What Is Dating Each Zodiac Sign Like

What Is Dating Each Zodiac Sign Like

Jun 23, 2020Kara

Have you ever dated someone who was over the top with grand gestures, maybe hiring a local band to serenade you in the middle of a mall? or have you ever had a relationship with a passionate songwriter who bares his soul unto you? I think you might be dating a Scorpio, Aquarius, or even a Taurus. Better yet, If you are on the lookout for tips on how to date 12 different horoscopes then we got you covered! 

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Responsible, self-sufficient, and independent are some of the traits of Capricorns. In addition, they come from the element of Earth which makes them deep, sturdy, and sensitive. While dating a Capricorn, one must break barriers because of their impatience and lack of attention. 

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Although, in successfully doing so it will prosper into a meaningful and long relationship. One thing they pride themselves in is that they love to commit to their partner. Most importantly, be honest with what you want and he will be too and it's just a matter of time to have your goals aligned. 

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Wanna know what it takes to date an Aquarius? Well first, these people are innovative and progressive, meaning that they are quite brainy. They like to solve problems and can also be deep-thinkers. Concerning their love life, they are attracted to interesting energetic conversations.

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Among other things, they are drawn to partners who are edgy and quirky. If your dating one, it is best to get out of your comfort zone to try new things, maybe watch a movie that is not your style or dine in a restaurant that you both haven’t tried. The definite no-no is trying to please them by pretending to be someone you're not. So just be yourself and find yourself an Aquarius.

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Pisces come from the element of water which makes them artistic, intuitive, and empathetic. What makes them stand out is their idea of romantic love. They are the best in romance—you name it—candlelit dinner, long walks on the beach, star-gazing, and the likes. 

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They also need to have a deep and sensitive connection to their partner. Take them to an art gallery or a poetry reading, they might surprise you with their artistic side. In most cases, Pisces are very shy and react well with a stronger personality. So if you are into them, try to appear bold and courageous, that might get you a date with a Pisces.

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Taurus comes from the earth element. They are patient, reliable, and also very romantic people. Taking things too fast may be a turn-off for them because they value the time to get to know their partner. It may also take a while for them to open themselves since they are strong in nature. What can you expect from a bull?

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Once they are interested they are not shy in showing their love. It may be a long bear hug, a kiss on the cheek, or even just holding your hand while walking to your car. These gestures are important but of course, having good conversations and exchanges is a way to go too.

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If you like a talker, Gemini is your guy. Topics can range from political views, greatest movies, best banana split sundae’s—you name it! They are fun and quick-witted in the sense that they enjoy new places and experiencing new things. They like the suspense in things like camping in the Grand Canyon or hiking up a dangerous trail.

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Dating one can take up a whole lot of mental stimulation, and not only small talks but also deep and personal conversations. The one thing that they hate is having a routine, so never-ever do the same things every day, or he will get bored out of his mind.  

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They are probably the most loyal people out there because trust is vital in a relationship with a Cancer. Besides, they are very private when it comes to showing affection. In your personal space, they can be lovey-dovey but in public they are the total opposite.

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Worry not! It is just who they are and it doesn’t mean that they love you less. So take your date to a private dinner for two or a cabin in the woods, your Cancer will feel just at home with you by their side. Roasting marshmallows by the campfire is the way to go!

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Leo’s are just like the sun. Optimistic, warm, and passionate, they are attracted to grand gestures of love and affection. Raising a stereo outside their window playing a romantic song or baking them their favorite sugar-filled pastry is something that can come in handy. 

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Once in a relationship pay attention to them, and they will show you how much you mean to them. Send sweet compliments through text or call late at night just to say how much you love them. Oh boy! This will surely win your Leo's heart. Being with them feels like a cup of warm hot cocoa but with a spicy minty taste!

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Dating someone meticulous and very detail-oriented? He or she must be a Virgo. They know what they want, and it is not easy to change their perspectives. When it comes to love, they take care of their partner whole-heartedly, making sure you're drinking enough water or planning your full weekend get-away. 

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If you want to impress a Virgo, don’t get all cheesy with handwritten cards or petals of roses on the floor. Try to do something that aligns with their interests. If they are into deep-sea diving, then why not plan a vacation to a tropical country? We bet they will be so excited! Or if you want something a little more low key, surprise them with tickets to their favorite concert.

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Libras are charming and light-hearted. At the first meeting, they love to engage in small talks and even a little debate, but not on things too heavy. They might be the most polite people you would ever meet because they want you to feel comfortable as well, so mind your manners!

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Making a Libra fall in love with you is all about balance. There should be an equal amount of time and effort for a relationship to work. They value trust and honesty so if you’re okay with putting in as much effort as your partner, date a Libra. It's all about the back and forth understanding that makes your love life blissful.

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One thing that Aries is known for is their impulsiveness and competitiveness. Thus, they like the chase to pursue their soul mate with their fiery disposition. Mind you, they don’t mean to pounce on you and eat you for dinner, but rather, in the sense that they want to make an effort to win you over.

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They don’t like drama and complicated feelings as much as they despise things that become stagnant, never up or down. Don’t be afraid to get into arguments or laugh until you pass out. Try testing each other's comfort zone because you never know what you'd be able to discover from yourself and your partner. The roller coaster ride makes dating an Aries worth it!

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Mysterious Scorpios can be intense and deep but they can also be loyal and passionate. They can sometimes be the brooding (I will kill for you) type, which may cause them to be sad and nervous. However, when they fall in love, they love with all they got. Dating them at the beginning consists of sitting and waiting, when they are invested in deep feelings and emotional connections.

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An ideal date would be a quiet place (maybe the beach) where you can share your deepest darkest secrets. Scorpios can get obsessive and jealous but it's only because of how deep they root their love for you. If you are interested in passionate and true love, fall in love with a Scorpio. 

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Sagittarius, the archer, values passion, excitement, and positivity. They enjoy fun-filled experiences and of course, good company. In a crowd, they are the ones making everybody laugh, telling a joke, or sharing a funny experience. He can also be the backpacking around the world type too, as they like to live in the moment. 

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In dating one, they can become loyal and big-hearted lovers but also careless and impatient. Having adventures here and there can definitely keep your Sagittarius interested, so why not go on a gap-year exploring different cultures and countries but most importantly, falling in love. 

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If you are soft-spoken and shy, date a Libra. If you like sky-diving and exploring unknown caves, your best bet is a Virgo. If you want to stargaze and talk about the secrets of life, grab a coffee with a Scorpio or Gemini. These are just some small hacks on how to win a date with your crush or keep the fire burning in your current relationship. So what sign do you think is the most compatible with you? If you're already with someone, maybe tell us your secrets on how to have a happy and blissful relationship?

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