Prince Philip's Struggle To Get Away from Traditional Royalty Despite His Old School Approach

After celebrating his 98th birthday recently, Prince Philip has a lot to be proud of. The Duke of Edinburgh, after almost an entire century, is a bold patriarch that representing the Royal Firm, which is attempting to become more well-prepared for the new era.

Even though the duke has been praised a number of times for trying to modernize the institution he married into, the prince operates in a manner that we’ll most likely never see again. He shined during the era of the Empire and old Britain, which has now, become non-existent.

Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

At almost a century old, Prince Philip embodies a certain old-fashioned that has become a sole part of who he is as an individual. His tough, man’s man image and stiff upper lip represent everything associated with the men within the British aristocracy. However, our duke is a bit of a walking paradox because, ironically, he got into a marriage where he ended up taking second place to his wife, the Queen.

Prince Philip's struggle in the British monarchy

The world that Prince Philip has lived in for over 70 years has changed dramatically and essentially no longer exists - and, along with it, the majority of the power that the House of Windsor possessed. However, the comfort is in the fact that the prince is still here.


Image source: Youtube/Royal Fashion Channel

Image source: Youtube/Royal Fashion Channel

Born in 1921 was Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, the duke had a rough upbringing. The prince had to flee his homeland when he was just a baby, in a small, wooden fruit box. And even though it was risky at the time to be part of a royal dynasty (let’s recall the Romanovs in 1918), the Duke of Edinburgh still stuck to royalty. Once the prince married into the British royal family, he was simultaneously supporting the elitist tradition of unions between European royals. That is, no commoners allowed.

And yes, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are actually third cousins, since they’re both directly related to Queen Victoria. Even looking at this one small aspect we see how much times have truly changed. For one, one of the duke’s kids ended up marrying royals, and one of his grandkids married aristocrats either.

Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

When Prince Philip became Her Majesty’s husband, The British Empire was still highly relevant - and existed, actually - at the time. However, the Duke of Edinburgh and the monarch have had to sit back watch the empire fade away, once India, numerous African Nations, and even Hong Jong claimed independence.

With this painful realization came the formation of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1949. Although, honestly, it just felt like a desperate move to bring back what once was. Even though the numbers are there (53 nations have voluntarily become members), the modern Commonwealth pales in comparison to the loud roar of the previous colonial empire.

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