Scorpio: September Horoscope 2020

Scorpio: September Horoscope 2020

Aug 26, 2020Yohana

To all the Scorpios who are curious to know about their love and career life for September...and perhaps, the rest of this year: Mars retrograde and a new moon are hinting at new changes and additions in your love life. However, your intense and mysterious nature is not for everyone—see which signs play the right chord with you this month! 

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If you were born between October 23rd and November 22nd, you are the mysterious and passionate Scorpio. You are the eighth in order and contrary to popular beliefs, not a fire, but water sign. This means you have the power to feel the deepest and most intense emotions—when you love, you do it fiercely.

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Scorpios look right through a person's intentions that others are unable to catch. Their loyalty is unmatched and they are often confused by their contrasting energies of destruction and transformation. Well, it makes sense if you learn that they are co-ruled by two opposing planets, Pluto and Mars.

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If you are a Scorpio reading, you are by far, the most mysterious and misunderstood zodiac sign of all. Many connect this zodiac sign with death and the underworld but often forget Scorpios are also about rebirth. You have an extraordinary ability to recover from the ashes and find your strength within the depths of the unknown.

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September is a big month for you. Your co-ruling planet Mars is going into retrograde from the 9th of September to the 13th of November. You may feel extremely driven, so try to take advantage of it in your personal and professional life. Professionally, you will find solutions rather quickly, which then will help you focus on your personal interests.

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Your drive and ambition do not have to stay in your workplace for you lovely Scorpios. If you have been hesitant about pursuing a special someone—ahem, we know how indecisive you guys can be as water signs—September is your lucky month. Without a doubt, your charm and drive will ultimately win over that lucky individual.

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September starts with a full moon, meaning there will be a light shining on your creative endeavors. Scorpios are all about expressing emotions. If you have had a creative project in mind take the leap of faith and see where it takes you! Maybe this will help you release the fiery sensations you have been hiding within. 

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If you are trying to figure out which zodiac sign to avoid particularly this month, we advise thinking twice before getting serious with a Sagittarius. The sparks are there for sure, but you are a naturally deep person, always looking for ways to connect on a cosmic level. This zodiac, on the other hand, might want to keep things light. 

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As a fixed water sign, you might find the mutable fire sign a little too flaky when it comes to solidifying your bond. However, if you two are looking for nothing but honeymoon avenue, you are in for a fun ride. Try building trust and a healthy means of communication before committing to something more.

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Dear Scorpios and Cancers, you might be arguably the best match of all zodiac signs. This month, however, might bring in the best luck to this pairing. Single Cancers are likely to get into a relationship this month. So if you are a Scorpio eyeing on that special Cancer, what are you waiting for?

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As water signs, both the Scorpio and Cancer are looking for an ocean-deep connection, where a mere shared glance allows them to understand each other's thoughts. The only thing we advise the Scorpio is to beware of the Cancer's emotional nature. You may want to provide the rational role when they are too caught up with their feelings.

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In times like these, a Scorpio and Aries might not want to settle in the same house. The adventurous Aries can feel too suffocated while the Scorpio would not mind spending time at home writing. Remember, this is a fire and water sign, to make things work this month make sure to find a common hobby to feed that special connection.

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Professionally, September is a 'Go Hard or Go Home' type of month for the Scorpio and Taurus. Both are known to be hard workers but might forget to keep things fiery in their love. As long as they are ready to invest the same effort into their love lives, these two signs have good prospects for this month.

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You may want to avoid this match for this month. Geminis will be busy with their domestic and psychological affairs and you two are known to not be the best match in general. But if you truly want to make this work, make sure to work on breaking even with your emotional scales. 

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As mentioned above, this pair is a green go, especially for this month. In addition to your similar water signs, both of these signs are ready to mingle. If you are a single Scorpio eyeing a Cancer, fear not, for Mars Retrograde and a new moon are on your side. 

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Similar to the case with Gemini, Scorpios don't get along well with Leos. In addition, Leos are predicted to have some conflicting interests this month, so we advise you to avoid being seen under this light from your Leo crush. 

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Virgos are known to be emotionally harmonious and will especially be so this month. This means that you are in luck with this pairing! Virgos have the earthy sense to soak in all your deep intellectual thoughts and affection. They are locked in to go deeper with that intense gaze of yours! 

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To make things work between a Scorpio and Libra, they need to be strong individuals with independent lives. Libras will be under the planetary strength to do exactly just that during September, so if you have a special Libra that might be also into you, why not give it a shot?

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Scorpios are known to be hard workers. Maybe you two were too busy working on your careers in the last few weeks. This month's Mars Retrograde however can help turn things around. With enough energy and time on your hands, you both now can dive deep into your ocean of emotions.

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As mentioned above, this particular pairing for this month might be too risky. The Sagittarius might find you too emotional while you in turn won't understand their recklessness. However, if you two are looking for nothing but honeymoon avenue, you are in for a fun ride this month. 

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Capricorns are predicted to have more vitality, enthusiasm, and charisma—something Scorpios are very well-endowed in. These emotions are exactly what a Scorpio and Capricorn relationship lack in general. So this month a Capricorn and Scorpio relationship is more than ripe. You are in for a ride you lovely Scorpios! 

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An Aquarius despises feeling constrained and tamed. This is one thing Scorpios should be aware of during a romantic relationship. If you can control the sometimes controlling nature, the Aquarius will definitely be an amazing match for you this month. You both are huge fans of intellectual conversations and special intimacy. 

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As much as a Scorpio and Pisces are meant-to-be, it might not be the case for this month. The planets are too crowded for the lovely Pisces—they won't be focused on emotional matters for the time being. We advise you to wait it out until they have things figured out 

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There is only so much other zodiac signs can do to reach your endless depth of emotions. Only you can reach its deepest hollows. One way you achieve it is through creative endeavors—so here listed some recommendations you might enjoy this month!

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If you are looking for a plot twists and a suspense-filled Netflix series, we recommend Good Girls. The Princess Bride is a classic for those hopeless Scorpios looking for a romantic escape. Now to quench your drive in your career life, Brad Stulberg has written The Passion Paradox that talks about—you guessed it right—passion! 

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All in all, you are in good hands for the remainder of this year! It is not to say you have had rough patches, but take a look back and notice how much you have grown! The new moon in the 11th house means you are about to embark on a new beginning. Perhaps a new tribe, relationship, or even a new work setting.

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In a few months, you will have a special alignment between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces that will help you find the wisdom and creative thinking to unlock certain problems in your life. It might be time for you to plan this moment ahead! What will you do with the fruits of labor you will soon be sowing? 

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Despite the struggles you have been going through these past few months, you have proven to be resilient, fixed, and resourceful. The intensity within all you Scorpios will never fade away—you are stronger than you think and wiser than you admit. Fear not, as this month has Mars and a full moon supporting your future endeavors.

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