Small Design Details Of Everyday Items With Rarely Known Ideas Behind

Small Design Details Of Everyday Items With Rarely Known Ideas Behind

May 25, 2020Mourad Awad

Did you know that there are many common household items that you've been using incorrectly this whole time? When repurposed the right way, these items can solve many pesky little issues. Here are some everyday items that are probably lying somewhere around your house that you can use much more efficiently, with a cool hidden purpose! 

Image Credits: Healthline

Extra Holes In Sneakers

Unless you don't tie your shoelaces yourself, you've definitely noticed the unused holes at the top of your shoes. These holes are there so you can tie up your shoes tighter if you are prone to blisters, for example. You can place the shoelaces in the extra holes, but in the opposite direction, creating a loop on each side, which allows you to cross your laces in each loop. Then, you can create a much tighter lock by pulling down on the laces and then tying your shoes normally. 

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Image Credits: Youtube

Long Neck Bottles

It is not by accident that adult beverages often come in bottles with long necks. First of all, its shape makes it more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. In addition, the long necks help distribute the heat throughout the entire bottle when you're holding it with your warm hand. Ultimately, long necks help beverages stay cooler for longer.

Image Credits: Pexels

Randomly Placed Buttons On Jeans

If you wear jeans a lot, you've probably noticed all the extra buttons on the pants, usually around the pockets. Yes, it's weird, but by now, you've probably just accepted that it's how jeans look. Technically, these buttons are rivets, and they have an important purpose. They are placed on strategic spots on jeans to avoid them wearing out and ripping apart. This was the legendary Levi Strauss' idea, and he owns the patent to the rivets.

Image Credits:

Using Electrical Outlets & Walls As HDTV Antennas

Today, the average American household spends around $200 a month on TV, internet, and telephones, so there are new inventions making devices using old-fashioned TV antennas and an electrical outlet. These "HDTV antennas" stream HDTV from stations like ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, TheCW, BET, and many more. As you can now pay around $10 a month for a Netflix subscription, it seems insane to pay $200 a month for HDTV channels. 

Image Credits: Youtube/ ben8jam

Golf Ball Dimples

Technically, golf balls aren't round, so they're not really balls. If you've ever held one in your hand, you will have noticed that the outside of the ball is full of little dimples. They weren't always like this, but with experience, savvy golfers realized that older balls with bumps and nicks would go further than smooth ones. 

Image Credits: Pexels

Dip In Wine Bottle

Do you like wine? Well, if you do, you probably realized that there was a sizeable dip at the bottom of the bottle. It seems a little weird, but there are a few reasons it's there. First, it's called a punt or a kick-up - it makes the bottle more stable so it won't fall over and break with the slightest touch. Also, it makes the bottle stronger so they can withstand higher pressure if there is champagne or sparkling wine in it.

Image credits: Medium

Apple Power Cord

If you have a MacBook, you might have noticed that there are wings on the charger that you can pull up. These are not just there for show; they actually have a purpose. They are there because if you flip them it makes it easier to wrap the cord around the charger itself so it doesn't get in the way. You don't have to use it, but some people like to.

Image Credits: Mac-fusion

Blue Part Of Eraser

Why on earth would an eraser need to be two different colors? As a kid, you might have heard the rumor that the blue part was there to erase ink. Well, that is not exactly true, as they were actually used to erase pencil marks on thicker types of paper. The paper artists use are more sensitive to friction, so they need a different eraser.

Image Credits: Pexels

Keyboard Bumps

Look at any keyboard, and you will realize that the F and J keys have two little bumps on them. Have you ever wondered why they were there? Well, they are in place so that users can find their way on the keyboard without looking at the keys. You can then keep your eyes on the screen and type more comfortably, especially with some experience.

Image Credits: Fredex

Flat Takeout Boxes

When we order Chinese food, most of us bring it home and dump it onto our own plates, or simply eat it straight out of the carton. However, this is all wrong. Chinese takeout boxes are actually designed to be their own plates! While the food is still in the container, carefully pull the sides apart and set it flat on the table. It's so much simpler this way!

Image Credits: Twitter/Eric Alper

Zigzag Side Of Bobby Pin

Even if you've never used a bobby pin in your life, you've probably still noticed that one side is straight, and the other is a little wavy. Well, the side keeps the pin in place all day by catching a big clump of hair, while the zigzag pattern is facing toward the scalp, so you can't see it.

Image Credits: Bhg

Lines Of Red Solo Cup

You were probably too busy having fun to notice a series of horizontal lines on these cups. Well, they have a purpose; they're there to tell us how much alcohol to put in the cup. At the bottom, the first line measures one ounce, which is one shot of hard liquor. The next line is five ounces, a perfect amount for a glass of wine, while the last line denotes 12 ounces, which is the size of one beer.

Image Credits: Red Solo Cup

Tab On Rearview Mirror

Hopefully, we all look at our rearview mirrors when we drive, but you may have done so for years without realizing that there was a tab at the bottom of the mirror. Well, it is there so you can change the position of the mirror to avoid being blinded by the headlights from the car behind you.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Discs Under Bottle Caps 

One day in your life, you've probably looked under the cap on a soda bottle and noticed a little plastic disc. At first, it seems unnecessary, but the disc is actually there to help with carbonation. Don't ask us to get all scientific, but in basic terms, the discs trap carbon dioxide so that the soda doesn't lose its gas. 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ProjectManhattan

Pom-Poms On Winter Hats

For people who live in cold places, winter hats are crucial. But have you ever stopped to wonder why so many of them have a fluffy ball on top? This fashion can be traced back to Scandinavia, and to gather the seams in a time where knitting was uncommon. Over the past several hundred years, many types of headgear have had this pom-pom on top, and it is still trendy today.

Image Credits: Etsy

Ridges On Coins

Maybe you haven't noticed this, but quarters and dimes have rough edges, while pennies and nickels don't. Go ahead and have a look. Well, this is because back in the day, coins were stamped in different weights to reflect the coin's true value. To avoid people shaving the edges of the coins and melting them into new ones, ridges were put to make it easy to tell if the edges have been tampered with.

Image Credits: Pexels

Getting Ketchup Out Easily

We have all dealt with the perils of slow-moving ketchup. Sometimes, it takes forever for it to come out of the bottle. One brand even had a commercial where they emphasized this. However, you just need to turn the bottle to a 45-degree angle, use your palm to tap the ‘57’ logo, and it will start flowing.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Charcoal As An Air Purifier & Odor Remover

We are not talking about those heavy bags of charcoal that you use for BBQs. Activated bamboo charcoal, which can be found in any home goods store, can be used to remove odors and purify the air. Unlike Febreeze, baking soda, or chemical sprays, bamboo charcoal can purify the air, remove bacteria, and a lot of allergens. You can get a BreathGreen Charcoal bag for only $10. The best part of it is that every month, you can simply leave it in the sun to recharge, with the bag "reactivating" itself.

Image Credits: 9to5toys

Loops On Grocery Carts

Yes, grocery carts fill a lot of things, but what most people don't realize is that there are loops that help frame the fold-out section to help protect the things in your cart. Thanks to these loops, you can hang plastic bags with fragile items such as eggs and bread, cause you don't want them to be squished by heavier objects.

Image Credits: Pixnio

Margins On Lined Paper

Have you ever wondered why notebook paper had margins? Well, many years ago, when rats would often go into people's homes, they would chew on paper. With margins on it, a rat could eat the edges of it only. Obviously, this feature is no longer relevant, but they still help protect what's written on the paper from general wear and tear.

Image Credits:

Extra Fabric With Clothing

You're probably familiar with the tiny bag with an extra patch of fabric that comes with some clothes. Most people think it's there in case the shirt or pants rip, and they can patch it with the fabric. However, that's not why it's there. The extra fabric is there so you can test out washing the material a certain way, to see if the colors will bleed or if the material will shrink.

Image Credits: Scoopwhoop

Paper Condiment Cups

Why do we have to fill around twelve of these tiny paper condiment cups every time we order fries? They're so tiny that if we order chicken fingers, we can't even dip them in our sauce! Well, we have been using them wrong all along. These tiny cups can easily be unfolded so they look like a little plate, just like in the photo above.

Image Credits: Reddit

Holes In Airplane Windows

Have you ever freaked out on the plane after noticing a tiny hole in the window? Yes, it is a little odd at first, but that hole, called a breather hole, is there so that when an airplane climbs and the air pressure outside drops, the cabin stays at a safe and comfortable level. That little hole allows the plane to deal with the pressure difference.

Image Credits: Flickr/Chris Waits

Cylinder Toward End Of Cable Cord

We've all used some kind of cable or power cord before, and you might have noticed a big cylinder-shaped lump at the end of the cable. They are actually ferrite cores, and they prevent any electromagnetic interference. One such interference, for example, is the kind you get when your cell phone gets too close to a speaker and you can hear a weird noise in your call.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Soda Can Tab

If you've ever opened a can of soda, which you probably have unless you live in a cave, you may have noticed the tab at the top of the can. It might have annoyed you one day, as it sometimes detaches and falls into the can with the rest of the liquid. Actually, the tab is there to be flipped over and used as a holder for your straw.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Plastic Lids On Cups

You might be surprised by this one. The plastic lids on top of disposable cups are there to double as a coaster. Of course, if you are in the car, you need to keep the lid, but when you are sitting down and enjoying a hot drink, the ridges on the lid are designed to serve as a coaster that hugs the base of the cup.

Image Credits: Business Insider

Detachable Headrest In Cars

When you were a kid, did you ever sit in the backseat on family road trips and play with the headrest of the person in front of you? Come on, I can't be the only one, right? Well, you might have noticed that the headrest can completely come out of the seat, and in an emergency, if you're trapped in the car, as you can pull out the headrest and use the metal parts to break the window.

Image Credits: Evoke

Three Handles On Jerry Can

You've probably seen a Jerry can before, especially if you like traveling and camping. If you have, you may have wondered why there are three handles at the top. Well, these are there so that the weight of the fuel is distributed evenly while carrying the can, especially if it is being carried by two people. With two people, they should each grab the outer handles.

Image Credits: Needpix

Pocket In Women’s Underwear

Why are there secret pockets sewn into women's underwear? Well, they are called a panty gusset. While many believed that they are there so that women can fit tampons or other small items, that's not the case - they are there for protection, but most manufacturers don't even bother to stitch it closed. To be fair, it is much more comfortable without the extra seems.

Image Credits: Amazon

Wooden Coat Hangers

Yes, we agree that wooden coat hangers are fancy and classy, but that is not why wood was used. They also help repel moths and other insects that may damage the clothes. Heavy clothing, in particular, is prone to this, and the cedar wood has a pleasing smell that moths and other bugs hate.

Image Credits: Pikrero

Vegetable Peelers

Not everyone uses their vegetable peeler to its full extent! You can use it for way more than just peeling the skin off your carrots and potatoes. For example, you can use it to slice onions! Not only is it faster, but it also helps to prevent those onion tears.

Image credits: Cutco

Colored Squares On Toothpaste

Have you ever noticed that at the bottom of the tube of toothpaste, there is a colored block? It is usually blue, red, green, or black. These blocks are called "eye marks," and they assist machines at the assembly line to know where to cut and fold the packaging. Without it, tubes of toothpaste would be stuck to one another.

Image Credits: Healthline

The Hole in the Spaghetti Spoon

When you think of a spaghetti spoon, you might wonder why it has such a strange shape. Well, the middle of the spoon is actually designed that way to help you figure out the portion of spaghetti for dinner. The more you know, huh?

Image credits: Pinterest

Hole In Cap Of Ballpoint Pens

When you look at a pen at first, it looks like there may be something wrong with it because it has a hole. Actually, that hole is there on purpose so that air can flow through in case someone swallowed it accidentally. That might seem strange, but remember, many people have a bad habit of putting pen caps in their mouth, and with one bad movement, it could end up in the back of their throat.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Holes In Pot Handle

If you are not a professional cook, you probably wonder why most pots and pans have a hole by the end of the handle. Or, you may have never noticed that it was there. There are two good reasons for this. First, it allows you to easily hang it in your kitchen with the use of a hook, and second, you can use the hole to hold a utensil, just like in the photo above. Try it next time!

Image Credits: Pinterest

Black Grating In Microwave 

Be honest - when have you ever pay attention to your microwave? Well, if you have, you've probably noticed the black grating on the microwave door. It's called a Faraday shield, and it's there to prevent electromagnetic fields from harming us while we are waiting for our food to heat. 

Image Credits: Severin-international

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Do you know all of those things that come with your vacuum? You know, the ones you throw into the back of the cleaning closet, never to see the light of day again? Well, it’s time to get them out and start cleaning! Those things can save you a lot of time because they’re designed for hard to reach spaces.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Loops in Boots

We have learned by now that all loops are there for a purpose. No one adds something to a product just for fun. Military-style footwear normally has a loop at the back. They are used to pull the boot up when you’re getting dressed. You can also use it to hang your boots up. Lastly, you can wrap your laces there for more support. 

Image Credits: Pexels

Loop In Back Of Shirt

First of all, it's important to mention that this trick doesn't apply to garden-variety shirts. We are positive that you own at least one nice, collared shirt that has this mysterious loop at the back, in the middle. We can thank the Navy for this loop. While they were out at sea, men in the Navy would have loops on their shirt so that they could hang them on hooks. In the 60s, the loops were also used by college students to hang their shirts and keep them wrinkle-free while exercising at the gym. Today, these hooks are put on shirts as a sign of class and quality.

Image Credits: Steemit

Yogurt Toppings

Everyone loves those little yogurts with two sides. Having a topping for your snack makes it feel way fancier, but it’s always so difficult to get the topping out onto the yogurt, right? Try folding the container so that the toppings flip into the yogurt instead. You’re welcome.

Image credits: Media Bakery

Airplane Seats

Not everyone takes a suit or a blazer on a plane, but if you’re the kind of person who does, then this one is for you. The hook keeping the tray table upright on the back of the seat is not just there for that single purpose. It also doubles as a coat hook! 

Image credits: Instructables

Tabs on Foil and Cling Wrap

Trying to get cling film or aluminum foil out of the box can be a total pain, but it doesn’t have to be. There are usually little tabs that you can push in at the side of every box to help grip the roll. This way, the roll stays in place as you pull it!

Image credits: Reddit

Eating Chocolate

We know that chastising people for eating chocolate incorrectly isn’t a good move, so you eat yours however you want. But remember that you can get more of that goodness much faster by snapping the pieces towards the packet, rather than away from it!

Image credits: Fortune

Shampoo and Conditioner

When you use shampoo, you obviously massage it onto your scalp to get rid of all the dirt and oil that has formed at the roots. But you don’t want to repeat this with your conditioner! Instead, apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair first, working backward. The oldest and driest parts of your hair are at the ends, so they need it more!

Image credits: Flickr

Flaps On Juice Boxes

Why are there heavy flaps at the top of juice boxes? Well, simply look at the photo above, and you will see why. This young genius has realized that those bulky flaps can be folded outward to make it easier for children to hold. Remember, these juice boxes are usually meant for those aged between two to ten, so this helps them a lot.

Image Credits: Terrifictop10

Holes In Padlock

We've all used a padlock in our lives, and you may have seen a little hole at the bottom without knowing what's its purpose. There are actually two important purposes for this. First, it allows any water that gets inside to drain out of the lock, so it allows the lock to handle the elements. Second, it allows you to pour oil into the lock so it doesn't get jammed up.

Image Credits: Youtube

Pumping Mascara Wands

This old school habit doesn’t help you one bit. If you pump the mascara wand, it will push more air into the tube, and make the product dry way faster. You want to keep air away from the contents, and if your mascara doesn’t make the ‘pop’ noise as the brush comes out, it could be a sign that it’s time for a new one!

Image credits: Pexels

Arrow On Gas Gauge

In all cars manufactured after 2010, there is an arrow next to the gas tank on the gauge that indicates the direction of your fuel tank. Most of us don't need a reminder, because we fill our cars up with gas regularly, so it has become a routine. However, this trick will come in handy if you are driving a rental car and pull up to a gas station. You don't want to look foolish by going to the wrong side.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Hole Next To Camera

If you look at an iPhone, you will notice there is a little hole right by the camera lens. Well, it is not a tiny hole that helps Facebook spy on you, but actually a microphone. There are three mics on every smartphone, one under the speaker grill, one on the bottom edge of the phone, and the third right next to the camera lens.

Image Credits: Yahoo!Finance

Using Your Fingers for Makeup

You might think that makeup brushes are just a ploy to sell more beauty tools, but it turns out that they’re pretty necessary. Applying foundation with your fingers is definitely the worst way to spread foundation over your face, as it doesn’t ensure even coverage. What’s more, is that your fingers may contain bacteria which you’ll then be rubbing all over your face! Try a foundation brush or sponge instead.

Image credits: Pexels

Eating Oreos

You know the drill… first, you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it… but what they don’t tell you is that you can save your fingers and your oreo by dunking the whole cookie in with a fork instead. Just stick the utensil into the white part, and off you go!

Image credits: Instructables

On The Measuring Tape

The black diamonds that are printed on almost all standard measuring tape are called "Stud Finders." Its purpose is to show you the exact center between two studs on your wall. You can find the first mark is at 19.2", and then it repeats at 38.4", 57.6", 76.8" and 96" inches. To make it simpler, if you are sure that your home was built using standard 16" stud spacing, you can use these brands to find out exactly where the studs are. There is no need to buy an electronic stud finder!

Image credits: Youtube

Wearing Earbuds Incorrectly

Earbuds go straight up and down, but most people tend to just plug them in and go their way. They’re supposed to be worn with the earbud above the ear, with the round part facing down towards the ground. Hooking it over the ear stops them from slipping!

Image credits: Reddit/wtp

Using a Blender

Most people throw ingredients into their blenders willy-nilly, but there’s a real art to it! If you add the liquids first, then add the rest of the ingredients after, the swirl that the liquid creates will help to blend the solids much more smoothly. Voila!

Image credits: Pexels

Extension Cords Made Easy

When you’re plugging an extension cord into a power tool, it’s usually because you’re doing something far away. When you can’t see the cord, sometimes you pull too hard and it comes loose. Try tying the two cords like this next time, it will save you a lot of hassle!

Image credits: Instructables

Square Patch On Backpacks

Do you think the square patches at the back of your backpack look cool? Well, they do, but they also have a purpose. The pig snout, as it is called, is there so that you can carry extra gear on your backpack, such as cords and strings that you can pull through the tab. Pretty neat, right?

Image Credits: Credit: Herschel Supply Co.

Ice Cream Scoops

I am embarrassed to admit that I've worked in an ice cream stand for many years, but I had no idea why they all had different colors! Well, each color is actually a different size of scoop, as they come in many different sizes, depending on whether it goes in a cup or filling up a 32-ounce container. 

Image Credits: Williams-sonoma

Brass Doorknobs

You probably never paid too much attention to a door handle, but if you have, you may have noticed that they're all made of brass. This is not by accident, as surfaces made of brass are more resistant to bacteria so that doorknobs stay germ-free. This is important as people pick up germs from all sorts of places and touch the doorknob, which is then going to be held by other people.

Image Credits: Peakpx

Peeling Bananas

OK, so Mother Nature designed this one, but there’s still an easier way. Monkeys and gorillas peel bananas from the bottom upwards, as it’s much easier than cracking the stem and peeling down. And they should know - have you seen how many bananas those guys can put away?!

Image credits: Pexels

Eating Oranges and Clementines

Citrus is delicious, but it can be way too messy to take to work or school. Rather than peeling the fruit with your hands, try slicing it like the picture above! It will save you a lot of time and your fingers will stay much drier. Hooray!

Image credits: Imgur

Using Tissue Paper

Tissue paper isn’t just for fancy gifts and the insides of gift bags! It has a wide range of uses and can act as a piece of blotting paper, or for storing or packing clothes that wrinkle. If you lay the clothing inside a layer of tissue paper, you’ll find that it creases much less.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Trash Bag Removal

You know when you try and pull a full garbage bag out from the trash can, and it creates suction at the bottom, making it a total pain to get out? All you need to do is drill a hole or two at the bottom of your trash can. That way, there won’t be any suction!

Image credits: Imgur

Reheating Food in the Microwave

Isn’t it annoying when you pull a steaming plate of food from the microwave oven, only to discover halfway through digging in that the middle is cold? Try leaving a hole in the middle of your leftovers next time you reheat them, and you’ll notice that they heat much more evenly!

Image credits: Thekitchn

The Hole in Lollipops

You might not have given the matter a second thought when you were a kid, but most lollipops have a hole in their sticks. It almost looks like a whistle, but just like the hole in pens, they have an important purpose. Since this is actually a product that people put in their mouths all the time, chocking can be a real hazard if you accidentally swallow the stick.

Image Credits: Playgroundplus

Just Tap and Blow to Peel an Egg

We all love hard-boiled eggs, but it’s so annoying to peel them. There are a million hacks on the internet, but they get too complicated. All you have to do is tap the top and bottom part of the egg on the table. Remove those chipped pieces and blow. The entire thing should pop off quickly.

Image Credits: The Kitchn

Flossing the Right Way

You might have flossed your entire life, but it turns out that most people don’t know the correct way to do it. That can be hurtful in the long run because maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to healthy teeth. Also, some people injure their fingers while doing so. Therefore, to do it properly, remember to make a loop with the floss for optimal cleansing.

Image Credits: Reddit/simonific

The Real Use of the Drawer Under the Oven

Not every oven comes with this special drawer, but even for the people who do have it, they never discover its real use, these folks just use it to store their pots and pans, but that’s not the purpose of it. Once your food is done cooking, you can just place it in that handy-dandy drawer to keep it warm and juicy.

Image Credits: Flickr

Bottle Openers are Not Just For Bottles

Well, we all have bottles openers at home, and they often get us out of tricky situations when we don’t have the right tools. Some people even keep one on their key chains as if it’s a Swiss army knife. Most people don’t know that you can also open cans with this tiny tool and avoid chipping your fingernails.

Image Credits: Reddit/Piyh

The Correct Way to Eat Tic-Tacs

While some people cannot control themselves when it comes to Tic-Tacs, others have a situation where a bunch of candy falls out when they open the container. However, that happens only because people are not using it correctly. Flip it around and use the lid to hold one tiny candy at a time to freshen your breath.

Image Credits: Reddit

Groove On The Bottom Of The Cup

You might have noticed that several if not all, your cups have these little grooves on the bottom, and the reason is to make them easier to wash. If there were no indentations, then after placing them upside down to dry, the water would pool. However, that is not their only purpose. They allow temperature air to flow below your cup, so when you place a hot drink on it, it does not break.

Image Credits: Twitter

Eating Pizza

You might be eating pizzas for your whole life, but there is actually a right way to do so! How is that, you may ask? Well, just fold the pizza in the middle and create a small fold in the middle. You can now hold it more easily, and the toppings won’t just slide off at the end of it.

Image credits: Aatish Bhatia

Turn a Cupcake into a Sandwich

We all love eating cupcakes with lots of frosting, but some inevitably get their faces full of it. However, you can avoid this by cutting the cupcake in half and putting the bottom part on top to make a kind of sandwich. That way, you won’t waste any frosting and can eat comfortably in front of others.

Image Credits: Imgur

Applesauce Has a Spoon

Well, this might work for other kinds of similar products like yogurt, and you might not have noticed this before. Most people forget to bring a spoon with them after packing a snack, but that’s not really a problem. You can just use the foil top, twist a part of it, and make a spoon out of it. That way, you can also avoid more waste.

Image Credits: Imgur

No More Oily Peanut Butter

While we all love organic peanut butter, sometimes, the oil separates from the rest of it. It’s annoying to stir the spread every time you want to make a sandwich. Luckily, you can avoid this by flipping the container upside down after you’re done using it. But remember to tighten the lid so nothing will drop out!

Image Credits: Lifeshouldcostless

There are Different Plungers

There might be one plunger for your entire house, but you might have used it for several things over the years. You actually need different ones for different problems around the house. Cup plungers, for example, are for sinks and pipes. Meanwhile, flange plungers, are used to unclog toilets.

Image Credits: Thespruce

The Pants Crease

You might have noticed that men’s pants have a defined crease that goes from the waist to the ankle. It appears at the front and back. However, this might seem out of fashion these days. The crease is also known as the “traveler’s crease,” and they help keep your pants neat when you hang them in a garment bag.

Image Credits: Pexels

Keyboard Feet For Better Visibility

Did you notice those little hinges underneath your keyboard? Most people believe that those are there to raise your keyboard and make it easier for your wrists, but actually, they are there for better user visibility. At that angle, you can see the keys better, allowing you to type faster and more accurately!

Image Credits: Neogaf

More Detergent Is Not Always Better

Using more detergent means cleaner clothes, right? Not really. According to the director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, using more detergent than required could trap stains instead and prevent them from being washed off.

Image Credits: Warner Bros Television/The Big Bang Theory

The Art Of Loading A Dishwasher

There's a great chance that you've been loading your dishwasher the wrong way all along. The right way to do it is to place the dirtiest dishes, like heavily soiled plates, pots, and pans in the middle of the bottom rack. Also, make sure not to block the detergent dispenser with a large item as this could keep the soap from being distributed evenly.

Image Credits: Youtube

Clean Your Sponges!

If you're not sanitizing your sponges on a regular basis, you are probably wiping your dishes with bacteria and thinking you're cleaning them. Nobody wants to clean anything with a dirty sponge! To properly sanitize it, immerse it in boiling water for five minutes. Another trick is to soak the sponge in water and leave it in the microwave for sixty seconds.

Image Credits: Needpix

Using a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers function by trapping heat and using it to cook food evenly over a long period of time. So, you don't want to lift your cooker's lid every few minutes to check on your progress! Doing so causes the heat to escape, and it will take longer to cook your meal. There is no point in checking it every couple of minutes!

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Staple Remover To Remove Keys From Your Key-Ring

You know that feeling when you have a key on your key-ring, but it seems impossible to remove it? Many of us will use a pen or even our teeth, but we highly advise against them as they can be dangerous. Instead, grab a staple remover and wedge its teeth in between the metal coils, creating more space by pressing down. Voila!

Image Credits: Youtube

How Much Toothpaste To Use 

We are all familiar with toothpaste ads, where they show a long curl of toothpaste running along the entire brush. You actually don't need that much, and companies advertise it that way so you will use more toothpaste and buy a new tube more frequently. To clean your teeth,  a pea-sized amount of toothpaste will do the trick.

Image Credits: Pexels

We bet that there were a few items on this list that caught you by surprise. We felt stupid when we realized that we've been doing some of these things wrong all along, drinking sodas with a can without using the little tab for example. It is so obvious! Yet we often do things the way we are used to, without thinking whether it's the best option.

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