September Horoscope 2020: Virgo

September Horoscope 2020: Virgo

Aug 26, 2020Yohana

To all the Virgos out there, feeling curious about the September predictions regarding your sun sign? Well, consider yourself lucky this month, and in fact, the rest of 2020. You have Mars Retrograde and a full moon on your seventh house coming up this September. Why does this matter? Read on to find out! 

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Consider yourself the goddess of the zodiac if you are born between August 23rd to September 22nd. You are known to be extremely detail-oriented, shy, and practical. You seek the good in humankind and your loyalty and kindness know no ends. Mercury, your ruling planet, enables you to communicate knowledge to the world in a powerful way.

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Being a mutable earth sign, you find yourself in a paradoxical situation. How can earth be mutable? Is it not in their nature to be grounded and steadfast? That is what makes you Virgos a unique zodiac. They have an unmatched ability to find practical solutions and execute them in the most effective way in the midst of constant change.

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The second day of this month starts with a full moon on the seventh house of your relationship. It is going to be an emotional time for you as it represents your relationships. You might want to expect something coming ahead—maybe a soul connection, an improvement on an already existing one. However, there is no need to rush.

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Mars, the ruler of your drive and forward momentum, is going retrograde from the 9th of September to the 13th of November. Make sure to not force any love connections during this season. When it comes to confirming any romantic relationships this month, you can take all the sweet time you need. The right time will come to you.

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Mercury—the planet that encompasses all things regarding communication—will come in your second house. If you want to develop your talents and gift, this is the time, our fellow goddesses! For those who've had a knack for writing, take this opportunity to fulfill your passions as a copywriter, an author, or blogger! 

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If you don't believe us when we say Virgos have a special talent for communicating their deepest emotions to the outer world, we have a list prepared for you. Have you ever read Game of Thrones? Well, you guessed that right. George R.R. Martin, along with his friend Stephen King are Virgos. 

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Other famous Virgos that you may have heard of are Zendaya, Cameron Diaz, and Salma Hayek. Do you agree Mercury has done a tremendous job influencing our talented Virgos actors and writers? All share the common character of being helpful and healing individuals. Do you have any Virgo friends that share such qualities?

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Most of the time earth signs match well with other fellow signs, and this month, Taurus is in luck to spark things up with the fellow Maiden. The tricky concerns between these two will not matter that much, as Mars will help the Taurus intensify the passion in a relationship.

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These two help each other in the areas they lack. The Taurus is there to bring in tenderness, while the Virgo helps bring in a clear mind. As fellow earth signs, they are all about practical matters, yet expose their soft undersides in moments of intimacy. 

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The cautious Virgo and the progressive Aquarius are in no way to build chemistry this September, especially when Aquarius is busy trying to conquer his or her obstacles. The chaos that the Aquarius might bring along is something the practical Virgo would want to deal with. 

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It is an opportunistic time for both of these zodiac signs to have a fun experience and try things out. Aries will be supported by Mercury, Mars, and Venus to give plenty of affection. However, caution to all Virgos—see if you are taking things too seriously too quickly, as the Aries is known to be unpredictable.

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As mentioned above, these two are gifted to let their affections mesh well with their rational and practice sides. By bringing in the rationality, Taurus can be of practical help to Virgo. On the other hand, the innocent and shy Virgo can bring the tenderness out of the Taurus.

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The only common thing they will have this month is that their ruling planet, Mercury, will guide them on developing their talents. However, they must consider the fact that Air and Earth signs tend to not mesh well. The Air sign is too inconsistent for Virgo's taste while Virgo's predictability can bore the Gemini. Make sure to practice shared activities to solidify your bond! 

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Cancers will be working on their emotional stability this September. As you know, they are famous for being emotional. So if you are a Virgo willing to help the fellow Cancers out, this pairing can turn out to be an intimate and deep bond. Make sure to remain genuine with your emotions! 

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A friendship between a Leo and Virgo can be constructive in achieving their goals, as both their rational tendencies help build each other up. However, this strength itself can turn to be a romance-killer for romantic partners. To make things work, make sure to keep the butterflies from flying away. 

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Virgos under the same Mars Retrograde and full moon only mean one thing—you guys share the same driven energy to work on solid relationship! Keep in mind your mutable signs can affect how fluid your emotions can get. But if both of you lovely Virgos are willing to work things through, there is nothing that is stopping you two! 

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Libras are predicted to be leaning more for social relationships rather than romantic ones. But do not lose hope yet, friendships can definitely transform into something more. In fact, it might be better to first build an intellectual bond in order to build trust and respect, which can be crucial to the health of this relationship.

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Scorpios are known to have the deepest emotions running under their gaze. Their intensity will go well with your emotional harmony in September. Do not let your earthy sense go to waste and soak in all of those exciting conversations with your fellow Scorpio!

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As always, this pair needs to have a solid base of an emotional connection and respect. Fortunately for you, Sagittarius is working on their emotional stability this month. There are many challenges in the way, but with this particular planetary alignment going on for both of the zodiac signs, why not give this relationship a shot?

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As Earth signs, both Virgo and Capricorn understand each other’s thought process perfectly. This helps build trust and respect, a necessary foundation for a long-lasting relationship. You are exactly what Capricorn is looking for—a loyal, considerate, and somewhat conservative Virgo.  

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The cautious Virgo and the progressive Aquarius must find chemistry, especially during September when Aquarius is busy trying to conquer his or her obstacles. However, both of you share rationality and strong communication, so using this to work things out might not seem like a bad idea.

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A fantastic duo for these two lovely zodiac signs. Pisces provide a sensitive cushion for Virgo while in return Virgo can sometimes provide a realistic solution to the dreamy Pisces. The special alignment between Venus and Mercury gives you a fine balance as if you two were meant to be.

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However, Pisces might be too occupied with professional matters this month. You might want to wait for Pisces to solve some personal matters before feeling ready for the ultimate connection. This relationship can take all the time it needs, but it will be worth the wait.

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To help you with your aspirations to improve your gifts and talents this month, here we recommend you to read The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. If you are at home with your PJ's feeling like a teenager again, get your popcorn ready to see Sandra Bullock on The Proposal. We think her character is a Virgo too. 

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As responsible hard workers always aspiring for the greatest results, 2020 has been all about hustling for you. Your ruling planet is hinting you an opportunity to think of different opportunities and ways of thought! In terms of finances, we recommend that you keep a side-account saved, Mars Retrograde might bring out an impulsive side since they will visit emotional water signs.

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There will be a special alignment between Jupiter and Neptune this October and will help you bridge your practical side of love and the hopeless-romantic side together. Your tendency to listen to your partner and offer unrelenting loyalty will help you get through rough patches. Remember, however, to practice self-love and self-care before anything else, our dear Virgos! 

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To the Maidens of the zodiac, September is a promising and eventful month for you. You have your ruling planet Mercury coming to your second house and a full moon to your seventh. Expect both gradual and unexpected changes. Have you noticed any particular changes? Which zodiac signs have you been getting along with these past few weeks? 

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