Sports Photos Captured At A Perfect Moment

May 25, 2020Hayden

Are you ready to have your mind blown? We've gathered a collection of the funniest sports images from all over the world. And guess what? You might not believe this, but no photoshop was used whatsoever - all of these are 100% real. Get ready to laugh till your stomach aches!

Image credit: Pinterest

Dad Takes One For His Little Boy

Shaun Cunningham decided to partake in the all-American tradition of taking his son Landon to an Atlanta Braves baseball game. It should have just been a fun father/son outing. When slugger Danny Ortiz lost control of his bat, it almost turned tragic. Fortunately, Cunningham got his hand up in front of Landon's face just in time, and it was captured on film.

Image credits: Turner Sports


Many MLB players have their own special way of pitching a ball, but this guy is totally off the charts. To make sure that you can bowl as fast as possible, pitchers have to ensure that they have the most flexible elbows and shoulders possible. We think this guy has definitely achieved that!

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Right to the Face

When playing rugby or the NFL, this is another way the players can get hurt. Of course, this always happens in most sports where you throw a ball around. People are running everywhere, you have to block, and suddenly, things might crazy to the point where you cannot stop a ball from going right at your face. Being able to capture this photo right at this moment was also a huge accomplishment.

Image credits: Reddit

Hulk Smash

Not everyone is cut out to be an Olympic gymnast, that's for sure. This fellow shows us just how much pain, exertion and toil it really takes to win the gold medal. You have to really want to win! After all, it takes so much training, and you can see the intensity on his face!

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Sort of a juvenile picture, but still funny. This dressage rider got off of her horse at just the right time. The horse decided to look over her shoulder and she stood right in place. It's a silly photo, so she shouldn't be sad. Why the long face?

Image credits: Reddit/u_cute_honey

Free Dancing

When they said it was a “Free Dance Programme” they meant that you were meant to dance, not watch, Federica and Massimo! No, just kidding! These two suffered a fall at the European Figure Skating Championships in Warsaw.

Image credits: Polski-News

Rodman's Rebounds

The 1996 Chicago Bulls featured three players that were often compared to superheroes: Michael Jordan (Superman), Scottie Pippen (Batman), and Dennis Rodman (uh, Rodman). Here's an amazing shot where Rodman really does look like he's flying. In reality, he fell to the ground shortly after, but he really does look like a superhero here.

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It might be called 'The Beautiful Game,' but the look on these guys' faces tells a different story. It looks more like a scene from a soccer-themed horror movie! We assume that there has to be a football coming their way because there can't be much else that these two opposing teams could be so stressed about on the field.

Image credits: Reddit

Washington Nationals Celebrating

Only a few days ago, the Washington Nationals won the world series! You can see just how elated they all are to have won! It must be one of the greatest feelings in the world to win a championship this big, and surely it is the highlight of any athlete's career. They beat the Houston Astros 6-2.

Image credits:


When we say 'wrestling,' does it conjure up images of the WWE and WWF guys and gals on stage doing their thing? Or do you think of this kind of wrestling? Well, either way, the traditional form of this sport is quite different from the former, and as you can see here, these guys have managed to tie themselves in a knot.

Image credits: Mirror

Has Federer Shrunk?

It's unusual to see Roger Federer looking uncomfortable with a tennis racquet in his hand, but hey, there's a first for everything! Don't worry - Federer hasn't shrunk overnight, it looks like he's just having a bit of fun with Dora the Explorer behind him. Good on you, Roger!

Image credits: Mirror

At All Costs

When professional athletes get in the zone, sometimes their body just takes over and does its thing! You can see that this seems to be happening here, as this person is doing their utmost to block this shot! Look at that level of concentration - we're willing to bet that they've spent a lot of time perfecting their craft!

Image Credits: Getty Images


It's one thing to have a baseball hurtling towards your face, but it's another when that baseball has been hit by a professional player. You can see the mixed look of terror and excitement on these peoples' faces! Many are trying to avoid the ball completely, but there's something thrilling about catching the ball at a baseball game.

Image credits: Red Sox

Slam Dunk

If you thought that Derrick Jones couldn’t get any cooler, you should see his slam dunk ability! Here he takes a massive shot over these guys at the NBA All-Star Saturday Night show, which was held at the Smoothie King Center.

Image credits: NBA

Horsing Around

No, it’s not a live-action trailer for the new Bojack Horseman movie! Liang Ruiji of China is competing with her beautiful horse at the jumping final for the 17th Asian Games in Incheon. The event was held at the Dream Park Equestrian Venue!

Image credits: Pinterest

Right Before Surfacing

This is one incredible moment right before Michael Phelps surfaces from the water. Olympic swimming is one of the most important sports of the event, and this photographer captured an unbelievable instant. This is also the perfect example of surface tension, and it’s like the swimmer has become one with the water.

Image credits:

Flying to the Hoop

This is another incredible picture where basketball players show they can fly. It took place during the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament, in a match between the University of Dayton and Boise State University. Kyle Davis from Dayton is jumping over Chandler Hutchison from Boise State. Dayton won this game 56-55.

Image credits: University Of Dayton

High Five!

Another cool scuba photo. This diver is Eli Martinez, who is the editor of Shark Diving Magazine. He had apparently seen this shark before and motioned for her to come over. He didn't know that she would reach her fin out at the last moment to give him a high five. The shark must have had something really big to celebrate!

Image credits: Shark Diving Magazine

Hold My...!

We've seen quite a few images of athletes and audiences alike now, and you really can see the difference between the average person and a professional! Their reactions are totally different. While professional athletes tend to have intense looks of concentration, spectators just want to avoid a ball to the face!

Image credits:

I Got it!

Even though athletes and audiences might have different reactions, they still make very silly faces when they are concentrating on getting the ball! We feel sorry for Justin Tipuric from the Welsh rugby team here, as he's up against both Brodie Retallick and Beauden Barrett at the bronze final of the world cup.

Image credits:

Big & Small

Ragan Smith is a gymnast and a very small one at that. But gymnasts are often shorter in stature, while basketballers tend to be the tallest of all the athletes. Here is Brooklyn Nets player DeAndre Jordan posing with Smith at the Olympics.

Image credits: Mirror

Double Image

Some water is crystal clear. Other water is so pristine that you can see your reflection in it. The latter is what is happening here, of course. This water is so reflective that it looks like there are two wakeboarders. He's also ridiculously strong because he should have fallen over being that close to the water.

Image credits: Imgur/ Rainbowjojo

The Ledge

This climber, Alex Honnold, managed to climb 2500 feet on to the "Thank God Ledge" at Yosemite National Park. That's nearly half a mile of climbing, and he did it without a rope. Very few people have ever done this, and it's a good thing there was a photographer close by to capture it. Not sure even he would want to do it twice.

Image credits: Instagram/Alex Honnold

The New Ring

Everyone can picture the five Olympic rings in their mind's eye. This picture was taken at the 2012 London Games, and it appears that the moon is making a play to be the sixth ring. It's a really cool image and it was timed and exposed perfectly.

Image credits: NBC News


Gauchos and other rodeo folks know the risks when they get started in the game. But this fellow looks like he didn’t expect to get thrown off the horse quite like this! He is participating in the Criolla del Prado rodeo in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Image credits

Taking His Shorts

Rugby is one of the most brutal sports in the world. Athletes get injured all the time because it’s all about tackling to get the ball. You have to do anything to stop the other team from scoring, even if it means accidentally taking someone's pants off. This might not have happened yet in the image, but it could have happened shortly after it was taken.

Image credits: Reddit

Usain Bolt

Everyone knows that Usain Bolt is one of the fastest men to ever walk this earth. Every time he runs a race, he smokes all of his competitors, and you can see here that he's teasing his Canadian friend on the track because Usain knows that he is in his prime. We bet he could outrun a cheetah!

Image credits: NBC Sports

The Statue

Judging by the size of it, this statue has been overlooking this basketball court for a long time. Can you blame him if he finally wants to show off his skills? I wonder if the shot went in. If it did, do you supposed the statue jumped for joy? Eh, probably not.

Image credit: Reddit

With Your Foot, Not Your Face

This is another example of a seriously annoying accident at a game, but it’s the turn for soccer. Now, most people would imagine that these kinds of injuries don’t happen a lot in this game because the ball is only handled with the foot – unless you’re a goalie. However, when the ball is put into play, anything can happen.

Image credits: Pinterest

Playing Hacky Sack With the Ultimate Bag

Sure, it's a trick photograph. It's still a really cool image though. This beanbag enthusiast really does look like he's juggling the sun. The red background and perfect black silhouette just add to the atmosphere. It almost looks like a digital creation, but it's 100% real.

Image credits: Expert Photography

The Flying Skirt

This was clearly some sort of sledding competition, although it seems that it wasn’t anything professional. Obviously, anyone could sign up, and this lady was probably not expecting the speed she managed to reach. She could have chosen to wear some pants that day as well because her skirt was going all over the place.

Image credits: Pinterest

School Is In

This scuba picture looks like a scene from Finding Nemo. It is possible that the diver asked for directions to an Australian dentist's office. More likely is that the fish see him as a predator and are coming together to appear to be one giant fish. This is supposed to intimidate predators, and it looks like it's working in this photo.

Image credits: YouTube/Octavio Aburto

Right in the Face

Some might say that NBA players seem to fly, and we have already seen some pictures that prove it. However, while this one was clearly flying toward the basket, he was taking one fellow from the opposite team with him as well. Additionally, it’s not really the way you want to defeat another person, but if it gets the job done...

Image credits:

Ice Burn

Figure skating is one of the hardest disciplines in the world of sports, although some might say that it’s simple. Anyone who knows anything about the sport can tell you that the pretty jumps take years and a lot of strength to accomplish. This poor female athlete probably had the worst scratch on her face after this accident.

Image credits: NBC Sports

Strap Hangin'

Sky diving is just fun, right? Well, this diver seems to think so! He's going headfirst down, which is pretty common for skydivers. Many people like to flip around and do tricks in the air while they fall out of the air. This guy was having so much fun that he had someone else take a picture!

Image credits: Wallpaper Access

Group Gymnasts

This is a routine from 2010, and what these ladies can do is absolutely incredible. The one on the bottom has enough strength on her knees to withstand two people. Yes, gymnasts might be skinny, but it’s still a remarkable feat. Meanwhile, the girl in the middle is holding her teammate by the foot. We cannot imagine the pain.

Image credits: NBC Sports

An Unfair Advantage

We’ve heard of some pretty ludicrous cheating scandals, but this one takes the cake! A four-armed player has to have an advantage, right? West Bromwich Albion player Saido Berahino might look like he has a couple of extra limbs, but it’s actually just Manchester City’s Fernandinho behind him.

Image credits: Daily Mail

The Biggest Swimmer

Taking pictures of sports is tricky because everyone is moving, and this one creates an optical illusion. It seems like this synchronized swimmer is really huge and extremely flexible, but there are two people in the shot. We have to applaud the picture either way because it’s pretty hilarious for an otherwise serious sport.

Image credits: Reddit

Nothing Over Heels

This is a good example of a well-timed shot too. In this case, gymnast Katherine Coronel is performing a rhythmic gymnastics routine. At the apex of a jump, she flipped her head back. The photographer took a picture and voila! She looks totally headless!

Image credits: NBC News

More Agile Than Gymnasts

You might have noticed that these men seem to be playing volleyball with their feet. Well, it’s a sport called Sepak Takraw, or kick volleyball, which originated in Southeast Asia. It’s similar to footvolley, but they use a rattan ball and only allow players to touch it with their feet, chest, knees, and heads. Can you imagine stretching your leg to that angle?

Image credits: Pinterest

Jumping into the Beyond

This is a picture of base jumpers Matt Blank and Ian Flanders. Unfortunately, in 2015, a few years after this image was taken, Ian Flanders died due to a parachute malfunction in Turkey. No one was sadder than Matt, who made a tribute video that included this photo of their adventures. They bonded over their love of risking their lives.

Image credits: Instagram/Matt Blank

Precision and Strength

Every sport has its tough sides, and you can really tell how hard figure skating can be in this image. It features Fiona Zaldua and Dmitry Sukhanov during a show in 2012. The skater pair did their routine in Shanghai, and the strength required to make a move likes this is unimaginable. Additionally, Fiona’s pose is perfect.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Celebrating the Best Moment

Everyone loves when their team wins something. It’s the best moment of a game, and when it comes to football, there is nothing better than winning the SuperBowl. This is the moment when Denver Broncos’ player Aqib Talib started celebrating a victory that will be remembered by fans of the Broncos for a long time.

Image credits: Fox Sports/Denver Broncos

The Best Pose

As mentioned earlier, figure skaters know how to pose during their key movements, and this is one of the best moments from two Russians professionals. It happened during the 2002 Winter Olympics Games, and the pair actually got the gold medal after landing this amazing routine. She looks like she is flying.

Image credits:

Up You Get!

Football players are known for being dramatic on-field when they are trying to get a player from the opposite team yellow or red-carded. But this one really takes the cake! Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have a little visitor on his forehead. Is this what he is grimacing at? Cheer up, pal!

Image credits: Mirror

Is He Scared Or Is He Fooling Around? 

Someone was clearly not hoping to catch this baseball at all. In fact, it seems like he thinks the whole sport is a huge waste of time. This is a hilarious moment that we are thankful was caught on camera. On the other hand, there is a chance that that was his expression when he thought the ball was going to hit him. Either way, it’s still funny.

Image credit: Pinterest

The Mud Soccer Championships

Yes, this is a real thing. It's just like normal soccer, except the mud is turned up by over 9000. We wonder if they'd still be able to tell who was who by the end of the match? Surely their uniforms would all be brown with mud!

Image credits: Mirror

Threading The Needle

There's just something about surfing photos. This one shows a professional surfer inside the tunnel of the wave. This is a very difficult maneuver because the surfer has to ride in just as the wave is cresting. So it's great for her that this moment was captured on film!

Image credits: Surfer Magazine

Usain Bolt at it Again

Do we even need a caption for this photo? It's Usain Bolt, doing what he does best. While everyone else is at least a foot or two behind him, he is sprinting ahead, with time to look back at his competitors as he leaves them in the dust.

Image credits: Mirror

Fast Skating

Not many people know about speed skating, which is just as awesome as other disciplines. Most of these skaters normally move at a speed of 59.23 km/h or 36.80 mph! Can you imagine how fast that is? This picture was taken in Erfurt, Germany at the 2015 World Cup Race. It’s blurry because they are moving at a great speed.

Image credits: Getty Images

One Single Woman

This woman is, in fact, Elina Svitolina from Ukraine. She is a world-class tennis player and played against Ashleigh Barty of Australia for the Women's Tennis Association's finals in November 2019. These finals were held in Shenzhen, China, and unfortunately for Svitolina, Barty won the game.

Image credits:

The Moment of a Splash

This is called the Cape Epic, a mountain bike race that happens every year in the Western Cape of South Africa. It’s a course of over 700 kilometers or 435 miles for 8 days. Amateur riders and any other person can sign up but they must be in teams of two. This particular team was only a bit separated, and the shot was taken right at the moment when the bike splashed mud all over the place.

Image credits: Cyclingnews/Cape Epic

The Crazy Wave

This is a picture of a 100-foot tall tsunami wave taken off of the coast of Portugal. Look VERY closely at the picture. Dead center in at the top of the wave is a man surfing! That man is Garet McNamara, pro surfer. This was a world record attempt at riding the biggest wave ever. Looks like he succeeded!

Image credits: Instagram/Garet McNamara

Fighting on the Ice

Hockey is one of the most brutal sports there is. Players often get beat up, and that’s even when they get along with their opponent team. However, some pros fight on the ring, and this took place at a match between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Calgary Flames. It was held at the Scotiabank Saddledome in March 2015.

Image credits: Calgary Flames

From the Goalpost

You can be a goalie for soccer, hockey, or lacrosse, and many people can be great in that as it involves a bit less movement. Of course, you need quick reflexes. However, not many people experience what it’s like to see the puck going inside the net. This image was taken at a game of the Columbus Blue Jackets versus the Vancouver Canucks. Goalie Sergei Brobovksy actually blocked the shot.

Image credits: Fox Sports/NHL

Yawning in the Air

Pole vaulting is an extremely difficult sport. You have to be in control of every movement in your body to avoid touching the pole. It takes a lot of practice, and it looks like all those sleepless nights took a toll on this athlete. She was clearly yawning mid-jump, and the result was a really funny picture. Maybe she can do her jumps with her eyes closed.

Image credits:

Dancing in the Air

Unlike the serious images of “flying” basketball players, this one is a little goofier. Basketball is an extremely manly sport, but this moment proves that just a second can change everything. Obviously, this athlete shot the ball towards the net, and he looked like a ballerina in the process. It’s one of the best-timed photos on this list.

Image credits:

Fish-Face Diver

This is an image of a competitive diver during her jump. Clearly, she has been spending too much time on the water because her expression is almost like fish. All jokes aside, clearly she is feeling the air resistance as she goes down. It’s awesome how a precise camera can capture a moment like this without blurriness.

Image credits: Reddit

Goofing Around

Who can resist horsing around in the snow? Not Christof Innerhofer, who placed third at the Sochi Winter Olympics in the men’s alpine skiing event back in 2014. He looks pretty happy to have placed, don't you think? Good on him!

Image credits: NBC Sports

Caught in the Moment

Polish handball player Karol Bielecki seems to be a little er, caught up in the game! Maybe that’s how he managed to get himself stuck in the protective net during this game against Spain at the 2008 Olympics. I mean, the net did protect him after all!

Image credits: Polski-News

Without Shoes

Athletes are single-minded in their efforts to win, and once they have started their race, nothing will stop them. Obviously, this young woman lost her shoe in the middle of the race, or even jumping over a hurdle, but she was not going to let that stop her from possibly earning a medal. Although, we bet that her foot hurt afterward.

Image credits: NBC Sports

No Platform Needed

This is an image of Allison Stokke, a nationally-renown vaulter. During her high school days, Stokke broke many American records and continued her studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Sadly, she never qualified for the Olympics. These days, she continues to pole-vault and is also a model.

Image credits: Instagram/Alison Stokke

A Dirt Bike On Water

Robbie Maddison is a professional stunt rider who is also an avid surfer. He decided it would be a good idea to combine his two passions. This photo is completely real, no Photoshop shenanigans necessary. Just a man, his bike, and a tasty wave! He is riding really fast though, so the photographer timed this perfectly.

Image credits: YouTube/DCShoes

Putting the Joy in Joyciline

As if winning wasn't enough, Joyciline Jepkosegi also set a record for the New York City Marathon! Jepkosgei hails from Kenya and recently ran in the women's division of the 2019 New York City Marathon. She smashed it out at a record time of two hours, 22 minutes and 38 seconds. Amazing!

Image credits:

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

No, it's Arsenal goalie, Bernd Leno! This game saw Wolverhampton and Arsenal come head to head in a match at the Emirates Stadium in London. Leno almost looks like they are flying, don't you agree? An amazing shot by both the kicker and the photographer, in our opinion!

Image credits:

Cause for Celebration

Doesn't this photo just warm your heart? Here, the South African rugby team celebrates their Rugby World Cup final win against England, which was also in November of 2019. The world cup is held around the globe every few years, and the South Africa - England final was a surprise after New Zealand and Australia dropped out earlier than anticipated.

Image credits:

The Milky Way

Shutter speed is important in photography. The shutter speed was so fast in this photo that the photographer was able to capture the path of water droplets from the ball. Looking at the distribution, they look exactly like a spiral galaxy. Pretty cool, and not something you can see on TV.

Image credits: Time Magazine

Arms Are In Sync

These kinds of dances need to be choreographed to perfection because everyone on the team wants to create this unbelievable effect. The picture really does not capture how amazing the dancers truly were, and this is the story of The Origin of Thousand Hands and Scroll Holding Guan Yin. It’s almost like an optical illusion.

Image credits: Wikimedia

A Fan like No Other

You might have heard that the Chicago Cubs won that 2016 MLB World Series, after 108 years of losing. Of course, fans celebrated like crazy at the time, and this image shows the happiness of winning. This young man attended game 7, and he started celebrated in the 8th winning because, by then, the winner was already clear.

Image credits: Dailyastorian/ Charlie Rieden

Elegant and Goofy

These two figure skaters, Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov, are great at nailing their poses, but they still look pretty funny while in movement. The photographer captured both moments, and it’s like two sides of the same coin. They earned the silver medal at the European Figure Skating Championship in 2008. They also won medals at the Grand Prix five times.

Image credits: Wikipedia

The Perfect Kiss

Hockey is also known as an extremely tough sport where the players often get physical and beat up each other. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine what happened here. We don’t believe they were kissing on purpose, but that they were pushed into this awkward embrace. We wonder how embarrassed they were after this.

Image credit: Pinterest

Going over Hurdles

Hurdling might seem like nothing, but anyone that has ever practiced can attest how hard it actually is. Once you start running faster and the hurdle gets higher, things can get pretty tricky. This image shows a race that is neck and neck. We wonder who won this time as they both looked like they were flying. Luckily, they were competing for the same country.

Image credits:

Falling for You

Boy oh boy do we feel sorry for these folks. It's difficult enough getting out on the ice in front of thousands of people, but it's even more difficult when you manage to fall on the ice! Not to mention the pain... ouch! Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov of Russia are performing here in Nice at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships.

Image credits:

Ready to Fight

Mike the pug is all kitted out and ready to enter the ring! It will be a total dogfight by the looks of things… this cutie is dressed in costume for the annual Blocao dog parade in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian carnival sees many adorable dogs like Mike potter around in cute outfits!

Image credits: Reddit

An Unusual Celebration

Carlos Tevez is pretty happy about scoring against Torino! He made this hilarious gesture with his friend and teammate Andrea Porto. The two are playing in the Italian A-Series soccer match in Turin, and it looks like they’re having the time of their lives!

Image credits: The Sun

Now we can celebrate since it's the end of our list. Pretty cool what you can do with a camera and some good timing. Speaking of good timing, it's always a good time to share this story! Let your friends see these pictures and maybe they'll give you a high five too! Thanks for reading!

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