Her Last Time Babysitting – When a babysitting night goes very, very wrong

Hey sugar❤️

I miss you so much


Miss you too, honey


I’d like to be there with you


You’re the worst…


What’s the matter?

Hot n bothered thinking about me?

My shift at the hospital is over

I’d be more than happy to come over                                                                     


You freaking tease

You know you can’t come over right now

I’m babysitting for the Armstrongs

Rich jerk folks


I’m glad you’re moving up in this world

Shame you can’t babysit me


Yeah, well

I’ll be in MASSIVE trouble if the Armstrongs find out about you coming over

They’re super tight about everything!

They came home one night and yelled at me for leaving a couple of crumbs on the floor

Honestly u can’t come over. If the baby wakes up I’m screwed.


Mmm, yeah that’s a problem

Considering how loud you scream, there’s no way we can do anything.               




Only telling the truth sweetie


Well, guess I can’t deny that


That’s more like it

Sooo, seeing as I can’t come to you right now

How about something for the imagination?                                                            


What do you mean?



A cute picture of you



Two seconds





Holy crap

I really want you now


Took this on Mr and Mrs Armstrongs’ bed

It is kind of a turn on, thinking about you and me on it


I really, really want to see you now

Like, super badly



Crap, hang on

Someone’s calling me


Who is it?


Probably my bank about my stupid loan


Bit late for that, don’t you think?                                                                             


Hang on, brb


Kay babe





Everything okay babe?




Something up?


It’s probably nothing

Just some weird ass creep who called me up

Started asking things like “better go check on the baby”

Just some weirdo



Don’t worry about it

Like you said, just some weirdo

Might even be someone from school pulling a prank

Don’t worry about a thing                                                                                        



Thanks babe❤️

Hang on, getting a weird text


1:10 AM



Naughty, naughty, naughty…


What the hell do you want?


Why didn’t you check on the baby?

You’re not being a very good babysitter, are you?


Go to hell


I’m just concerned, you know

Mr and Mrs Armstrong won’t be happy if something happens to their sweet little child

No, they’ll be very, very upset


The hell is wrong with you?

Go to hell, whoever you are!

I’ll block this number


Now now, there’s no need for that

You know what I’d do if I was you?                                                                       


Buzz off and get a life?


That tongue of yours is going to get you into a lot of trouble

I’d invite Sam over for the night


How the hell do you know about Sam?


Oh, I’m quite the curious person

But don’t worry about that for now

Are you going to check on the baby?                                                                     


Screw you! How the hell do you know about Sam!?

Is this some kind of prank?

Because it really isn’t funny

You’re starting to piss me off you creep

Crawl back in your pathetic little basement and leave me alone


This is going to be your last night babysitting

You might want to spend it with your boyfriend

It’s probably the last time you’re going to see him

So you know, best enjoy him while you can                                                           


Listen to me carefully



The hell.



Have you checked on the baby?






1:20 AM



Aww, I’m very happy you checked on the baby

It means you’re scared

You actually believe I’m a threat



How the hell did you know I checked on the baby?



I might be bluffing you know

I might have just been telling a few lies

Guessing at your actions

I’m very good at people, you might want to know

You might being manipulated right now, without even knowing it

I mean, that’s less scary than the alternative, isn’t it?                                            


What do you mean by alternative?


Why, the alternative is that I can actually see you right now

I could be watching you this very minute from a hidden location


You know what?

I might even be inside the house…

You never know


This isn’t funny

This isn’t freaking funny you psychopath

Do you enjoy this? Randomly calling up people, trying to freak them out?

You better stop

Seriously, knock it off

This joke has gone too far

If you don’t stop, I’ll get my boyfriend to kick you


Oh come on, Sam’s a wuss. He’s not going to do anything to me.

Besides, you don’t even know where I am right now.

How are you going to send your boyfriend after me Hmm?                                   



Then… I’ll call the police


They can trace this stupid call and find out where you are

Then you’ll be sorry



You’re a laugh, I’ll give you that

There’s a slight problem with that though, Claire


How do you know my name?


I told you, I’m a very curious person

But back to the conversation

What are you going to tell the police?

That some prankster is making fun of you?

Oh sure, I’m sure you’ll get SWAT down here to sort me out

Oh that’s really cool


Screw. You.


Then again, you might need to call the cops after all

Sure they won’t come over if a prankster is pestering you

Buuut they might come over when the baby disappears


What the hell do you mean?


Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head about that

You’ll see soon enough


Stop pestering me



Oh Claire, it’s much, much too late for that

I’m just gonna need you to do one little thing for me

Don’t go near Mr. Armstrong’s bed again

I don’t think you’ll like what you find                                                                       

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