Nancy took a taxi but driver turned the car down the wrong street...

Nancy: If I don’t get home in 15 minutes call the police

Amy: What? Why?

Nancy: I’m in a taxi and I don’t like the driver at all... he is asking me weird, awkward questions like do I like his car?

Amy: ???

Nancy: ..or do you I have a boyfriend...

Amy: Shit! jerk... just don’t answer him!

Nancy: I’m trying not to talk to him at all! but... he just turned the car down the wrong street!!..

Amy: God...did you ask him why??

Nancy: He whispered something about a shortcut... but this is not a shortcut at all! HE’S NOT DRIVING ME HOME!!

Amy: God... is it Uber?

Nancy: Yes! He just turned the car down a wrong street again... WTF IS GOING ON?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REACT IN SUCH A SITUATION??

Amy: Sis, listen. Send me the ride details, okay? with the driver’s contact info and I’ll call Uber support.

Nancy: I asked him where we are going AND HE JUST TOLD ME TO BE QUIET!!

Amy: WHAT??

Nancy: He said that I’M DISTRACTING HIM!..

Amy: Sis, that is a freaking dangerous situation! get out of the car as it slows down!!

Nancy: Are you kidding me??? HE’S DRIVING LIKE 60 MPH! I’M NOT FUCKING JAMES BOND!

Amy: 60 mph?? that’s too damn fast to drive in town!!

Nancy: He’s driving OUT OF TOWN, AMY! we’re almost on a highway! this is a fucking nightmare!..

Amy: Sis, tell him I called support. Tell him they know about the situation.. he’s overstepping the line

Nancy: He said “whatever”...


Nancy: And that he’s not holding me... and then HE JUST CANCELLED THE UBER ORDER...

Amy: WHAT?? who the fuck would do this??

Nancy: I told him to stop the car

Amy: I’m calling the police...

Nancy: And let me out! but he just... TURNED THE MUSIC UP LOUD!

Amy: Are you kidding me??

Nancy: WHY THE FUCK WOULD I? CALL THE POLICE! I can’t hear a thing in the car!

Amy: Send me your location coordinates

Nancy: Fucking nightmare...

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