Woman Texts Her Late Brother And Is Shocked When She Gets A Reply From His Number

Oct 06, 2020Rita Kumar

Losing a loved one can be hard to let go, especially when you've grown up mirroring each other's life. It's when some good old memories strike the already weary-stricken mind, with shattered emotions refusing to get over the loss. Sometimes, many people try to connect with their loved ones either by visiting their grave or publicizing their loss. For some, reading old messages and listening to their voice recordings helps overcome their grief. But after Ruth Murray lost her brother, things became strange when she started receiving messages from his phone.

Being There For Each Other, No Matter What

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

Mike and Ruth grew up together in Minneapolis. The brother-sister duo remained as close as thieves until 2019. Perhaps, the year marked a significant loss that tumbled Ruth's life altogether. Who knew that all that happiness would come down like a landslide? The tragedy not only plucked Mike's life but also changed Ruth's life forever.


But Fate Had Other Plans

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

Though Ruth wasn't to blame in this, everything happened according to fate. Despite knowing each other for years, Mike's life took an ugly turn in 2019. He had already developed a serious substance problem that cost him his life in March of that year. After six months, Ruth was shocked to hear back from him. 

Unable To Move Past The Loss

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Moving past a dear one's loss isn't an easy joke. Practically, all those old memories, the silly fights, and even heated arguments might hound the mind, giving a glimpse of their presence. Though death is inevitable, still, losing someone to the bitter side of fate can be extremely unnerving for some. Owing to all this, Ruth decided to somehow connect with her dear brother, Mike.

Getting Over Wasn't That Easy

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

Ruth tried to get over her loss by doing something that almost everyone who has lost their dear one does. So, she decided to visit Mike's grave regularly. She felt that visiting his resting place frequently connected them amidst her loss. However, Ruth still didn't get that inner satisfaction, and somewhere, she felt that nothing connected her to her "brothaboo." Soon, she came up with another bizarre idea. 

The Decision That Cost Ruth Her Peace Of Mind

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It was a coping mechanism of some kind. Ruth knew that Mike wasn't going to reciprocate in any way. Still, she knew that it was the right amount of everything to connect with him. Without thinking over and over again, Ruth took Mike's phone and started texting his old phone number. Little did she know about what was going to happen next.  

Her Phone Buzzed, Only To Leave Her In A Spooked Up State

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

The tradition of daily texts routed towards just one thing—keeping Mike's memories alive. Perhaps, losing someone to the clutch of fate paves the way for irreparable heartbreak and shattered emotions. Ruth dealt with all of this each day after Mike's demise. And texting him every day was the only thing that kept her going. But one day, she got a reply.

Ruth Didn't Expect This To Happen

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It was unlike any other day when Ruth reached out to her phone, just to leave a message to Mike's old number. Apart from her other texts and notifications left by the other contacts, Ruth knew that she couldn't expect anything from her brother's number. But to her surprise, her phone buzzed. 

The Sender Was Her Brother

Image Credits: Reddit/ruthless0903

Ruth checked her messages, and she couldn't believe her eyes for a moment. She stood there, frozen and unable to pinch herself to reality. She knew she was seeing the impossible. But it was in her hands, throwing an eerie message for her to read. When Ruth checked her messages, she was shocked to find that the sender was "brothaboo."

Shockingly, It Was Not A Dream Either

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

She knew she wasn't crazy. It wasn't a dream. And nothing of this was part of her nightmare either. Ruth knew her brother was gone and for good. But when she saw his reply on her phone, she couldn't draw a line of difference between illusion and reality. For a moment, she assumed that everything was an imagination. Shockingly, it wasn't...

Strange Texts From Her Late Brother's Number Give Her The Creeps

Image Credits: Twitter/BBC News (World)

When Ruth read the message, it wasn't anything ordinary like any other text. It was from her late brother's number, and the very thought of it spooked her. For a second, she knew that she was dealing with a strange situation. Perhaps, she never dreamed of getting a response from Mike since it was never going to happen. However, the texts she read that day had something else in store for her.

She Knew What She Dealt With

Image Credits: Reddit/ruthless0903

Soon, Ruth was taken aback by the so-called "brothaboo's" reply. She was quite sure that she dealt with something off-putting here. But that didn't stop her from opening the message and reading it word-to-word. Ruth was aware that it could be nothing more than a stranger who replied to her texts. But the shocking part was—the messages sounded kind and empathetic. 

The Ugly Truth

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The texts that Ruth read shattered her. It was the least she expected from Mike's number. For whoever had his reassigned phone number, getting over someone's heartbreaking text with a gesture like this wasn't a normal thing to do. But what Ruth dealt with made her put up with something strange and painful after she received another message from the stranger. 

She Rethinks Twice About Something

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

It is certainly impossible that Mike responded to Ruth's messages. By now, she knew what she was dealing with. But the thought of getting a genuine response like this threw her apart. Ruth wasn't yet out of her brother's loss, and then, the messages she received made her rethink about her brother's death.

Perhaps, Ruth Wasn't Alone In Any Of This

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

However, if it weren't for the stranger, Ruth would've repeatedly texted Mike's number, to no avail. The only thing she had in her mind while texting Mike's phone number was to somehow connect with him despite knowing that he wouldn't reply. But whatever happened that day shook her belief, and made her realize that she wasn't alone with the loss. 

The Stranger's Reply Reflected Ruth's Pain

Image Credits: Facebook/Ruth Murray

It was a strange twist of destiny when Ruth discovered that the other person dealt with something similar to her. For a moment, Ruth was aware that the stranger had some unexplainable connection with her. To the least of all this, she was shocked when the stranger left a reply that coincided with her loss. Soon, Ruth embarked on a mission to connect with this person. 

It Was Her

Image Credits: Twitter/BBC News (World)

As it turns out, Mike's old number was reassigned to Amber Leinweber. The 32-year-old woman lived around 400 miles away in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. While most people would've simply deleted or blocked Ruth's texts, this person decided to leave her a reply. Perhaps, she dealt with a similar kind of trauma. However, their strange connection paved the way for something else. 

Dealing With Something Similar 

Image Credits: Reddit/ruthless0903

Amber wasn't taking pity on Ruth. Perhaps, she was dealing with a similar kind of pain, just like Ruth. After a couple of messages, the two women became parallel to each other's emotions and heartbreaks. Perhaps, they never imagined becoming close so fast, especially when Amber replied to Ruth's messages in a way the latter never expected. Soon, the women discovered the shocking relationship they shared with Mike.

They're Related 

Image Credits: Facebook/Mary Murray

After getting to know each other, Ruth and Amber learned that they shared a weird link. Perhaps, it was through Mike himself! Reportedly, he and Amber's brother played online poker together. Finally, Ruth was able to conclude why all this happened. This time, fate takes the credits for uniting two broken hearts! 

The Twist Of Fate

Image Credits: Twitter/BBC News (World)

The two women met each other in person and became friends over the strange texts they exchanged initially. Though Ruth believed that she never expected such a bizarre coincidence, Amber sincerely believed that fate brought them together. Perhaps, their friendship wasn't just a cause of their wrong slip-up. It was something that helped two broken hearts find their "connection!" 

Getting over a dear one's loss isn't that easy. As said, it's the time when all the good old memories give a glimpse of how blissful life was before their demise. Maybe Ruth and Amber managed to find their real "connection" after all that happened! Have you texted any wrong number by mistake and received a genuine reply in the end? Or did you receive a text from a stranger? Let us know how you handled the situation. Please share your thoughts with us, and don't forget to click the "Share" button!  

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