A Look Inside Royal Family Impessive Homes

People are always interested in the lives of the British Royal family, and it’s probably because of the luxury and beautiful palaces they get to live in. Some of their homes are the world’s most popular tourist spots, and anyone would love to live somewhere that fancy. Have you visited several royal estates before? Let’s take a look at where the blue bloods are living.


This estate is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and the land is actually older than the castle, which has been part of the royal holdings since 1952. Prince Albert purchased it for Queen Victoria at $40,000 back then.

Meanwhile, the structure was supposed to be their main home but was too small in the end. Therefore, they built Balmoral Castle as it stands today, which was finished in 1856. It’s mostly used as a vacation home, but also open to the public.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

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