Colorado Foster Mom Discovers Fabulous Similarity In Her Children And Finds Out A Terrific Truth

Here is an undeniable fact; life is so uncertain. We never honestly know what awaits us. Kate Page, a Birmingham, Alabama native, took the big leap to relocate to another place to start a new life. However, she had no idea that life was going to lead her to become a foster mom.

In the course of taking care of babies who had been abandoned by their parents, she found a new path. One that would lead her through an incredible journey of being an adoptive mom to a unique set of babies. What is fascinating is the unique similarities these babies share. Read on to enjoy Katie Page's beautiful story.


Life is a story of highs and lows, but we have to reassure ourselves that there is always а light at the end of a dark tunnel. Katie Page's marriage to her sweetheart was dissolved in her early 30s. This event afforded Page the opportunity to change her direction and focus on something new and refreshing.

However, in the beginning, she wasn't entirely sure of what she was going to do. Later on, she would find out that the single step she took would forever change her life in ways she never imagined. Kate was going to settle as a foster mom, but she was clueless how that choice of hers will usher in an amazing revelation that will put herself and her family in the limelight.


In a bid to kickstart a fresh chapter of her life, Page knew she needed to relocate. She migrated from the country to Colorado, then she took up a new job and worked in the commercial construction industry.  She was able to purchase a four bedroom house that would need considerable refurbishments.

The renovations would require a lot of money, so Page took it upon herself to get it done. For her, this was a good thing; she'd not only cut expenses but also be able to focus on her new life and avoid distractions. However, staying all alone in a big house despite trying to begin a new life still felt somehow wrong to her. Page perceived that something important was absent. 


As we stated above, even though her new job and the activities of renovating her home kept her inspired and motivated, she still felt something was out of place. Page wasn't exactly happy with her situation because deep down, she knew there was more to her than the current life she was living. However, on a fateful day, she got an email at work that would forever alter the direction of her life.


The mail was a letter from a local church Page joined when she moved to Colorado. The content was an invitation to a forthcoming seminar that would revolve around fostering children who are in need. Somehow, Page was fascinated by the idea and loved it.

She reached out to her mom and urged her to come along with her. Although her mum was initially taken aback by her daughter's decision, she decided to tag along with her. They both attended the seminar, but they had no idea what they were going to face.


Page was pleased with how the meeting turned out. She was totally motivated by the idea of being a foster mom. However, just like anyone else, she was initially nervous about the possibility of becoming a foster mom. Even though she was at home with the thought, and it felt right with her spirit, she had to make a choice carefully.

She was just a single woman who had just left her marriage and was trying to adjust to her new surroundings. Furthermore, would she indeed be able to handle the demands that will come with her decision?


Page eventually made a choice. She decided that being a foster mom was worth it. Also, she was ready to endure and handle the huge obligations that would come with caring for little children.

So, on Mother's Day in 2015, she took the bold step and submitted her application to become a foster mom. She would later realize that the bold decision she made would be one of the best she would ever make in her life.


Page instantly began her new position as a foster mom after her application was successfully processed. She was faced with cases of kids without parents and those who were hurting through traumas they had experienced at a young age. This implies that she would need to devote more time and attention to the children.

Much more, she would have to be exceedingly tactful to the children's specific needs. Page soon realized that she wanted more than fostering.


Amazingly, what started from a single email was about to lead to something amazing. Page decided she wanted to adopt, after acquiring sufficient experience as a foster mom. She wanted to give motherhood a chance. At the time, Page had taken four foster children under her care.

She had done incredibly well, taking care of kids who had encountered terrible and difficult situations in life.  However, Page would be faced with a more demanding situation as regards to the next child she'd come across, which would later lead her to unfold a big mystery.


Page was already taking care of a 14-month old baby when the fostering agency asked her if she would be able to take in a special child. Apparently, a four-day-old baby had been left behind by his mother in the hospital.

The infant who wasn't given a registered name had been unhealthily exposed to drugs in the womb. Fortunately, the baby didn't seem to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Could Page be the right woman for the job?


Taking in another child would definitely drain Page of financial resources and energy. However, she couldn't turn her back after listening to the baby's story. Page knew she was going to need extra hands to take care of two infants. Hence, she decided to call her mom before making the final decision. She asked if she could stay with her for a couple of months to help take care of the babies.

Thankfully, her mother agreed. Page brought the baby home and named him Grayson because she believed it was God's grace that orchestrated their meeting. This seems like a happy ending, but it is only the beginning of how things would eventually play out. Page is about to come face to face with a part of the baby's past she didn't know about.


Page and her mother completely took care of baby Grayson, as care workers endeavored to locate his biological parents. They posted details in newspapers and thoroughly looked through the hospital where he had been deserted. All they had was his birth's mother first name and date of birth.

They were hopeful that they would encounter anyone who could help with their search. However, what they were going to discover at the end of their search was clearly going to be beyond their expectations.


Baby Grayson had become a big part of Page's life, and deep down, she was glad to be parenting him. However, she wasn't happy that no one had come forward to claim him. This was because she was concerned about the day she would have to tell him his birth mother abandoned him. Everything about baby Grayson appealed to Page, so she decided to take another bold step. 


When Grayson was 11-months old on May 25, 2017, his adoption became finalized. He officially became Grayson Page. Initially, Page desired to further expand her family by taking in another child, but she knew she had to wait.

Even though baby Grayson didn't experience withdrawal symptoms, he experienced developmental and physical struggles due to his exposure to drugs. Undoubtedly, he would require extra attention and care. However, two weeks following his adoption, Kate received a call that would change everything.


Page received a call at the fostering agency about a baby who needed a home. They knew she had just adopted Grayson, but they believed she could take up the special case. Strangely, the new four-day-old baby girl who needed care and Grayson had similar circumstances surrounding their birth.

She was abandoned at the same hospital and was exposed to drugs in the womb just like Grayson had been. Page threw her previous resolve out through the window and opted to take in the baby. Such a sweet soul!

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I never guessed this fostering journey would bring me to this place... I knew heartbreak was inevitable but I never guessed I would be making decisions like the one before me. I raise every child in my home as if they are my own and I consider each my family.... for as long or as short as that time in my home that God's plan allows. The time remaining with my Baby Girl Z greatly depends on the choice I make in the next couple of weeks which may be one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make. I pray that God gives me clarity over the next couple of weeks... because today no choice seems right or safe. #bestillandknow #blessmyfamilylord #thisisfostercare #fosteringishard #babygirlz #chooselove

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Despite her previous desire to wait before adding to her family, she brought the baby girl under her care. When Page finally met the baby, she discovered other peculiar similarities with Grayson apart from their birth circumstances. This discovery would lead to one of the biggest surprises of her life!


Now, Page is a single woman taking care of two babies with unique needs. She is an adoptive mom to Grayson and a foster mom to the new baby girl. Page found out that the exact name provided as Grayson's mom was the same as the new baby's. Could this just be a pure coincidence? The name was quite an unusual one, so it was easily noticeable by Page. 

Driven by curiosity, she left the babies in the care of her roommate, Ashley Chapa. She went ahead to the hospital, to look for the discharge papers. Then she found another gripping clue.


After going through the file cabinets, Page managed to find the original records. She discovered that the birthdate of the baby girl's mother was just a day different from that of Grayson's biological mother. Page began to think that the two babies in her care could be from the same woman.

She decided to contact the caseworker in charge of the children, but she was told that it was impossible. Page wasn't convinced by the response she got, so she went ahead to investigate further. Her findings would uncover lots of unforgettable details.

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Despite the cozy cuteness of his nursery, Grayson has decided he to cry almost every time we enter it lately unless he is overly tired. He is determined to stay awake and be held by mommy as much as possible. Part of me loves that he needs and wants me so much... this is the first signs he has shown of not freely and happily going to anyone. So it does help me know that he is attached to me. But I also want him to LOVE his room and feel safe and secure there as well. We shall see how things progress and hopefully this room goes back to being a place he enjoys! #woodandgrace #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #fixerupper #mysouthernhome #mybhg #interiorinspo #home #whitefarmhouse #lilbabyg #diy #nursery #shiplap

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The odds were too high for the possibility that the babies in Page's care were from the same birth mom. Page continued with the search, and luckily, she was able to find the birth mother of the baby girl months later. While they were discussing, the birth mother revealed to Page that she had earlier given birth to a baby boy before her baby girl. This revelation confirmed Page's theory all along. Coupled with the fact that Grayson resembles the woman.


Page scheduled a meeting between the babies' caseworker and the baby girl's biological mother to find out the truth. Page had earlier been told that it was impossible that the babies in her care were from the same mother. However, she had succeeded in accumulating credible evidence that supports her theory.

Furthermore, she needed the foster agency to confirm her claims and unveil the truth. The mystery was far too intriguing to wade off. The call she received from the agency finally brought everything into the light.


Page was at work when her phone rang. Full of excitement, she picked up to know what the caseworker had found out. Her caseworker, who was shocked by what she had found blurted out: 

"Katie, I think you're right."

Then she continued:  

"Her story breaks my heart, and I can't believe it, but I am 90% sure you're right, and this is a miracle." 

After she dropped the call, she received another from her caseworker an hour later. Is there another detail yet to be revealed?

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Apparently, Page suspicion turned out to be entirely accurate. When she received the second call, it was confirmed that both Grayson and the baby girl were from the same mother! Page had unintentionally brought in two babies who were siblings under her roof.

Even though they do not resemble each other; they are blood-related brother and sister!  Astonishingly, they had found their way to the same foster mom. It was mind-blowing for Page!


Page couldn't believe her ears when she heard the news. She was overwhelmed with happiness. It was simply unusual and special how two siblings had ended up with her. After hearing the news, Katie couldn't help but show her extreme relief and excitement.

At this point, there was no point to doubt the fact, as a DNA test had been conducted for both babies. The analysis further confirmed the fact that they are siblings.


On December 28, 2018, Page officially became the adopted mom of the baby girl whom she named Hannah. Page disclosed that both of them get along very well, and humorously described them as "partners in crime." She also said Grayson has a cooler personality than Hannah. Even though their true identity had been revealed, there was still something else set to be discovered.

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The caseworkers had every reason not to have accepted Page's theory right from the start. This was because it had been challenging to locate the babies' biological mother. She had written down a wrong surname and falsified her date of birth on the bracelet found on Grayson.

However, when they found her, they discovered that she was pregnant with another child! What is more intriguing is her intention for her third child, this would lead to Page to make yet another bold decision.


At first, it seemed the biological mother of baby Grayson, and Hannah wanted her kids back. However, she later concluded that they were better with their adopted mother. Their biological mother gave birth to another child thirteen months after Hannah was born.

Page willingly took the infant under her care and became her foster mom. She plans on adopting the child and adding her to her family. Extraordinarily, the kids who share the same biological mother ended up with the same adopted mother.

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4 years ago on Mother’s Day I made the leap of faith and applied to be a foster parent... never once did I imagine when I pictured what the journey might look like that I would be a mom to three under three. But I wouldn’t change a thing and I couldn’t be more grateful to these lil ones who call me mama ❤️ I couldn’t do it without the help of my mom and all my mom friends who support me along this journey... motherhood is truly the most rewarding journey 🥰 📸: @lammslensphotography #fostercare #singlefostermom #thisisfostercare #chooselove #momlife #fosterlove #fostertoadopt #adoption #mightymamasbyadoption #adoptionrocks #fostermama #fostering #fosterbaby #thisisus #fostercareis #itsworthit #lovemakesafamily

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This is incredibly amazing! Who would have thought that Katie Page would end up adopting three children from the same mother?! Nonetheless, we are glad things turned out the way it did. Also, we are sure the kids will grow up loving one another as actual siblings, now that they are under the protective arms of their adopted mother. What do you think about this story? What would you have done if you were Katie Page? If you found this article compelling and inspiring, share it with your friends who would love it.

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