Modern Family Cast Transformation

Modern Family Cast Transformation

Oct 21, 2020Peter File

If you think your family problems are unique to you, then you probably haven't seen Modern Family. A long-lived TV series that lasted for more than a decade, it tells the tale of three Californian families and how their lives intertwined with one another. However, have you ever wonder what happened to the cast? Here's what happened.

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Ed O'Neill (Then)

Ed O'Neill is one of the lead actors of the show who appeared in all 250 episodes of the series, playing the role of Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of the Pritchett family. However, before appearing in Modern Family he also had a long and successful career in the business, starring in TV series like Married... with Children. Also an interesting fact: he taught Social Studies in Youngstown, Ohio before acting.

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Ed O'Neill (Now)

Ed O'Neill took part in various projects during the last decade, including some voiceover works for movies you might have seen before - such as Wreck-It Ralph and Finding Dory. At the time of writing his last screen appearance was in a movie called The Last Shift, playing a character called Dale. Also, don't let his age fool you - O'Neill is also an experienced martial artist, practicing Brazilian Ju-Jitsu from the famous Gracie family.

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Sofía Vergara (Then)

The first thing that comes to mind after we mention Jay Pritchett is probably his beautiful wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, played by actress Sofía Vergara. Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Vergara got her break when she moved to the states, garnering her status as one of the most beautiful Latina actresses in the business. An interesting trivia: back in Colombia she would watch the Spanish-dubbed version of Married... with Children featuring her co-star-to-be Ed O'Neill. But when she finally starred alongside O'Neill, she was surprised that he spoke absolutely no Spanish in real life. 

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Sofía Vergara (Now)

Suffice to say, her appearance in Modern Family really launched her into stardom, with various projects coming her way since the show first aired in 2009. As of July 18, 2012, Vergara was the highest-earning woman in American television, taking in $19 million for the past 12 months on a list released by Recently she starred in movies such as Bottom of the 9th and The Con is On

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Julie Bowen (Then)

Julie Bowen plays the role of Claire Melinda Dunphy, the oldest daughter of Jay and his ex-wife Dede. With a rather difficult upbringing, those challenges she had growing up would grow into bigger issues later in her life. However, in real life actress Julie Bowen has had a rather successful career in the show business before appearing in Modern Family, appearing in famous movies such as Happy Gilmore and An American Werewolf in Paris

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Julie Bowen (Now)

Julie Bowen was married to Scott Phillips, a real-estate investor, from September 2004 all the way till September 2018. Over the last few years, she took part in various projects, including movies and TV shows, including Disney's Rapunzel's Tangled AdventureDuckTales, and Hubie Halloween.

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Ty Burrell (Then)

Ty Burrell assumed the role of Phil Dunphy in Modern Family, the husband of Claire. Ty Burrell has had a long and successful career prior to starring in Modern Family, appearing and starring in shows and movies like The Incredible Hulk and Dawn of the Dead

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Ty Burrell (Now)

Ty Burrell has had a long and successful career in the show business after he joined the cast of Modern Family, starring in various productions such as Finding Dory and making appearances in famous shows like Key and Peele and Family Guy. He also adopted two baby girls with his wife between 2010 and 2012. 

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Then)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson starred in Modern Family as the eldest son of Jay and Dede, Mitchell, the younger brother of Claire. An instantly recognizable face, you might also be able to recognize him from shows from the 2000s such as Do Not Disturb and The Class.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Now)

After appearing in Modern Family, Ferguson has had a relatively successful career in the business as well, appearing in various TV series. He is actually a cousin of Courtney Cox, and he and his husband Justin Mikita helped found a project called "Tie the Knot", for which they designed bow ties to be sold to raise money for LGBT-rights organizations.

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Eric Stonestreet (Then)

Eric Stonestreet has had an interesting life before pursuing a career in acting - born and raised in Kansas, he was actually studying criminal justice to be a prison administrator, due to his background growing up near the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Prior to appearing in Modern Family as Mitchell's husband Cameron, he appeared in the coming-of-age classic Almost Famous in 2000. 

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Eric Stonestreet (Now)

Over the years Stonestreet has appeared in various projects, including TV series and movies, even doing voiceover work for animated movies at times. He appeared and starred in movies like The Loft, as well as doing voiceover work for animated movies and series like The Secret Life of PetsYou're Not a Monster, and Sofia the First

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Rico Rodriguez (Then)

Born and raised in Texas, actor Rico Rodriguez is also the younger brother of actress/director Raini Rodriguez. In Modern Family, Rico assumed the role of Manny Delgado, son of Gloria from her previous marriage with Javier. Before appearing in the show Rico has had minor roles in TV series like Cory in the House and ER

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Rico Rodriguez (Now)

Though not particularly famous throughout his career, Rodriguez appeared in various movies and shows over the years since he joined the cast of Modern Family, including shows and movies such as The Lion GuardNickelodeon's Ho Ho Holiday Special, and Endgame. But we would love to see more of him for sure. 

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Nolan Gould (Then)

Joining the cast of Modern Family at the mere age of 11, over the years we have seen Nolan Gould, who played the youngest kid of Claire and Phil, mature into a full adult. Despite his young age, he began acting and modeling at the age of 3, and prior to appearing in the show he already appeared in various TV series, including Out of Jimmy's Head and Eleventh Hour

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Nolan Gould (Now)

After appearing in Modern Family, Gould was named one of the entertainers of the year by Entertainment Weekly between 2010 and 2011. It is also said that he has an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa. He remained active in the show business over the years, with his latest appearance being a TV series called What's Up North

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Here's what happened to the main cast of the show. Most of them are still entertaining us somehow with their talent and we'll probably hear more of them in the future. Which one is your favorite? Do you want to see more of them? Who do you think has the most successful career among the cast? If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends and family? 

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