On Tour Rules Billie Eilish Does Not Follows In Favor To Her Fans

Whilst most celebrities are worried about fitting in and giving the people what they want, Billie Eilish is a new artist on the scene whos unapologetically herself. And this is arguably the exact reason why the singer gained so many fans overnight. Refusing to conform to standards, we’ve listed the ways that Billie breaks the rules.

10. Contact

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When you’re a celebrity, safety usually comes first. And although Billie has an entire security team to help keep the star safe, she definitely doesn’t make it easy on them! The singer loves to get up close to her fans and is notorious for jumping off the stage and reaching over the barricades during her performances. After all, Eilish believes that “physicality is so important”, but it's also important that she remembers her limits as a celebrity as well.

9. Wardrobe

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You would think that stars have all the freedom they could possibly want when it comes to their creative outlet. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Females performers are expected to wear certain outfits and dress a certain way onstage, but Billie doesn’t care for standards and simply refuses.

This is one performer you’ll never see jumping on stage in a skimpy or skintight outfit. In fact, this is exactly why she’s always pictured wearing baggy clothes. The singer does so purposely so that people won’t critique the way her body looks. She breaks and ignores fashion rules, creating a unique style of her own - and fans adore her for it.

8. Spectacle

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As a performer, it’s important to put on the best and most entertaining shows that you possibly can. Your fans will love you for bringing them something they can’t experience from the comfort of their homes. And Billie recognizes the importance of this. The singer once said that she makes it a mission to perform like she’s “right in the pit”!

7. Health

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Billie Eilish might be young, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her fair share of health issues. Touring can leave an artist drained, both physically and emotionally. And, having some underlying health problems already, Billie shared that touring and performing at times can be very difficult for the celebrity.

For one, the singer claims she suffers from tendonitis, meaning her tendons sometimes get inflamed. On top of that, the performer has stated that she’s, well, just a little on the clumsy side since she gets injured very easily. Because of this, Eilish knows she has her limits and needs to take it easy during performances if she wants to keep touring.

6. Tourettes syndrome

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On top of worrying about injuries and her tendonitis, Eilish also suffers from a neurological disorder. Lots of fans aren’t aware of the fact that the singer is battling with Tourette’s syndrome since she’s become so good at hiding her tics.

But, it's only a matter of time until her symptoms become worse. The more she does, the harder it gets to keep them under control. And stress, plus lack of sleep, exacerbate her condition even more. For now, she just does her best to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

5. Control

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With her physical ailments come a couple of mental health issues as well. Billie has been open about struggling with depression and has described herself as a melancholy person. She believes there are people whose natural state is constant happiness, but she just doesn’t fall under that category.

Because of this, the singer stated that it can get easy to get caught up in the negative feelings - but she does everything she can to stop it from controlling her. With so much going on in her life, the celebrity makes sure she takes care of her mental health too.

4. Radio-friendly

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Fans love Billie for her uniqueness, which is exactly why the artist's music became so popular. When singers are first starting out, they mostly focus on producing content that’s radio-friendly and generic and branch out into doing their own thing afterward.

Eilish, on the other hand, produced unique content from the very beginning. By uploading her music online, the singer was able to just 100% be herself - and her sound was so different from what we’re used to hearing, that fans totally ate it up.

3. Criticism

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The people who love Billie simply can’t get enough of her - and we can see why! But, just like everyone else, the singer is just as susceptible to criticism and negative comments. The artist has her fair share of haters, and whether its because of her unique style, or simply because people need to hate on sometimes, Eilish makes it a point to ignore the negativity.

It can become easy to feed into the hate and let it affect you, but the singer once said that criticism “doesn’t matter, unless you feel it.” Basically, she couldn’t care less about what other people think and is determined to do things her way!

2. Offensive

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Billie Eilish believes that you shouldn’t be saying “I feel you” to someone unless you really do understand them. The singer recognizes the fact that everybody has different experiences, and only a handful of people in the world can relate to them. She also doesn’t think its right to tell people how they should be feeling, and whether or not they should be offended.

That’s why when she received backlash for her “I wish you were gay” song, Eilish didn’t complain. Rather, she explained that she can’t tell people to not take offense, only that didn’t mean any when she was writing the song. Although many stars fight back and get defensive in such circumstances, Billie knows that people are going to feel what they’re going to feel.

1. Final stop

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Even though going on tour is an exciting time, it can take its toll when it comes to stress. And whilst many performers worry about saving their energy and enthusiasm in order to make it through all the legs, Billie is all about living in the moment. Since performing on stage was a life's dream of her, she makes sure she gives her all in every single stop on the tour and sings like it's her last performance.

It’s easy to see why Billie has garnered such a large fanbase in such a short amount of time! For someone whos unapologetically herself, the singer is truly inspirational. What do you think about the artists rule-breaking ways? Comment your thoughts below! And make sure to share this article with your friends who are fans of the singer as well.

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