Did Princess Diana Regret Marrying Prince Charles?

For the first time, Princess Diana appeared in the national spotlight at the age of 20. After her death, the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, mentioned Diana’s name in an interview as “Princess of the Nation”. Before marrying Prince Charles, the woman of the nation was enjoying her life by being a member of the Spencer family.

Sadly, the marriage and eventually the entrance into the royal family was not a successful step for her. In 1978, Diana was the guest at a country house party. One of the other guests was the Prince of Wales. Though it was not the first meeting of the couple, it was a remarkable one and eventually... led them to marriage.


Charles started inviting Lady Diana Spencer to trips to Cowes and Balmoral. Apart from that, they had multiple dates in London. The news was not above the eyes of the media. The street outside Coleherne Court was the world famous place of the century since the press photographers tried to catch the moment of the future royal family’s members together.

Image credits: Instagram/princessdiana_theroyalfamily

Image credits: Instagram/princessdiana_theroyalfamily

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