Confusing Things Millennium Kids Just Don’t Understand

Sep 21, 2020Chelsea

Our parents always say they lived in the best generation and have massive record collections to prove it but we think 90s kids might be better! If you were born after 2010 your childhood was completely different from someone born in the 80s or 90s. Kids today will never know the struggle of trying to find the perfect song for a mixtape or using a payphone to call for help! Between day time talk shows and car technology that was cutting edge, a lot has changed from then to now!

Digital Alarm Clocks

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Before kids fell asleep to their cell phones, we all had a bedside radio clock that was also a nightlight and alarm clock! You would have it set to your favorite radio show and wake up to someone talking instead of just alarm bell noises from our phones. As technology grew smaller these relics became less popular but we can still see the dust marks on our nightstand!


Making A Mix Was Serious

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If you needed to tell someone how they really felt about you nothing summed it up like a mixtape. The hours spent making sure you could record the songs and then decorating the cassette filled up our nights before social media! As technology advanced and CDs happened we thought it was breaking edge to have a computer do all the heavy lifting! Little did we know how much more technology would develop. 

Emo Style

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While we were growing up we had so many emotions and no memes to put them in! “Emo Style” was rooted in grunge and pop music and easily distinguished from black hair and checkered belts! They were normally the kids going through a rebellion and were the opposite of clean-cut pop icons at the time. 

Before Minecraft, We Played Oregon Trail

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When computers began to pop up in homes everywhere, all kids were playing 'The Oregon Trail'! A painfully slow game about mapping one family’s journey to a new settlement. Other popular at home computer games included, The Sims, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, and the classic Putt-Putt series. 

The Evolution Of Downloading Music

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No matter who you were in the 90s, you knew about Napster! What started as two teens sharing mp3 files turned into a major downloading war between record labels and the tech industry. Napster had a boom for two years and then was haunted by copyright infringement and lawyer proceedings. It encouraged the development of downloading music and is credited for paving the way for sources like Spotify & iTunes. 

Portable CD Player

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Before 1000’s of songs were at your fingertips, it was awesome to bring your one favorite CD with you in your portable walkman. With its bulky shape, you were forced to hold it while listening but you got to listen to the same tracks on endless repeat, wherever you were! 90s kids were ecstatic that they could drown out their parents in car rides, and it became really private to let someone else know what you were listening too.

Friday Night At Blockbuster

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A big family night out or even a romantic date was heading to your local Blockbuster and picking up a VHS rental. The blue and yellow logo was synonymous with entertainment at a time before Netflix made it possible to enjoy movies without leaving your home. The turnover was never massive in a Blockbuster so you basically rolled the dice to see what was available or rented your favorite movie 3 weeks in a row!

Be Kind Rewind

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In 2020 the last blockbuster is still standing in Bend, Oregon, but even more important are people remembering to “Be Kind, & Rewind”. As a courtesy to the next person before you returned a VHS rental, you had to rewind, and some Blockbusters would even have a fee for forgetting. The slogan sparked a Jack Black comedy that was released in 2008 and even by then people had forgotten what they used before DVDs.

A Punk Rock Competition

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Canadian band Sum 41 vs American Blink 182 was a heated rivalry and you needed to know who to cheer for! It was tough to be open about love for both especially since the debate is still ongoing. Blink 182 came out in 1992 and had a messy public band breakup in 2015. Sum 41 was a millennium love story between lead singer Deryck Whibley and alternative princess Avril Lavinge.

Sally Jesse Raphael Pioneer

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Before Oprah was the queen of day time television, Sally Jesse Raphael rules the castle. With her trademark red glasses and a variety of interviews from stars to the bizarre, Raphael was the first woman to have a syndicated television show. The talk show ran for 19 seasons and it’s the last episode aired May 24, 2002.

Television Psychic Miss Cleo

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Was she a psychic or a fraud? No one knew but her catchy advertisements encouraging you to “Call Me Now” are still being imitated in pop culture! Youree Dell Harris, who unfortunately passed away in 2016, was the tv character and had several aliases on the Psychic Readers Network from 1997-2003. Would you trust your future to her cards?

Saved By The Bell

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This iconic sitcom only ran for four seasons but the cast set the bar for what 80s kids wanted in high school. The show also kicked off the careers of many of the cast including, Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen. Mario Lopez will be cast in the 2020 reboot that is currently in the works and plays a faculty member at Bayside High and teaches his previous classmates kids in those hallowed halls. 

Tamagotchi Turmoil

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How many of these little guys were you taking care of? Released by Japanese toymaker ‘Bandai’ in 1997, this was the first virtual pet you could keep in your pocket, and parents and teachers agreed it was a distraction. The big surprise is that in 2019 a modern-day version of the toy was released to the tune of 59.99 each. The company also released an Android app in 2013. 

Dial-Up Internet 

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The thing most people will remember about connecting to the internet in the 90s is the distinct dial-up noises. A mixture of beeps and ranging in volumes you held your breath hoping you would be quickly connected to this new cool world wide web! It also meant you couldn’t use your phone at the same time, which considering now we do everything with our phones in our hands, that's crazy! 

If you were born after the 90s you missed out on some classic tv shows, fashion choices, and music releases! We don’t know if it's our favorite era but this list certainly makes us want to take a time machine back! What was your favorite part about growing up in the 90s? How many friendship bracelets or beanie bag babies did you collect? Share and get nostalgic with your friends and let us know your favorite punk rock band in the comments below!

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