Creative Uses For Pool Noodles

Aug 02, 2020Hayden

Pool noodles don't really look like they'd be a particularly useful object. Sure, they float, they're colorful, and kids can wack each other with them, but they don't have much real utility value. Or do they? We have found a whole bunch of cool new uses for pool noodles. Just wait until you see all of the new ways we've found to use them! From organization to preventing damage, we're here to show it all to you. Let's get started! 

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Protect Your Wine

Everyone likes to give (and get!) wine, especially during the holidays. Putting wine bottles in the same bag together can cause them to clank, and possibly even break. That can make a huge stinky mess. Here's an easy solution: spiral cut a large piece of pool noodle and wrap it around the bottles. This won't insulate them, but it's a perfect bumper so they don't get damaged.

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Droopy Drawers

Kitchen drawer organizers are great, except when you open the drawer and everything files around. That sort of defeats the purpose of the organizer. Fortunately, we have a clever hack to keep those drawers in place. Just take a piece of pool noodle and stick it behind the organizer. The organizer will stop slipping because it's wedged against the front!

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Noodle Boats

This is a really fun idea for a windy day. Get some pool noodles and cut them in half, put a stick in them and challenge the kids to come up with the best boats. Then take them down to a creek or river and have a race. Whoever designs the best boat will win. It's educational and inexpensive too!

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Lawn Chair Protector

If you like to sit on your porch or deck in the summer, those lawn chairs can get HOT.  They have to make them from metal usually, otherwise, they'd melt in the hot sun. You can burn yourself on the armrests if you aren't careful though. So, cut a piece of a pool noodle and wrap it around the armrest. Problem solved! 

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Mower Mute

If you mow your lawn with a push mower, it can be very damaging on your hands. The vibrations can be sent directly through the engine to the pull bar, and that can be particularly bothersome. Putting a pool noodle on your mower handle is helpful to dampen the vibrations.

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Stop Slamming The Door

Speaking of kids, do you have one who likes to slam doors? Or maybe a little one who could get their hands hurt by getting it slammed in a door? Well, here's a novel solution. Cut a section of pool noodle and attach it to the door. This will keep the door from fully closing, but it will also keep the doors from slamming shut. In some cases, that's a win-win!

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Fishing Pole 

That happened to all the parents who went fishing with their kids. Ones they take they fishing rod in their hands, they toss their pole into the water. Yeah, we all have been through such situations. Well, here's the solution. Using a pool noodle piece will keep the pole from sinking. Interesting, huh? 

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Prevent Carpal Tunnel

It's hard to type all day with no wrist support. Trust us! We know! Pool noodles are great for this sort of thing because they can be cut to size easily, so you can pick any angle that you'd like. This will save you wear and tear on your arms and wrists, and save a lot of time and trouble.

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Organize Your Cables

Having a lot of random electrical cables around can be unsightly. In some cases, especially on floors, they can be dangerous too. Here's a good trick. Take a section of pool noodle, cut a slice through it, and use it to wrap around the cords. They'll all be together, and the noodle is a good insulator too. You can also move the whole thing out of the way and secure it with duct tape.

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Stop Your Liftgate

Do you have an SUV or Wagon? Most garage ceilings are too low to support opening the back door on an SUV. If you try and open it, chances are that you'll get a nasty door ding. Putting a pool noodle on the garage door makes an excellent way to cushion the liftgate and prevent scratches.

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Seat Belt Pillow

Seat belts can be scratchy and irritating, and they hit in all of the wrong places. Put a pool noodle over the middle of the shoulder strap, and it should help with all of the problems. As a nice bonus, you can also use it as a little pillow if you'd like to nap in your car. This is an especially good trick for kids because some seat belts don't fit them correctly. 

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Protect Your Boots

When you first get a new pair of boots, they always look awesome. It can be difficult to store them because any boot that is taller than a work boot is going to tend to flop over. A nice trick to keeping these boots looking great is to cut a pool noodle to just over the height of the boot. Just stick them into the boot, and you have a perfect way to keep them in shape.

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Math Game

One nice feature of pool noodles is that they are easy to cut. So, you can turn them into a fun fraction game like this. It's not one of the easier hacks, because it will require a bit of measuring and precise cutting. It is a good way to show young children how fractions work though, so it might be worth it!

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Trampoline Spring Guards

Having a trampoline in your backyard is fun, but it can also be a huge liability. Kids can fly off, even with a net. More importantly for this article though, they can also bump their heads on the springs that hold the trampoline together. A good way to fix this is to make little pool noodle sleeves for each spring. And they look really fun too!

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Pool noodles can be used for a TON of crafts projects. They can also be used for a lot of kid-friendly projects. Here's a cool one that combines both. It's a pretty difficult project to complete, but it's a real floating sailboat. There's even a bit in the back to help steer. While we wouldn't suggest using this on a river, it's a perfect float for a pool.

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Hang Your Fishing Poles

Fishing poles are a good example to use here because they are light and thin. You can also store objects that are a bit heavier, like brooms and dustpans. Just cut a little hole in a pool noodle and secure it to the wall. The objects should fit snugly in there, will still touch the ground, and will stand up. Pretty cool!

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Floating Candles

You wouldn't think that a pool noodle could be used for anything romantic. You would be wrong. This is a really simple idea, and it looks beautiful at night. Cut small sections of pool noodles and stick a small votive candle in the middle. They'll float on water, and best of all, they can't burn since the noodles aren't flammable. They might melt though.

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Use A Noodle In The Pool?

Pool noodles can also be used in the pool, of course! Besides just being used as a toy, they have many other uses. You can make a nice floating tray for your cold summer beverages. Take a small plate, wrap a pool noodle around it, and secure with waterproof tape. Perfect! Now you can lounge on your raft and have a drink float by!

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Bed Bumpers

It can be nasty to hit your head on the side of the bed in the middle of the night. Especially for little kids who already have bedrails. Pool noodles always make great bumpers, and this is no exception. Just make sure that you use enough duct tape so that your little one can't pull them off of the side of the bed. 

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Delicate Clothes? No problem!

If you are particular about your delicate clothes, you probably hate getting creases in them from hanging them up. Well, here's a solution. Put a piece of pool noodle on the bottom, and put your clothes over it. It looks a little awkward, but it keeps your clothes 100% crease-free. 

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Car Topper

If you need to strap something to the top of your car, chances are that it's going to scratch the paint. A pool noodle can help prevent that. Put the noodle on first, and then put your heavy object on top of it. Be very careful with this one to secure the objects down tightly. The pool noodles will prevent scratches, but they will also be another layer, so just make sure to use enough duct tape.

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Insulate Your Lines!

If you have an RV, you have two major lines running out of it: the sanitation line and the waterline. It can be tremendously difficult to keep these lines clear and unfrozen. A pool noodle can help though. Put the two lines through the noodle. It will act as insulation, and hopefully, make a frozen sanitation line a thing of the past for you.

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Mark Your Territory

It can get very annoying when it's time for yard clean up to know exactly where your yard is. Pool noodles are great for marking borders because they are light and bright. This is another one that involves sticking some PVC pipe in the middle and putting them into the ground. As a nice bonus, if you bump one with a riding lawnmower, you won't ding the mower!

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Ladder Padder

Spending a lot of time on your ladder can be hard on your knees. Wrapping the tallest rungs in a pool noodle can help a lot. Your knees will hit the noodle, which makes it considerably easier. It will also push you slightly further out, which helps with posture and arm placement. Just make sure not to step on the foam, as that can be dangerous.

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Another Ladder Trick

Another good ladder trick. If you have to lean your ladder against the house, a pool noodle makes an effective pad from scratching. This is perfect if you exposed gutters because most gutters damage very easily from having a ladder propped against them.  Any time there is a ladder involved, just make sure to use enough adhesive or tape to make them extra-secure.

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If you've read many DIY articles, you know how badly wreath-making can go. They can flop, or be too stiff and lose their shape. Pool noodles are an excellent base for them though. They're stiff enough to hold their shape and soft enough that you can still stick ornaments into them.

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Rolling Work Light

When you're working in a dark place, it can be annoying and dangerous to have your light source move around a lot. A pool noodle is a great way to prevent this. Just wrap the handle in a bit of noodle foam and place the flatter end down. (The opposite of this picture). It will keep your light in one place, and keep you from potential injury.

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An Actual Hack

We've shown you a lot of different uses, but how do you actually "hack" a pool noodle? The best way to cut them into sections is to use a serrated kitchen knife. A good knife made for bread or steak will do. The bigger and sharper the knife, the better. And always use a cutting surface!

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Cut The Other Way

If you need to slit a pool noodle, DON'T use a serrated knife. Instead, use a razor blade boxcutter to slice it down the middle. This will ensure a nice clean cut with the grain. You don't want a lot of extra foam flying around, so the razorblade is about as clean as you get.

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With all of these cool new projects, make sure that you have a good way to store the noodles. You don't want them to get dirty or smashed. A big five-gallon bucket should be a nice way to store them without having them roll all over the place in your garage or basement.

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Make A Jig

If you want nice clean cuts on your pool noodles, a jig is a must. Use a handsaw to cut a slice into several piece of wood, and now you'll have a clean way to cut them. It's also helpful because there's no chance of the noodle moving, which prevents potential injuries. Perfect!

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Phone Holder

This one is kind of novel. It's not a good thing to leave your phone on a counter or desk, especially when there is water around. With a few simple cuts, you can make an easy phone holder that will keep the phone off of the counter, and potentially save you a lot of money. It also makes a nice tripod!

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Draft Dodger

Utility bills get much higher in the winter. It can be a huge challenge to keep an area draft-free and keep the heat from costing you an arm and a leg. If you take a pool noodle, put some weight in the middle, and then prop it up under a door, it should help get rid of drafts. It's not the prettiest solution but it sure is effective!

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Cycling Fix

Why does this cyclist have a neon yellow pool noodle on his back? There are two excellent reasons, and both are very clever. First, it's neon yellow, so it obviously increases visibility. Second, it creates a physical barrier that shows the required three feet of space on the left side. This is a really smart way to use a pool noodle, and you don't even have to cut it!

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Quiet Blocks

Legos and wood blocks are great toys, but not appropriate for every situation. They can fall down and make a terrible racket. Even worse is the sharp edges, especially on Legos. Cutting up a pool noodle and turning it into blocks can be a fun way to still have a building toy without the racket or foot pain.

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Filling Your Mop Bucket

You need to mop your floor, but it's not easy getting one of those giant mop buckets into the sink. And the regular hoses can be messy if you can't screw them into the spigot. A better way is to use a pool noodle as a hose. It will fit securely over the faucet and allow you to fill your bucket with ease.

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Backyard Water Sprinkler Toy

This one is a bit trickier, but still pretty easy. You can get instructions on how to do it on the web, but it involves some PVC, a couple of facet parts, and some pool noodles. It looks fun, and kids love it too! Even the dog will have a good time if he likes water!

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Cake Pops

Obviously, we are not suggesting that you make cake pops out of pool noodles. That would be disgusting, and a choking hazard. The cake pops have to sit somewhere while you're waiting to wrap them though. Here's a great idea to help you keep the cake pops clean and safe while you wrap them up!

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Life-Sized Lincoln Logs

Get some brown noodles, cut some notches in them, and voila! You have a life-sized set of Lincoln Logs. The kids can use them to build forts and houses. However, they will most likely still just hit each other with them. That's OK though because pool noodles are soft and very unlikely to leave a mark.

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Hitting Each Other In The Noodle With A Noodle

We've mentioned a few times now that kids like to hit each other with pool noodles. Well, at least they won't get hurt with them. Since they are brightly colored, they make excellent toy blades for a lightsaber. They even come in the right colors. Just attach a noodle to a handle, and you'll have a more elegant wacking device from a more civilized age.

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Protect Your Car Doors!

If you have a small garage, you've likely experienced opening a door and hitting the wall. This can damage your doors and it can damage the walls too. Using a pool noodle can fix the problem. Cut the noodle in half and adhere it to the wall. Now you'll hit the noodle instead of hitting the walls. You can do something similar in a parking lot by carrying a small section of pool noodle in your glove compartment.

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Paintbrush Holders

Keeping your little brushes clean while trying to paint with watercolors can be tough. And the dirtier the water gets, the tougher it is to keep them nice. A piece of pool noodle on the side of the water container will fix that! It's also a great way to dry the brushes afterward too. Just dump the water into the sink and keep the brushes on.

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Protecting Beg Legs

Well, that's a hack we all are thankful for, huh? All you need to do is to wrap the pool noodles around the bed legs. That will surely protect them from being damaged.

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Halloween Decorations

You can make a lot of decorations for your house with pool noodles, but this is one of the fun ones. Take some noodles and some old socks and shoes. Wrap the noodles in the socks and put the shoes on. It will look like a witch crashed into the side of your house. You can discourage other witches too.

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We hope that you have found some new uses for pool noodles. They are an incredibly flexible and useful invention! Maybe we've even saved you some money in the process. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with your friends on social media! Thanks for reading!

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