Incredible Drone Photos That Reveal Things Impossible To See From The Earth

Over the years, the time has yielded some changes and advancement in the world of cinematography. Drones have been adopted as a mechanism to redeem the beauty of the earth. The perspective of our planet has been reconfigured with the employment of flying cameras used as shutters. 

Various cinematographers and photographers have relied on the use of drones to capture a better picture perspective. These advanced equipment have also been employed in creating documentaries more reliably, thus making us believe that this evolvement is advantageous.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Image Credits: Pixabay

We bring the most incredible drone captures that have been serenaded on the internet. Most of the photos showcase new views, concepts, and ideas. Read on to get acquainted with them! 

36. Quite An Experience!

These women surf through California and gained closure with some water beasts. In the documentary, they show the connection and relationship between man and the wild aquatic creatures! One of the ladies named Kelly narrated her experience. She expressed her joy and zeal in water beasts like sharks. While her boat came in contact once or twice with one, she claimed she was oblivious of how much her heart raced until she was out of the water.  It was quite an experience!

The West Australian

The West Australian

One of the cameramen explained that the idea of the girls approaching these animals on the paddleboards was from his friend Forrest, who is a wildlife biologist, and he didn’t have time to be scared. He has always been fascinated by marine life and wanted to record the reaction of the sharks and how they would interact with the girls and the environment.

35. Go Slow

Ever experienced traffic? Well, your days may be a little better ad lighter to know it could have been worse! The Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau expressway records frequent traffic even with its space. The drone image was captured after 12-day standstill traffic. Vehicles moved at a snail's pace of about one mile a day, and people had to play cards and chat with the other drivers to pass time and avoid sleeping while the cars moved.

Daily Choices

Daily Choices

China is no stranger to these ridiculous traffic jams, especially on national highways, so it is common to see this kind of problems in a few occasions of the year. This particular image comes from a traffic jam that occurred in 2010, and extended for more than 74 miles on the stretch between the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia and Beijing, leaving drivers with nowhere to flee during those excruciating days.

34. Happy Meal

This snapshot was taken by a drone up close. It provides with the knowledge of how this air beast gets his meal — showing the precision and skill used by the eagle. A merit of the drone is also to help see things up close. It's more like the more you look, the more you see! The eagle sure had a happy meal and accomplish its goal of catching a great fish to eat it with its pigeons.

This particular image is an action shot of this young juvenile bald eagle doing work on the Mississippi River, and it was captured by Troy Marcy, a photographer that specializes on images about nature and wild animals, but that work on other kinds of situations too. The photographer tells that the evening sun was lighting him up nicely and that helped him to accomplish the shot, but it shows a bit of blur on the wingtips due to the movement.

33. Can't Figure Out

Sometimes drone images help us understand things, other times, well we seem the more confused. This picture shows a gigantic stuffed rabbit in the middle of a field! It doesn't tell its purpose, but we guess it was created for sheer fun and to accomplish this particular image for the internet. Maybe someone's lost a big bunny? We can't say for sure but it’s certainly a particular image that’s worth seeing.

This pink rabbit was woven by Gelitin, a group of artists from Vienna, as an outdoor sculpture for the purpose of people getting on top of it, taking pictures, relaxing in their belly, or simply playing with it. It measures approximately 200 feet long and about 20 feet thick and is made of soft, waterproof, materials, stuffed with straw. He appeared in 2005, and has become murky gray with the passage of time.

32. Being Different

Well, this farmer just felt that he could use a different tactic in shooing the birds off his plantation. He made use of a Scary looking scarecrow thing! A clown! The farmer's choice is eerie rather than funny. What's more? Well, the clown scarecrow's gaze was fixed on the camera and on the image, we could think it’s a regular scarecrow, but in reality, is a person disguise as this weird creature that will probably scare every animal on the area.

As we can see in the video from which this image comes, the person is moving around the field until he detects the presence of the drone. After watching it for a couple of seconds, he starts to flee towards the forest and he gets lost among the trees. It is probably a montage and the drone pilot already knew what he would find, but it is still a spooky and strange scene of which we can not know many details.

31. On Top Of The World

These lovebirds go the extra mile to show off their love to the world. The newlyweds were seen on the topmost of a building, and no jokes the over joyous couple looked like they would go through whatever heights for each other! This creative shoot shows how a man can bring new concepts to the touchdown of love and affection. Creativity at this peak! In addition, what’s even more stunning about it is that it was an accident!

This beautiful image captured by the filmmaker Brandon Li in Hong Kong was made while he and a friend made a test flight of his new DJI Phantom 3. Their initial idea was to make some beautiful shots of the sunset, but the drone battery worn out and they pointed the camera down as they flew back to where they started. Li says that they did not notice the couple until after reviewing the content of the video.

30. Christ The Redeemer

Brazil is famous for its involvement in the Christian religion. Rio de Janeiro holds the center of attraction for the famous Christ The Redeemer statue. This shot, however, explores a side of the figure that hasn't been seen before. The top view provided by this shot shows how magnanimously sorted it is on the mountain! It also flaunts the grand presence of the statue and the number of people that visit it every week to see its magnificent.

The image was captured by a photographer and filmmaker named Alexander Salem, who said that he likes to take his drone to nature walks and that doing this kind of images is very fun for him because it involves seeing the world from another perspective. "I arrived at the feet of the Christ the Redeemer statue. The evening and the beautiful sun beating on the back of the statue created the perfect combination for this photo."

29. See Dubai 

This microscope Dubai's evolvement in architectural projects, they show the different sides, forms, and shapes of this genius ideas. It also shows the rapidity at which Dubai recorded a success, with attention to detail and adequacy! Isn't Dubai a lovely tourist attraction? This city is sincerely one of the most advanced cities of our world, and images like this one show a side of it that most people seem to forget when they’re running for the office.

This particular image is part of a work by photographer Sebastian Opitz called "Vertical Dubai," and captures the city from the clouds using his drone and a bit of creativity. To achieve it, the photographer had to climb 414 meters to the 85th floor of the Princess Tower, capturing a city unknown to many and bathed in a haze that only happens 4 to 6 days a year, and that seems to devour even the highest skyscraper.

28. Zigzag Path

This flaunts the flawlessly laid country road from season to season. It explains the various weathers witnessed also. The differences in leaves color are outlined. The green to brown, showing it withering while the yellow and purple plant retains their beauty. The nature shot shows the consequences of man's habits on nature. It also shows a connection between the heavens and Mother Nature and how we usually miss the beauty of what surrounds us every day of our lives.

Calin Stan

Calin Stan

In addition to showing the world from his perspective, Calin Stan, the author of this image, seeks to highlight the aerial views through a pure photography that allows people to detail the spaces. His main project,, is a window to his work as a filmmaker and photographer that demonstrates the beauty of nature, and this image that belongs to his series "Life From Above," clearly demonstrates this and give us a gorgeous set of colors.

27. Red Undertone

The picture resembles an edit of a SciFi film or some kind of parallel world. Although it is real, the beauty shows the diversity in American geography and the colors of nature. The Arizona road in red exalts the rural setting. The color is synonymous to Mar-like craters and takes us to another planet without having to leave our home. Its adequacy should be shared with the world, maybe in art galleries.

Aydın Büyüktaş.

Aydın Büyüktaş.

The designer and photographer, Aydın Büyüktaş, created this series of images under a project called "Flatland II" with a style that reminds us a lot of the images of the movie 'Inception,' showing us a flat view of the curved world in which we live. Highlighting the colors and shapes of different spaces to transmit his message in each image and capture the attention of people through a totally different world to which we are accustomed.

26. Hot Red

While red could represent sweetness and fierceness, it could also mean danger! This picture of volcanic eruption is scary and leaves one with a warm feeling. Now that drones are explored, it has helped to foster researches on topics like this, and humans gain more knowledge even without being on site. It actually would have been impossible to get as close as the drone, and even these devices could receive damage during the filming process because of the tremendous heat.

This image is part of a film project made by the American filmmaker Eric Cheng on February 2015 and shows images in which he flew over the red hot lava lake in Iceland and nearly melts the device in the process. This lava lake, in particular, is part of the Holuhraun lava field that was formed in 2014, and which is almost the same size as Manhattan.

25. Diving Spot

China's Yellow River is famous for its water diving spots, so if you want to go on a treat, and you're a water person, all the best! Here we see a man tentatively diving into the waterfall. This tongue-wagging image shows how fast the drones are in doing their jobs. It shows how the man fits perfectly into the order of the universe as a game player and has the ability to turn a standard shot in something amazing.

The name of this image is "Waterfall Hero," and it was made by a Chinese photographer named Shen Min. He won second place in the portraits category, of the professional group, in the 2017 Skypixel photo contest. It shows an incredible image that portrays a person equating the force and impetus of the river where he's swimming, from a perspective in which we can see the two protagonists as one.

24. High Life

Apart from the splendid views, the drones provide us with; it also presents us with knowledge about our planet. However, in the course of appreciating other wonders of the earth, human-made structures can receive the same commendation. The Sagrat Cor Church in the top of a hill, in Barcelona, reveals man's employment of creativity. The drone shows how the Jesus image on the top of the building is staring down at the people.

Amos Chapple was the photographer who captured this beautiful image in which the image of Jesus is seen surrounded by clouds. It is part of a collection of images that title "Air," and show the world from his own vision of the heights. Regarding this image, the photographer commented: "Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona. Twenty minutes later to thunderstorm hit the city."

23. Left Behind

This part of the city of Abkhazia was left in abandonment after it suffered some ethnic purge. The photo details loneliness and sadness as the building seats pretty in the middle of nowhere. People fled for fear of being killed, and the attention on this caption shows how much man's inadequacies can cost. It also established the relationship between man and nature. Being surrounded by trees, and all of earth's green!

This image also belongs to the photographer Amos Chapple and is part of an exhaustive work in which he was traveling throughout the region to capture with his images a personal perspective of the area. In the picture, we can see a ruined college in Gali, near the 'border' with Georgia, where ethnic Georgians made up 96% of the region's pre-war population. Unfortunately, this is currently considered a ghost area devoured by nature.

22. Solitude

When your neighbors don't get that all you want is everlasting peace! This image's geography is in the western region of Georgia, Khatshki, and it is the residence of a lonely spiritualist. The monk who resides in the building, which is in a rock formation called “The Katskhi Pillar,” is usually catered for, and is accessible using a 131 ft ladder, such a climb! He receives food and supplies two times a week.

Maxime Qavtaradze, the monk that resides in this place, found his vocation when he was the lowest point of his life. He was doing prison for selling drugs, and after that, he took the monastic votes on 1993. He’s what we know as a stylite, which is a tradition that is believed to have begun in 423 A.C. This image was also taken by Amos Chapple, who ascended the cliff to photograph Maxime life there.  

21. One, Two Views

This waterfall is 1,175ft looking at it vertically, the Mardalsfossen waterfall in Norway holds an array of beauty as it lays upon the clouds. The picture provides two views of the natural phenomenon. First, the calm body of water flowing gorgeously and calculatingly, which is opposed to the chaotic look of the abyss that many people call “the end of the world” since the fall looks like it has no end.

Daniel Reuber is the photographer responsible for this image. Mardalsfossen is northern Europe’s highest waterfall and is located in the municipality of Nesset. In the image, you can see the Mardøla river that flows into the Eikesdalsvatnet lake and nourishes the waterfall, creating this gorgeous spectacle that can only be seen for two months of the year. Also, the photographer had to shot blind since the drone was too high and he lost the transmission signal of the image.

20. Military Projects

A colossal sum is usually spent in obtaining military equipment, but what happens after these ammunitions, and equipment sever their purpose? The picture shows the storage site of this military equipment. “The Graveyard” is located in Tucson, Arizona, and stores up 4000 military aircraft. It has been operational since the Second World War and the US army reports about $500million profit from it since the military equipment is dismantled and salvaged for selling its parts or other military projects.

This image was made by a photographer named Alex MacLean, who is also a pilot and has devoted a large part of his life to flying over the United States and photographing its landscapes. This particular image is part of a series of images he calls "Deserting" that collects many images of the most desert areas of the country. Through this series of images, MacLean conjugates a very particular vision of the colors and textures of the earth from the air.

19. Mir Mine

This repository is now artificial, and one of the most significant holes explored by man. The diamond mine is situated in the Soviet Union. Whilst the open-pit mine is no longer operational, underground work still continues. The mine is now a center for tourist attraction, visitors and tourists admire the aesthetics of the art from a distance since the mine and the city that gives it its name is off-limits for tourist without special permission from the government.

Eso ha vuelto

Eso ha vuelto

The image was made by an internet user using Google Earth, but anyone can observe it using this tool. The mine measures 1,722 feet by 3,9000 feet, and it is the fourth deepest mine in the world. Its building began in 1957 after Soviet scientists discovered a huge diamond in its land, and despise the harsh conditions on it, in the 1960s, it produced as much as 10,000,000 carats of diamond per year.

18. Crash Landing

Amid a thick green forest, this drone gives representation to details correctly. The picture shows an aircraft, Boeing 727 plane lying in the greens, from the top view looked like it crashed in the trees, but not really! What's more incredible is the fact that a person named Bruce Campbell bought this plane and now resides in it! In Portland, Oregon. The aircraft home isn't such a bad idea, living fly on the ground!

Campbell has been living on this device for six months each year since he bought it in 1999 for $100,000. It’s equipped with water, electricity, and sewage, and it has a great interior space that Campbell can use. One of the other excentricities about it is that it’s the plane that flew Aristotle Onassis’s body home to Greece for burial, with Jackie Onassis and family flying in the main cabin.

17. Above The Ground

This reflects the differences in living in two worlds. The up society and the earth beneath. While man lives in the world underneath,  birds soar in the sky, but that doesn't stop either party from visiting either world. For a man he travels via air, for birds such as the eagle in this picture, he is scanning for his dinner and when he eventually finds it, will clamp, and pull, and scratch it down, on the ground, which is man's world.

This image was taken by a nomad which username on the networks is Capungaero, and it was taken on the Bali Barat National Park, in Indonesia. He probably chased the bird for a while before catching up with it to accomplish this image that won the 1st prize on the Dronestagram & National Geographic Awards of the most amazing aerial views that were celebrated on 2014, and that shows a lot of amazing images captured at the precise moment.

16. Own Island

So this image calls to mind the length and measures man is willing to go for solitude. A loner probably wanted to escape the thrills and screams of the world. This depicts a clamor for peace. So subtle but loud enough. We hear it loud and clear, alright Mr! It was shot by a drone soaring between New York and Canada. The government controls the lands around it, but it’s probably privately owned by a person who loves to have his peace.

Justen Soule is the name of the filmmaker, photographer, and tech writer that captured this image. It was taken near Alexandria Bay and it depicts a gorgeous little place from which we don’t know anything else. Soule’s work has taken him to many places in the world, and he uses his knowledge in film and photography to show the world comparing it with how small are we to the nature that surrounds us.

15. Window-pained

While it may seem white-collar jobs have its rigors, so does a blue-collar job. This drone captures workers in Russia as they suspended themselves to clean a window, well in this case series of windows. It was taken in the early hours of the evening, so these appear to be devoted workers who look like they'd finish their work in time and are ready to go home and rest for tomorrow. Don't they deserve an accolade?

This image won the second Prize Winner in the urban category of the 4th annual International Drone Photography Contest organized by Dronestagram. The name of the author is Alexey Goncharov, and this particular image, named “Dawn on Mercury Tower,” is part of a project he calls “I Fly Over Moscow” in his Instagram account. He uses his photographic abilities to capture this town from a different perspective and with his own concepts.

14. Lilies

This drone shows the work of a flower collector. The Vietnamese woman resides in the Mekong Delta. She saddled upon herself the responsibility of taking boat trips and collecting lilies during these trips. She arranged her collections artistically, and her photo competed in the International Drone Photography Contest. She was recognized and came second on this contest. This picture explores true beauty, so what was the first position photo like?

The name of the photographer is Khánh Phan, a Vietnamese girl who loves to use her drone to capture images of her country and share them with people in the photographic community. This image its part of a series of photographies she has on these particular women who arrange the plants in a beautiful circle each day to wash each gun flower, bundling it into a bundle to bring it to market.

13. Optical Illusion

This picture isn't what you think. It may look like a boat sitting on top of a piece of dry cracky cheese, but look again! The capture is a boat on clear waters in Virginia Burke Lake by a US photographer. It is so clear that the bottom of the sea can be viewed from the top. The boat riders make the cracks as they work their ears in the water, and the piece is referred to as 'Crack Mud Boating.'

Milo Allerton Bateman is the author of this image. He’s a published photographer that enjoys capturing this kind of images while on family trips, but also has a more professional project dedicated to these images called ‘droneseyeCREW.’ This image was edited to accentuate the bottom of the lake and its “drying mud” look, but it’s as astonishing as possible and captures de fantasy without losing the quality of the image.

12. Survival

These beasts may look slow and less harmless, but they are not! The photographer did well to keep a reasonable distance from them, as they scuttle their way to eat! A hungry hippo is an angry hippo! Moreover, hippos are known to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world for their ferocity. The hippos are close-knit as they scout for food together. The image shows how much sharing they will engage in when they find a meal.

dronestagram best aerial photos

dronestagram best aerial photos

Yannick Wavre, a 30-year-old lawyer in Geneva, Switzerland, was responsible for capturing this image of the hippos in the middle of the river, at a much-visited spot in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The photographer comments, in his own words, that he was on his honeymoon with his wife in the park when they saw this group of approximately 20 hippos that woke up from their nap and approached the water.

11. German Fort

A small town in Holland holds a record of a formidable architectural piece. This building is a 300-year-old Dutch Fort, and it maintains a star shape. Today it is a historical museum; its artistic deposition is worthy of admiration. The museum consciously and cautiously grooms its surroundings. They take good care of it as it is a center for tourist attractions and it still maintains its original structure and details, with the proper restorations.

This is another image from Amos Chapple, the photographer of several images in the article. He describes the fort on this image like this on his website: “The star fort at Bourtange. Three centuries after the last cannonball was fired in anger at the fort, it now serves as a museum and center of a sleepy farming village in eastern Holland. The low, thick walls were designed to offset the pounding force of cannon fire.”

10. Great Heights

This may seem like a picture obtained from a Disney animation, but it is nothing but nature showed from a different and fantastic point of view. The beautiful river lines were captured by a flying drone which flew to 1500ft in rather cold weather. The features employed by this river is outstanding. It has always been famous for its beauty, as the Delta River in Iceland! The colors and textures of this image are gorgeous!

The image forms part of a collection called “Elemental,” and belongs to Max Foster, a travel and landscape photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His first steps into photography were after a journey abroad in which he thought all the photos he took were perfect, but after arriving home he realized that all were blurry and out-of-focus. This made him start studying and investigating about it to be a better photographer.

9. Mexico

The picture speaks volumes. This concept shows the whole city in one photo! We see various buildings, constructions, and just the extent to which these people have succeeded in representing themselves on the world map. With over 21 million citizens, it shows the hustle and bustle of the city, the highs, and the lows. Just how much do you intend to know about Mexico and its cities? Well, look in the picture!

The image comes from a project called “Terrazo” from the Mexican Photographer Pablo Lopez Luz and captures the essence of CDMX from a different perspective. About this collection of images, the photographer says that “My specific intention is to re-interpret the classical notion of the Mexican landscape (present throughout the pictorical history of Mexican art), through a contemporary point of view, brought about by the presence of man and his relationship to his surroundings.”

8. Sideways?

Sometimes it's a natural phenomenon it captures, other times well, accidents, this image shows an unfortunate incident. The driver's truck laid on the side after a crash. It doesn't seem like anyone was hurt, though, we hope not! While one man groaned in distress, the photographer used his drone to depict the concept of life. Showing other vehicles passing by, it displayed man's negligence for one another, how no one has time to stop!

Drone photo

Drone photo

Ilya Martyanov took this image of a truck in Russia, and it depicts a very unusual situation from a very different point of view. Dronestagram selected this image as one of the 50 best images taken by a drone in 2018, and it shows how a good photographer can take advantage of any situation to make an awesome picture. Sadly, the truck driver wasn’t very happy about this accident, but now he’s kind of famous.

7. Icy?

Plants do not just sprout on the surface without being deeply rooted in the ground. Sometimes these found effects travel wide, and this photo exemplifies it. The tree in the image shows how wide the plant's roots can cover. The tree may be standing at a spot on the top, but in the ground, it includes a broader range. The tree in the ice also shows how plants can handle the climate and live entirely as opposed to a man.

Drone photo

Drone photo

This images name is “Winter Ice” and it belongs to a user of Dronestagram called “photographersWorld.” He was one of the finalists of the fifth annual International Drone Photography Contest. The image is described by its author as taken “In the middle of the winter forest,” but there’s no more info about its location or the conditions in which he took the picture, so it’s hard to know the background of this photographer or the image.

6. Happy Rides

These students seem to be having the time of their lives while learning how to sail. Look, they are so excited that they have a smiley face on! The drone image was captured in Singapore, and the distant view showed the yellow kayaking boats nesting gently on the sea as the accidentally formed this image for the drone to capture it. It’s great to see that the most common elements can be transformed into something like this.

John Wong –

John Wong –

“Canoes in the Reservoir” is an image taken by a Dronestagram user name “John Wong” that was captured in Singapore. It’s exactly what its name describes, but looked from the air in a particular, yet interesting, point of view that makes the elements of the photo to form a distinctive smiley face. The picture was added to the webpage of the user on November 2018, and you can see a lot of its work on the site.

5. Polariced?

A French photographer, Florian Lodeax, showed off his expertise when he captured a "caught in the act" picture of a polar bear crossing am an icy sea. In 2017, when he received the Skypixel awards, he gave a speech concerning wildlife. He shared his experience with wildlife and hoped that the future generation would witness the same as global warming is making the ice melt and the Arctic wildlife obliterate.



In that speech, he said: “Dear future generation, I hope we will still be able to see Arctic wildlife as we do now. It is threatened as the environment is changing… I can guarantee you this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Lodeax explains that the magnitude of the landscape and the incredible species that live there attracted him to the Arctic and that he has been deeply moved since his first trip.

4. Vacation

In the course of a holiday to Valensole, France, a couple thought to explore with great commitment things that hadn't been explored. 39-year-old Jerone Courtial and his beau caught the purple-themed image and was awarded the Dronestagram Winner 2017. For this image, the author said that he wanted to capture a tourist image that was out of the ordinary, so he waited a lot to accomplish his goal on that trip.



Jerone is an internationally published photographer and video producer that works exclusively for resorts and hotels. He lives in London but has traveled to a lot of places in the world for his job including Ibiza, Marrakech, Bali, and New York. His Aerial Work, as he called, is mainly focused on exalting the spaces and tourist attractions of the places he visits, finding a way to absorb all the magic of the are in one image.

3. A Baby

Baby bump photos mostly involve the mother showing off her baby bump. However, this pair decided to take it to a completely new level. Both expectant father and mother lumped together in a shoot to share the news with the world! Thibault and Britany engaged in a particular process in a Normandy photoshoot that shows a very different way of bringing life to our world. Just how apt is their baby-making process?



The love of this parents for Japanese animation, mainly Dragon Ball series, is evident on the image, and this photo won the "Creativity" category at Dronestagram's "2017 Drone Aerial Photography Contest." Thibault Beguet, the father in the image, is the author of it, as he’s a photographer and videographer specialized on drones. You can see his work on his project, “Macareux Productions,” and notice the amount of effort and creativity he uses to make every image unique.

2. Colors and Patterns

Several colluding colors depict the diversity of this plains. Although not too much information is known concerning this picture. A photographer named Anders Andersson was responsible for this image and his work with drones is amazing as he tries to change the environment with his point of view. Drones seemingly make life easier and more refreshing. It explores and covers wider than a man can, although one of man's inventions it provides is with suitable information about our planet.

Anders via

Anders via

Andersson calls this part of his work as a photographer, “Aerograms,” and depicts a world totally different than what we are used to seeing. “Millions of tulips” was taken on a Dutch tulip fields, in the Netherlands.  In his own words, the image is “a bird´s view of tulip fields near Voorhout in the Netherlands, photographed with a drone in April 2015. My ‘tulip trip’ to Holland was my first drone field trip abroad, and I struck gold with these images.”

1. Silhouette

This provides a perfect representation of our shadows. It reflects from high above how we stay fixed to our telephones while being oblivious of our surroundings and the world keeps spinning and following its course without us noticing that we could be in danger but we’re wasting our time looking down. The image shows man's complete inattentiveness because of a distraction that may ultimately cause a man to miss out on the true beauty of the world!



The author of the image, Tomas van Houtryve, is a conceptual artist, photographer and author that works mainly on investigative journalism, philosophy and metaphor. This image is called “Signature behavior,” it was taken on 2013 and printed on gelatin silver. It forms part of a Van Houtryve work that’s named “Blue Sky Days,” and the photographer explained that, for this project, he travelled across America to photograph the very sorts of gatherings that have become habitual targets for foreign air strikes.

These photos have shown the contributions of the drone to human society. Apart from being a technological advancement, it has helped to broaden our perspectives on things, as well as to provide an avenue to explore. Think this was worth the read? Well then share this article with a pal, don't forget to hit us up in the comment section!

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