The Tallest Building in Your State

The Tallest Building in Your State

Sep 11, 2020Thato

Recently American Architecture has been shooting for the skies by building taller buildings than ever before. Perhaps they've looked at some of the Eastern Hemisphere's buildings and decided it was time they made something similar. However, not every state in America feels this way. Some have decided to stick to their old buildings that are rich in history but much closer to the ground. 

California: Wilshire-Grand Center, Los Angeles

Image Credits: Pixabay/Unattributed

The 1,100 foot Wilshire Grand Center takes up the entire city block between Wilshire Blvd and 7th street. This building is the tallest in California and the 14th tallest in the United States. The original Wilshire Grand Center was deconstructed in 2013 to revitalize downtown Los Angeles. The building was re-opened in June 2017. 

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Florida: Panorama Tower, Miami

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Phillip Pessar

The 868-foot tall Panorama Tower stands above the beautiful Miami skyline. It is located in the Brickell district, downtown Miami, and includes residential, hotel, retail, and office space. In 2017, The Panorama Tower took over from the Four Season Hotel Miami as the tallest building in Florida.

Georgia: Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/connor.carey

The 1,023 feer Bank of America Plaza is the tallest building in Georgia, but it's also the tallest building in the southeastern United States. Located between Midtown Atlanta and Downtown Atlanta, the building is a modern marvel. The 55 story building has a cutting edge energy-efficient design.

Illinois: Willis Tower, Chicago

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Schwen

For 36 years, the Willis Tower was known as the Sears Tower. The 1,450 building was once the tallest globally after it overtook the World trade center in 1973. The Willis Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago, with over one million people visiting the landmark each year. 

Iowa: 801 Grand, Des Moines

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Daniel Schwen

The 801 Grand building was named after its street address. The 630-foot tower features 970,000 square feet of retail and office space. The 801 Grand is owned by the Principal Financial Group who occupies most of the building. The 45-story skyscraper is the centerpiece of Iowa's capital skyline.

Kentucky: 400 West Market, Louisville

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Joe Hendrickson

The 400 West Market building is a 549 high structure designed by architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson. The total cost of construction for the installation was over $100 million. The 400 Market building was constructed using reinforced concrete instead of steel. 

Maine: Agora Grand Events Center, Lewiston

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Kenneth C. Zirkel

The Agora Grand Events Center is the oldest building in this article. It was built in 1890 and stood at only 220 feet. The Agora Grand was created by reconstructing the former St Patrick's Church. In 2014, developer Andrew Knight purchased the building. Knight received an award from the Lewiston Historic Preservation Board for reviving the building. 

Michigan: Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Ken Lund

The Renaissance Center is the headquarters of General Motors; they also own the complex. Its located on the Detroit International Riverfront and was erected in 1977. Standing at 755 feet tall, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is the third tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the U.S. 

Mississippi: Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, Biloxi

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Felix Mizioznikov

The Beau Rivage is a beautiful waterfront Casino Resort located in Biloxi, Mississippi. The building belongs to MGM Grand Resorts International. Initially, the name of Beau Rivage was supposed to go to the Bellagio, but the developers changed their minds. The building has 1740 rooms and has 29 floors. The height of the Beau Rivage is 346 ft.

New York: One World Trade Center, New York City

Image Credits: PxFuel/Unattributed

The One World Trade Center is one of the most famous buildings in the world. Its located in the Lower Manhattan area and is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center. Including the spire, the building reaches up to 1,777 ft. One World Trade Center was designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill architecture firm. 

Ohio: Key Tower, Cleveland

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Cards84664

Cleveland's 947 ft Key Tower is the 34th tallest buildings in the United States and the tallest in Ohio. There are about 1.5 million square feet of office space in the building, and it reaches 57 stories. In 2017, the building was purchased by The Millenia Companies for $267.5 million.

Tennessee: AT&T Building, Nashville

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Kaldari

The AT&T Building has two distinct twin spires that reach 617 feet off the ground. The 33-story skyscraper was completed in 1994. The building is also called the Batman Building by locals. In total, the AT&T Building is capable of housing 2000 workers. 

Texas: JPMorgan Chase Tower, Houston

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Gabor Eszes

Anyone who's been to Texas will tell you that everything is bigger in Texas. And they don't come much bigger than the 1,002 foot, 75-story JPMorgan Chase Tower. It is the 22nd tallest building in the U.S. and the tallest five-sided building in the world. 

Washington: Columbia Center, Seattle

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Larry LaRose

The Columbia Center is a 933 ft office building developed by Martin Selig. It was completed in 1985 and is located in downtown Seattle, Washington. When it was opened, the Columbia Center was the tallest building on the West Coast. Apart from the various companies that occupy the building's office space, there are several retail outlets on the lower floors. 

West Virginia: West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/O Palsson

The West Virginia State Capitol was built during the 1930s. The government occupies the 292 ft building. On the outside, the structure comprises nine different types of Marble, a gold dome, and a spire.

The United States is home to some of the finest and tallest buildings in the world. Architectural masterpieces that house some of the biggest corporations in the world. However. They don't come close to the ones in the Eastern Hemisphere. Maybe in time, we'll see a building that rivals the Burj Khalifa, but it remains the king of the skyscrapers until then. 

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