What Happened After Diana Looked At Nun's Portrait In The Haunted House

Diana is calling 911

911: What is your emergency?

Diana: HE KILLED MY FRIENDS! He killed all of them! And there is a fire in the building...

911: Can you tell me your address?

Diana: (whispering): I can’t talk anymore…he is here…I can hear his steps! Text me! Text me, please

END of Call


911: Can you tell me what happened?


911: Calm down, please. I’m here to help you. What’s your name?

Diana: Diana. idk how long I can hide

911: Diana, can you tell me the address?

Diana: idk the address...old burnt-out house that is close to the church... the smoke is everywhere!..

911: Try to breathe deeply throw the cloth

Diana: Yes..

911: The police is coming to help you, Diana. Describe the situation. Is the man armed?

Diana: He has a big knife... machete or smth and I know who he is! He is the guy from the cane plantation! The guy who loved the Nun!

911: Diana, what plantation?..

Diana: He lived here 50 years ago and he burned the house down when the Devil locked the Nun in the portrait!!

911: Diana, I need you to calm down, okay? Do not make any noise. Where are you hiding?

Diana: In the closet on the second floor... I found a gun here! But I’ve never shot a gun before....

911: What kind of gun is it?

Diana: idk... two barrels

911: Could you open it to see if there are any bullets?

Diana: Yes!! There is one red bullet!! Wait... HE IS TYPING...

Chat with Unknown

Unknown: Diana, hiding was a bad idea... what scared you that much? Nun’s portrait?

Diana: DON’T REMIND ME THAT PORTRAIT... it’s freaking horrifying!!!

Diana: OMG... she looks just... so... UGLY!!

Unknown: I hate people calling her ugly... she paid a huge price to be with me. This is what people call love.

Diana: This is what people call PSYCHOPATHY!

Unknown: You’re the one who came here in the middle of the night looking for eternal youth! Don’t tell me about psychopathy bitch. Such a beautiful little girl... you are the only way for HER to stay in this world at least in the portrait... btw you haven’t told me what happens to those who can’t stand HER glare? Like you and your friends... what price would you pay HER?

Diana: I’ll tell you something more interesting... do you know the police are coming for you right now?

Unknown: Or really? Didn’t know that... but I know that you’re in the closet, Diana?


911: Diana, we’ve checked your number. No one sent you any messages in the last two hours! The police is there... They say there is no fire in the building! Diana, do you know that making a false call to 911 is illegal?

Diana: This is officer Woodstone. You would not believe me what we’ve found here... We’ve heard a gunshot on the second floor. Diana is knocked out, but thank God she’s alive... have no idea who she was trying to shoot with the gun. And she’s not a teenager... She is at least 80! And there are no teenagers here at all... but 6 women’s bodies! They’re all like 90 years old!! With lots of stabbing wounds... and there is THAT portrait ... there is something about it, officer. I can’t take my eyes of it. I must say the lady that lived in the house 50 years ago was a real beauty... 

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