Meyer’s writing in the past. She told The Graham Norton Show: “It’s the most ridiculous situation. As soon as [Bella] becomes a vampire they… ignore their duties instantly, they just wanna bone”.

Kristen Stewart / Photo:Getty Images

So, did the saga damage her further career prospects? Well, if you consider that it took her years to return to the big screen, then yes, to some extent. Still, she eventually shook off the label of “that girl from Twilight”. Most of her post-Twilight roles were independent ones, far removed from the mainstream scene.

Kristen Stewart / Photo:Getty Images

Which might’ve been a conscious choice, to prove her worth as a serious actress. Or maybe she just wanted to hide from the public eye?! Remember, she had to endure harsh backlash from critics and book fans alike who thought she was “wooden” in her role as Bella?

Not forgetting that many teen girls hated her, believing she wasn't good enough for Edward… Yeah, while the overnight success brought her money and fame, it also came with loads of baggage. Kristen, who admitted she doesn’t love the spotlight, was overwhelmed by the paparazzi scrutiny. 

Kristen Stewart / Photo:Getty Images

She was only 17 when the first film was released - so it wasn’t easy to cope with it all. Too much, too soon! We haven’t even gotten to her dating disasters yet. The actress has since opened up about being instructed, back then, to hide her bisexuality. 

Kristen Stewart with her girlfriend / Photo:Getty Images

She was even told that she "might get a Marvel movie” if she'd stop holding hands with her girlfriend. As she told BAZAAR UK, trying to keep her sexuality private made her feel like she was "ruining" her life. Let’s rewind to when she dated Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

Rumors had it, they didn’t really want to date, but producers forced them to! It might be speculation only, as neither party ever confirmed such allegations - and Stewart still praises Rob as her first love. On the other hand, nothing’s impossible! Whatever the case, Kristen’s scandalous affair with the then-married producer, Rupert Sanders, led to her and Rob’s split in 2013.

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders / Photo:Getty Images

And when the public got wind of it, she got even more hate. Anyway, the affair seriously harmed the final Twilight installment. Fans struggled to take Edward and Bella's love story seriously after all that. Which brings me back to why Twilight was only partly to blame for damaging her prospects! 

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart / Photo:Getty Images

The fact that Stewart had no movie release all through 2013 could probably be ascribed to the public fallout of her affair and not so much to the franchise. Finally, however, Hollywood seems to have given her a rare second chance.

The 29-year old recently starred in the box-office film Charlie's Angels! And caused commotion after she shaved her hair. No, it wasn’t for personal reasons, but for her upcoming role in Fox’s adventure-thriller, Underwater. Although she admitted to wanting to try a short cut since forever.

Kristen Stewart / Photo:Getty Images

On the dating front, Kristen has also found love. She told Stern she can't wait to propose to her girlfriend, the screenwriter Dylan Meyer. From Dylan’s Insta posts, it seems they’re still going strong.


Let’s see why Hollywood is avoiding Taylor. When the first instalment became famous, suddenly the whole world knew his name. And his acting was praised by critics. But then, his future as Jacob was in trouble! The director was considering recasting the role of Jacob for the second film. 

In the novels, he undergoes major physical changes, so they were basically looking for someone bigger. Luckily, Lautner wasn’t giving up that easily and saved his job. He hit the gym, gaining an impressive 30 pounds of muscle! 

Taylor Lautner / Photo: Shutterstock

Part of what led to his slow demise started while filming Twilight already. He took part in only two films during its run. And … his choice of roles was… let’s just say, dubious. One was a lead role in the action movie, Abduction. It was no hit - instead, Rotten Tomatoes only scored it 18%... To top it off, the young actor was criticized for his awkward acting.

Taylor Lautner / Photo:Getty Images

The other was a small role in Valentine’s Day with the singer Taylor Swift. It wasn’t too long, or the two started dating. Oh, and the movie itself wasn’t a hit by any measure. So, apart from poor choices, what’s another reason for his slow fizzle? Sounds ironic, but it was the overall obsession with his ripped physique. 

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner / Photo:Getty Images

Heck, Lautner even admitted how "freaked out" he was by a cougar trying to take her pants off so he could autograph them. He was only 16! His co-star Elizabeth Reaser also said she was "weirded out" by much older women fawning over her male co-stars' bodies.

His next bad move was appearing on the cover of a Rolling Stones mag before he was 18. ‘Cause he would now be pigeon-holed into certain roles because of his looks! This brings me to the next big issue. He simply charged way too much! Obviously, his Twilight paycheck set the bar high, and the predictions that he’s become an A-lister went to his head.

Taylor Lautner / Photo:Getty Images

For the underwhelming movie, Abduction, he charged an exorbitant amount. All fine and well, but then, even after his “awkward acting”, he continued to ask way too much for the next movie, Now Stretch Armstrong. Which is now shelved… by the way. 

The same thing happened when he was offered a role as David next to Duane The Rock Johnson - also shelved. Once again, he overshot his worth! It’s not rocket science. No Hollywood director in their right mind would break the budget for mediocre acting… It’s just not worth it, especially not when the production is eventually halted. 

Taylor Lautner / Photo:Getty Images

Anyways, after those two action failures, he moved into comedy with a cameo appearance in Adam Sandler’s Grownups 2 and The Ridiculous Six. Both: NOT received that well. Later, he got a popular lead role in the UK comedy series, Cuckoo. 

Better show, but same story… After two series, production never got off the ground again. So, where has he been since 2017, when he was nominated as Choice Scene Stealer at the Teen Choice Awards for his role Scream Queens? And as Choice Drama Movie Actor for Run the Tide! 

Taylor Lautner / Photo: Shutterstock

His absence is thought to be to take a break to spend time with his girlfriend, Taylor Dome, and his family. It’s not as if he can’t afford it, right? His net worth is still 40 million dollars. And don’t forget, he’s only 28, so who knows - maybe his star will shine bright again!


Fun fact - the role of Edward Cullen wasn’t really Rob’s biggest desire at the time. In reality, he’d just messed up a few previous auditions and was in a devil-may-care state of mind when he auditioned. In the end, his more serious portrayal of Edward worked out well, and the producers were sold. 

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

His co-star, Kristen, was convinced he was perfect for the role since she first laid eyes on him! Despite the fact that the saga made him a household name, Pattinson didn’t care much for diplomacy. He often criticized the central story and ripped apart the logic of his own character. 

Like wondering why a 108-year-old guy would wanna still be in high school. He also continued to rub many people up the wrong way by saying, in one infamous 2011 interview, that if he hadn’t been working on it he would “mindlessly hate it.”

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

He also said he was convinced the author was mad. To add insult to injury, he even complained about his pay. Are you happy with your pay? Hmm… it could've been better! We know that paycheck was way above average, so it seems a bit ungrateful, or not?!

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

So, it’s not surprising that, while many fans loved him as Edward, just as many (75 000, to be exact) signed a petition for him to be removed from the show! Maybe that’s part of the reason for his slight change of heart in recent years? 

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

He managed to find one good thing to say about the franchise, pointing out that the “soundtracks [were] quite ahead of their time”. Oh, and that it was popular among 20-year olds. In between filming the hit vampire movies, he starred in romantic dramas like Water for Elephants and Remember Me. Showing that he was able to make good choices! 

Then came his highly publicized relationship with Stewart, which failed dramatically after her affair. It probably softened those who disliked him a bit, and at the least got him a few sympathy votes. He was reportedly heartbroken. Since that real-life love saga, Pattinson has kept a tight lid on his dating life. What we do know is that he’s with Suki Waterhouse.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

Back to his career! As you probably already suspected, this is one cast member whose career seemed to grow after Twilight. Like his fellow co-star Stewart, he opted for a more serious, off-the-mainstream grid Indie career immediately after, and proved his versatility.

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

Some of his well-known projects included The Lost City of Z, The Lighthouse and The King. He also received many Best Actor nominations for his role in Good Time. This year has also been very successful for him. He has a role in Tenet (directed by Christopher Nolan) as well as in The Devil All the Time alongside Tom Holland and Bill Skarsgård.

And now, he’s set up for the biggest progression yet. What can it be? From a wizard in Harry Potter, to a vampire in Twilight, he’s now rumored to be the new Batman in the next DC Comics film, due October next year! Will Pattinson succeed at making the craziest turning point of his career and shedding the old, sparkling skin of Cullen? We’ll have to wait and see!


Do you even remember her in Twilight? We do! She played a minor role as Bella’s human friend, Jessica! The fact that she is the one star who became super successful makes you wonder, or not? If she had a major role, would she have been as successful today?

Anna Kendrick / Photo:Getty Images

In the same year, Twilight was released, Anna filmed the acclaimed Up in the Air opposite George Clooney. She got an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Rising Star Award! After that, the actress continued to make a name for herself in the wildly popular Pitch Perfect series. 

In addition, she scored many high-profile roles. These included dramas, like End of Watch, comedies, such as Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and musicals - think of Into the Woods. More recently, Kendrick starred alongside Blake Lively in A Simple Favor. 

Anna Kendrick speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con International / Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

Back to Twilight, though, what did Anna have to say about it? Well, she mentioned the constant cold weather and freezing rain as a nightmare to film through. Who also noticed her absence in the final movie?! If you were wondering if she was sad about this, think again, ‘cause it appeared she was relieved to be done. 

“I can tell you this… I’m not in it! So I don’t have to talk about it”. 

Despite the bad weather, Kendrick was grateful for some aspects, most notably the paychecks! In her memoir, she wrote: “[The Twilight movies] kept me in room and board while I did (other) movies for no money. It was like the world's most ridiculous day job.”

Wrapping up! Meyer has written a new book in the series called Midnight Sun! The new installment retells the first novel from Edward’s point of view. So what do you think, will Pattinson be revisiting the role if the new book snags a film release?

Robert Pattinson / Photo:Getty Images

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