Celebrity Homes Give a New Definition to the Word “Homesick”

Jul 31, 2020Eric

There are a lot of things that come with fame and fortune, not all of it good or bad. One thing that is in the “good” column is the ability to buy or, better yet, build a dream home. Imagine having the freedom and resources to design a perfect space just for you. Whether it is a ranch-style home, a palatial mansion, or a three-story townhouse, these celebrities indulged in the ultimate luxury, proving to all of us that there is no place like home.

Wiz Khalifa 

Image Credits: Twitter/ArchDigest

The rapper and actor decided to buy a new $3.4 million mansion after his previous home was broken into in 2019. The recently-built house in Encino, California, comes with a covered outdoor patio, 20ft high ceilings, and five bedrooms. This being Wiz Khalifa’s house, it is also outfitted with a wine bar and an outdoor swimming pool. The rapper's old house is for rent and features amazing views of the LA canyons and a heated infinity pool. The rent? $16,000/month. 


Robert Downey Jr. 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The Iron Man and Avengers star has homes in Malibu and the Hamptons, with the latter home being the more idiosyncratic of the two. RDJ and his wife renovated a late 19th-century windmill folly to double as their summer getaway. With the interior’s designed by the actor, his wife, and the actor’s brother, the house features little tchotchkes and touches synonymous with the actor’s personality, like a 3D-printed bust of his head that acts as a candle holder.

Aaron Paul 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The “Breaking Bad” star and his wife went to great lengths to build their idyllic countryside retreat in rural Idaho, his home state. The entire property took four years to build. The main house consists of three prefabricated barns made by Amish builders, while the stonework is from Montana. The main room consists of a giant stone fireplace, while the rest of the decor keeps in line with the couple’s rustic style.

Lenny Kravitz 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

Lenny Kravitz doesn’t just own a house. The singer/songwriter went all the way to Brazil to buy an 18th-century former coffee plantation to build his dream home, which is more like a compound that features a guesthouse, outdoor grill area, gym, and pool. The rockstar doesn’t just laze away the days in his tropical getaway, though. The compound doubles as a working fazenda (farm), where the singer enjoys working the land as much as he works on his music.

Ricky Martin 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The singer and actor decided to quit living La Vida Loca and put down roots in Beverly Hills with his artist husband and their four children. Martin purchased the $13.5 million LA mansion in 2018 and decorated it with his own art collection, as well as pieces by his conceptual artist husband, Jwan Yosef. The house features a soundproof and lightproof screening room, as well as an outdoor fire pit.

Nicole Scherzinger

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The singer, former Pussycat Doll and X-Factor judge recently bought a four-level mansion overlooking Los Angeles. The cozy, sun-drenched home features furniture designed by the singer herself, while it also features dozens of custom art pieces that she commissioned. The home overlooks Los Angeles and has breathtaking views in almost every room.

Jessica Alba 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The actress, model, and entrepreneur recently moved into a $10 million LA mansion with her family. The house features an all-wood kitchen island, 18th and 19th-century furniture, and an interior designed by celebrity designers, the Clements, a mother-son team. The CEO of Honest Inc. also decided to outfit her new home with a backyard with a pool, a custom-made swing set for the kids, and a gorgeous view of the hills around Los Angeles.

Dakota Johnson 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The "50 Shades of Gray" actress bought her home in 2015 from show creator Ryan Murphy. The house is located in an isolated, cozy area of Los Angeles that features towering bamboo plants to keep out intruding views. The house is also replete with custom-furniture, as well as photos of the actress’s famous family. It includes an outdoor area with a reflecting pool and antique wooden furniture.

Kendall Jenner 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The superstar model moved into her current LA home in 2019 and took over a year to renovate it. The house is situated in the Hollywood Hills. She redesigned the place with the surrounding area in mind. Celebrity design team Kathleen and Tommy Clements helped the star transform the house to reflect her style and taste. The screening room was turned into an art studio, while the foyer centers around a piece by conceptual artist James Turrell.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel moved into her Spanish revival home in the late 2010s. The front entrance is festooned with citrus plants as well as trees and plants from her native Brazil. The house dates back to the 1920s and still features terra-cotta roof tiles as well as Spanish tiles everywhere. The furniture is also varied, and the interior features pieces from Brazilian designers, as well as other mid-century pieces.

Kris Jenner 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The matriarch of the Kardashian klan designed her house as a getaway from her reality-TV centered life. The interiors are wide open, giving the house a sense of calm and serenity. The house has connected rooms, including the kitchen, and living room that acts as a hearth for the home. Celebrity interior designers Waldo Fernandez and the Clements’ also had a hand in designing the house’s slate and stone accents.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Image Credits: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The celebrity power couple designed a mansion in LA around their ever-expanding brood. The couple lived in separate houses when they met, but decided to build a family-oriented home to welcome their first child. The minimalist house was a collaborative effort between renowned designers Axel Vervoordt, Claudio Silvestrin, and Yeezy himself. The interiors are bare, pure white, and replete with soft, rounded edges.


Image Credits: YouTube/Top Trending

Drake, aka Champagne Papi, wanted nothing but the best for his $100 million Toronto mega-mansion. The house is still under construction and features everything from a ten-car garage to a regulation-size NBA basketball court. The home has five bedrooms, an indoor pool, a screening room, a gym, as well as a singing toilet. There are plenty of rooms to entertain, as the Toronto native outfitted his palace with three bars, one built especially to house chilled wine.

Michael Jordan 

Image Credits: YouTube/The AgencyRE

There’s no mistaking who lives in this house. With a huge “23” emblazoned across the front gate, anyone who has been alive since the early 80s knows that number represents only one man, Michael Jordan. His Airness no longer resides in the seven-acre estate, but the new owners are sure to enjoy the indoor sports complex as well as all the other amenities spread out across the house’s 56,000 square feet, but only if they can pay the $15 million price tag.

Kobe Bryant 

Image Credits: YouTube/Sports Live24

The late NBA superstar lived in a seaside mansion in Newport Beach, California, with his family for two years. They moved out in 2015 after selling the house at a tidy $2 million profit. The home includes a four-car garage, an 850-ft gym, as well as the over 8,500 square foot house. It features a working hair salon, as well as an office with an indoor shark tank.

What would your dream house look like? Where would you live if you had as much money as these celebrities? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity. It seems that designing a dream house or being able to buy a mansion in the Hollywood Hills is one of them. But a home is only as good as the people inside it, so if you don't have a million-dollar mansion, take solace in the fact that you live with the people you love. 

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