Rules Kate Middleton Has To Follow

Jul 28, 2020Rita Kumar

There is always this other side of being a royal, and believe us, it is not that easy to be one! Maybe the life of the Duchess of Cambridge looks dazzling on the outside. But the other side of her royal life isn't always glamorous. There are quite some, perhaps, many strict protocols that Kate Middleton is expected to follow. Right from saying no to social media to those picture-perfect looks, the Duchess has many rules to follow!

Never Without a Coat in Public

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Do you know what it takes to be one of the most beloved royals? Perhaps it's nothing but rules, rules, and undoubtedly, rules! First up—you might never get a glimpse of Kate Middleton without her coat in public. Sometimes the Duchess prefers to stay wrapped in a warm coat even indoors. According to the royal protocol, none of the women can afford the flexibility of removing their coat, especially during public appearances and formal events. If she ever needs to—Gasp!—she cannot!


No Colorful Nail Polish

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Perhaps the Queen hates colorful nail polish, and this little rule goes a long way right onto Kate Middleton's nails. While the Duchess is allowed to do anything with her nails using nothing except nude nail polish, colored ones are simply a big no-no! While Kate's glam squad might cost a bit too much only on the nude palette of nail wear, the etiquette reasons are best adhered to when it comes to a royal lifestyle.

Strictly No PDA

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If you but knew that Kate Middleton and William never embrace each other in public! Perhaps, this protocol is mandatory, especially when the Duchess is out during formal events, public appearances, and casual trips. Acts of showing affection through holding hands or even linking arms are strictly prohibited, and as royals, it's is also deemed inappropriate. Though Kate and William do hold their hands at times, the rare incidence is always far from the Queen's eyes!

She Can't Sign an Autograph

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Being a royal isn't anything short of a high-profile celebrity. Perhaps, it's something beyond star-studded status. But that doesn't mean that the royal family members are allowed to sign on any card or paper. Summing up—strictly no autographs! Despite becoming a celebrity after joining the Royal Family, Kate Middleton is not allowed to sign an autograph for fans. The Queen believes that it could falsify documents on behalf of a royal member. Owing to this, only handshakes and photos are allowed.

Mealtime Ethics is Not Meant to Be Broken 

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Being a royal is a way lot different from the ordinary, fun-filled lifestyle we enjoy. The protocols have swollen to such an extent that no royal member, including the Duchess, has the authority over mealtime. Simply put, when the monarch is done with her meal, it makes way for a clear indication that everyone else's meal is over too. It's strictly forbidden to continue eating once the Queen's utensils are down.

Kate is Not Allowed to Enjoy Her Profits

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This might seem like a misfit in the modern world's realms, but the Royal Family has its protocols to adhere to. In the line of rules crowned on Kate, she is not allowed to profit a penny from any work she does. The Duchess is a passionate photographer, and under normal circumstances, she would've been able to license her photographs for profit. However, as a royal, she doesn't profit a penny as her work is released to the public through the Palace.

Mussels and Oysters are a Big No-No

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Kate Middleton can never think of relishing on shellfish! It's a strict and straightforward no-no, amongst the other protocols lined up for her. Perhaps, this rule applies to all the royal members. However, this rule exists owing to the health issues mussels and oysters might present if they are stored improperly. Coming to the health part of the context, this is something the Royals simply can't risk. Hopefully, Kate enjoyed munching some delicious mussels and oysters before she joined the Royal Family!

Strictly No Social Media

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In a world perpetuated by technology and media, none of the Royals are expected to use social media. This rule undoubtedly applies to Kate as well! Moreover, the protocol has been manifested to prevent secret and official royal data from becoming public. However, the official crown accounts are managed by a team of communication professionals who carefully choose the photos and text to post. 

She Can't Vote

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Contrary to the worldly view on voting, no member of the Royal family, including Kate, is allowed to vote. Simply put, they're not allowed to submit even a simple application to the parliament! All monarchs are expected to remain neutral in political matters, and this practice also ensures the royals never influence the results of public elections. Though no law prevents someone from voting, the royal members prefer to abide by the Queen's orders than disobey them!

Only Modest Dressing is Allowed

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Before joining the Royal Family, Kate might have shelved her wardrobe with daring and glamorous clothes. But today, the chapters of fashion in her royal lifestyle are entirely different. The Duchess is expected to wear elegant and modest dresses, but she also has to choose the best clothes that are void of patterns and skin-show styles. And yes, she has to always wear a hat, at almost every occasion! Not always, though! 

Black Dresses are Rare

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While black is one of the most favorite options for many of us regarding clothing, the Royal family follows a different protocol based on this color. Black garments are worn only during mourning and nighttime events. Kate Middleton is no exception here again! The Duchess is mostly seen in colorful clothes, and black isn't a standard color in her wardrobe. However, she and the other royal members are always expected to pack a black suit during trips just if they arrive back in anticipation of a funeral.

Traveling Together During Trips is Next to Impossible

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Family vacation on the royal front is quite different. And that calls for a lot of planning and protocols! Members of the Royal Family are prohibited from traveling on the same plane, boat, or train. This rule was enlisted to prevent potential heirs of the British throne from any unforeseen accident during the journey. Therefore, it is hardly a possibility that Kate can travel with her husband and father-in-law, Prince Charles, at the same time.

Frequent Visits to Beauty Salon are a Must

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The Duchess is always expected to look flawless and gorgeous. According to royal ethics, unexpected invitations to important events occur from time to time. To be prepared, Kate is always expected to look impeccable with her nails trim to the skin and with a beautiful hairstyle. For this, the Duchess has to visit a beauty salon several times a week.

Her Religion is Specific 

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Like the other royal members, Kate cannot belong to any religion except the Protestant Anglican. Summing up, the monarch of Great Britain is also the chief head of the Protestant Anglican Church. Moreover, it would be pretty awkward if a member of the Royal family practiced a different religion. To abide by this rule, the Duchess went through an official religious confirmation ceremony at the Anglican Church, a part of her marriage preparations to Prince William.

Well, it looks like there is a lot to becoming a royal! Though Kate Middleton makes sure to follow each rule without drawing even a thin line of difference between the protocol and her choices, she proves that royal life is not that easy. If you wake up to a book of rules like these, to what extent will you abide by them? Let us know what you think!

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