September Horoscope: Taurus

September Horoscope: Taurus

Aug 27, 2020Kara

While you enjoy cooking and gardening, it’s also good for you to explore some new hobbies. If you are wondering now what new hobby should you try, well, the month of September can lay it down for you. As you keep scrolling the pages, you’ll be thankful for this month for what it stored just for you!

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If you are a Taurus and are single until now, we have good news for you and your love life! The month of September could be time for you to fall in love! Your passion for building and maintaining a relationship will be your asset. 

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For the Tauruses who are married or in a relationship, you need to balance your personal and family life matters for this month as it will affect your romantic relationships. Communication among couples should be good enough to maintain your strong bond.

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Don’t be surprised if you see your youngest sibling dancing at the top of your kitchen table or your parents are happily singing while cooking your dinner because this September, your house will be flooded with cheerfulness and good vibes! Instead of getting mad, there’s a chance that you may also join in the little festivity in your house.

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You will have fewer arguments with your parents and other older family members because they will listen to your personal opinion. You won’t also have a headache because the younger family members will be obedient and responsible for this month.

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As a Taurus, you are known as a dedicated and responsible person. You have the tendency to overwork because of your dedication. But for this month, it’s time for you to give your body some refreshment because if you won’t your health may not be in good condition.

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This month is also the time for you to try meditations like yoga, in order to establish good physical and mental health. It won’t make you less of a “dedicated” person if you take time to relax. Don’t take your health for granted because this September requires you to pay extra attention to your well-being.

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Are you still complaining about the old and rugged sofa in your house? Well, this month is the month to buy a new one because you will have extra money for that. Money won’t be an issue for you when it comes to family requirements.

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Your financial status is quite stable this September and you will find it sufficient to provide for the needs of your family. You won’t also worry about water and electricity bills and other financial commitments because your income for this month can handle all of that.

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As the dedicated and responsible Taurus that you are, you will encounter conflicts with your junior and senior colleagues. You need to be extra guarded because they will raise oppositions against you that may cause you to be unproductive at work.

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Despite that, you will remain stable in handling the tasks given to you. So just remain committed to your work and don’t worry much about their oppositions. Your hard work and dedication will soon be recognized and rewarded so keep smiling and hold your head up high, Taurus!

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Student Taurus will be productive for this month. They won’t even mind the extra hours that they will spend on their homework. They will go the extra mile for their academics and that could even lead to them finishing their studies with flying colors.

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If you are a Taurus student-athlete, this month is in favor of you! You may get exhausted because of training and sports events but it will soon pay off. As a student-athlete, you will experience success both in your academics and sports affiliations.

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Before you make bookings for your next travel destination, make sure that you headed towards the West because it’s a favorable direction for you this month. However, traveling is not an essential thing for you this month. You still have more time to reconsider and plan carefully.

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This September, traveling could make you feel devastated. Traveling for business and career purposes will not be that beneficial for you. You will tend to travel alone but you won’t find it relaxing and gainful. Again, reconsider your travel plans so you won’t waste energy, time, and yes, money.

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Each sign has its own unique traits that make them stand out among others. Taurus, who is known as ever dedicated, patient, and stable may find other signs worth the company. However, Taurus will find other signs uncomfortable to be with. Who do you think will become Taurus best and worst buds this September? Keep scrolling and find the answers!

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These two signs are like your neighbors that can’t seem to bond together, like oil and water. Taurus is ever patient while Aries is usually hasty. However, these two can go along well if Taurus will be understanding of Aries’ energy and rush decisions.

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Either as friends or lovers, two Wandering Bulls can enjoy cooking and eating tasty food. These two can enjoy their “alone time” together but they do not like social gatherings.  The challenge in their relationship is both are stubborn and grounded to one’s values so they might argue once in a while.

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Patience is a big challenge for Taurus and Gemini’s relationship. Taurus may get annoyed with Gemini’s spontaneity and Gemini will find Taurus’ stable nature a boring one. So to keep their relationship strong, these two should lengthen their patience and should learn to be more adaptive.

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The Bull and the Crab can bond easily. They can form great relationships because both are willing to listen to each other. Cancer can stand and adjust towards Taurus’ stubbornness. Taurus, on the other hand, is patient enough to Cancer’s mood swings. Both are good in arguments but not to the point of ending their relationship once they get lost.

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These two signs can relate to one another when it comes to sharing their knowledge with one another. Both are willing to impart and absorb new learnings. However, emotions can be a struggle for them. Both are usually caught up with their own feelings so, in order to build a strong bond, both are required to be more understanding and patient.

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Taurus and Virgo can make great couples as both signs love practicality. Both can understand they have personal responsibilities that they need to work on. Taurus will admire Virgo’s energetic nature and Virgo will admire Taurus’ stable nature. The challenge in their relationship could be Taurus' possessiveness.

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Both Taurus and Libra are both sentimental to the point that they will put your pictures in a frame. They value both the moments and memories and that makes them compatible. However, Libra’s outgoing nature can make the kind of introverted nature of Taurus. Despite that, both can still enjoy watching a movie together.

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When Taurus and Scorpio bond together, trust is a challenge because the Scorpio usually doesn't trust easily and usually questions about someone’s motive. But Scorpio need not to worry because Taurus will open up in order to make a comfortable atmosphere for them. These two can build a strong relationship because both are fans of intellectual pursuits.

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There’s a less chance that Taurus and Sagittarius can build a relationship-- either as friends or lovers. They don’t just seem to get along well because they can’t appreciate each other’s unique traits. But there’s one thing that could make them bond together and that is food.

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Capricorn’s ability to earn and save money is a perfect match for Taurus’ practicality. With that, they can be business partners. Emotions can be both a strength and weakness as both signs are sensitive. They can also easily share their likes with one another because these two are passionate about their own fields.

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Once Aquarius acts neglectful, he or she will hurt the sensitive Taurus. Thus, making it hard to build and maintain a relationship. Taurus is stable and grounded won’t match the care-free nature of Aquarius. If Aquarius people are willing to experience something out of their comfort zone, then they should welcome a Taurus in their life and vice versa.

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Pisces and Taurus are two signs that share common interests. They can have joyful and meaningful conversations with topics ranging from movies up to music choices. Taurus' practical and stable nature is enough to offer enlightenment to the dreamy Pisces. Both in friendship and romance, these two can stick through thick and thin.

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This 2020, Taurus people will experience growth in the aspects of love and family. This year also brings a spark to the dull parts of your 2019. In terms of finance, you will experience some abundance but still be mindful of your spendings. 2020 is the time to reward the ever hardworking and passionate Taurus.

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You may seem to be bothered with extroverted people but you will still enjoy the company of people who share the same affection with food and movies as you do. It’s good to stay grounded but hey, you are terrific enough to go out of your comfort zone!

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