Owner's Sweet Comeback At Neighbours For Running Over His Fence

Owner's Sweet Comeback At Neighbours For Running Over His Fence

Aug 27, 2020Peter File

Reddit is great for a lot of things - we are not sure about you, but r/ProRevenge is one of our favorites. There's nothing more satisfying than to look at people paying dearly for their rude behaviors - today; we have a case where a homeowner had his sweet, sweet revenge. 

The Story

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The story was uploaded to Reddit by Redditor MihaM12, the daughter of the protagonist of this story. After seeing other crazy neighbor stories in the subreddit, she decided to upload her own - specifically that of her father's. And trust us, this is a story to behold... 

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Crazy Neighborhood 

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The story took place in a crazy neighbor according to the Redditor - not just your regular neighborhood, but the kind of place where everybody knows everybody. But instead of a harmonious co-existence, all of the residents were related more or less, albeit rather distant at times - and the relationship between the neighbors was far from being harmonious... 

Constant Bickering 

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You would think that a neighborhood where everyone is related would live in harmony - but in this story, it's quite the opposite. The constant bickering is the way of life there, and the grudges and debates go back for decades, through generations... strange, isn't it? As a matter of fact, the arguments and disagreements go back for decades before the Redditor was born..

Getting Along

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According to the Redditor herself, it seems that they have been living there for quite some years. While all the other neighbors were pretty much "nutjobs" as the Redditor put it herself, their own family seems to be getting along just fine. While it has not always been peaceful, their father found just the way to get by amidst the madness in the neighborhood. 

The Protagonist 

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Before we go on with the story, let us elaborate on the background of the protagonist of this story, namely the Redditor's father, which would be rather important later in this story. The man of the house was a dedicated police officer, serving the neighborhood for decades - and he knows the law well. While he is a good-tempered who abided by the law his entire life, there are things that he couldn't stand

The Beginning of It All

Image Credits: Reddit/MihaM12

The story itself revolves around the property line of the Redditor's family, as she put it herself: "Our property line is kinda like a square, and it is surrounded by road from two sides. Keep in mind that on one part of the road, we let our neighbors use 1 square meter of the land so they could use the road safer and not damage our property." And here, the road is of utmost concern...

The Road 

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The road itself was made of gravel. Sure, a car can go through just fine, but everyone knows that having an asphalt road would make things easier. However, the issue here is that no one is willing to pay for it - they simply expected the Redditor's family to do so since they fixed 90% of the potholes there... However, fast forward 20 years, nothing happened... until one day.

The Incident 

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One day, one of the neighbors ordered a big truckload of woods. Nothing out of the ordinary - sometimes, one needs to have a renovation in their garden and order a truckload of woods. However, this time, the truck ran over the Redditor's fence, destroying everything in its path... 


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Needless to say, the Redditor's father was furious over what happened - but it's not just about the incident this time. As it turns out, this was already the third time when this happened. Some say third's time a charm, but in this case, the Redditor's father said enough is enough, and he's going to do something about it... 

Plotting a Comeback 

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If nice complaints don't do it, one has to think of alternatives to stop such behaviors. But what can he do if words don't do the trick anymore? Obvious he cannot just go into his neighbor's house and threatens them - and being a lawman himself, he is well aware of the consequences of his action. He has to think of a way that doesn't break the law. 

The Solution 

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He had an idea - an idea that can make a point without breaking the law. "He dug up the property line marker and placed plastic barrels filled with rocks on our property. In the next 6 hours, 3 of our neighbors came knocking on the door because they hit our plastic barrels filled with rocks." According to the Redditor, that's what her father did. And obviously, the neighbors weren't so happy with what happened.

Neighbor's Reaction 

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This time, the neighbors were furious - however, since the barrels were placed on his property, everything was done according to law. And if one's smart enough, maybe they'd have realized that the way to avoid such situation is to not hit the barrels - however, being the neighbors that they are, nobody cared, though their cars were getting wrecked again and again... and after a while, the barrels don't do the job anymore...

New Plan

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Over the course of a year, the barrels were hit over and over again - again and again till they became useless. Now, the father has to come up with a new strategy and step up the game - obvious no one paid attention to his silent protest and went on with their ways. Now's the time to step the game up to pro-revenge... 

Drawing the Line

Image Credits: Reddit/MihaM12

One day they gathered all the material they need - cement, some sand, wood, and metal poles. They drew the line, literally, and use some woods to make a mold. Then they cemented the whole part of the land according to the legal property lines and wait for his unsuspecting neighbors to pay dearly for their rude behaviors... 

Wrecking the Cars 

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Just as they expected, the neighbors drove recklessly as usual - and without a second thought, they cut right through the corner that overlaps the Redditor's family property. However, unbeknownst to them, a small boulder was built there now, and as the car came through the tight corner... the car shuddered as they hear a loud bang, only for them to discover that their car has been wrecked due to their negligence. "As we expected. Five neighbors in total wrecked their cars on the new fence, and nobody came knocking on the door." The Redditor said of the incident. A sweet comeback indeed.

Not that we condone revenge by any means, but it sure is satisfying to see justice being served - whichever way it was served. What do you think of this? Do you think they did the right thing? Would you do it differently yourself? Or have you encountered similar situations? If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends and family? 

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