Luna’s is about to tell guy from Tinder her secret fantasy…

Alex: Hi it’s Alex we’ve met on Tinder

Luna: Hiya soooo

Alex: Where were we?...


Alex: Oh right...The bad girl was about to send me her private photos =)


Alex: Niiice =) can you take another one? without the cartoonish filter and no tank top =)

Luna: Not that fast. I don’t really know you Alex?

Alex: So you wanna get to know me?

Luna: Yes? I wanna know something intimate about you

Alex: Ask away anything

Luna: Okay, how about... fetishes

Alex: Wow =)

Luna: Yeah? something that you normally don’t tell people but what does really turn you on? Do you have any fetishes?

Alex: Let me think ..okay I have one =)

Luna: ?

Alex: But it’s not a that big of a secret I guess..

Luna: What is it?

Alex: Foot fetish

Luna: Really?

Alex: Yeah =) I find feet to be the sexiest part of a female body

Luna: Interestiiing??

Alex: I can lick and smell a girl’s feet all night long =)

Luna: What do you think about mine?

Alex: ?

Luna: Do you wanna suck my toes?

Alex: I would lick those feet for hours ?

Luna: Love boys being on their knees begging me to let them kiss my legs

Alex: I would do that for you bad girl =) it’s your turn now..tell me about your fetishes. do you have any?

Luna: Hmmm.. probably ?

Alex: Don’t be shy =) Just say it, what is it?

Luna: Okay then spanking ?

Alex: Woooow =) So you ARE a bad girl, aren’t you? =)

Luna: ?

Alex: You like guys being rough with you, huh?

Luna: Sometimes ?

Alex: You want me to grab you and punish you for being bad??

Luna: Or maybe I wanna punish YOU, Alex ?

Alex: Oh

Luna: Spank you hard until you call me your mistress and beg me to let you kiss my feet

Alex:  Wow..

Luna: .. and if you are patient enough there’ll be a REWARD for you ?

Alex: ? I don’t know what to say. I’ve never tried this before sometimes I like girls dominating me.. but not THAT much ?

Luna: But you’ve never tried it. You just said it, right?

Alex: Right

Luna: So.. why won’t you come to my place now and try something new... hmm?

Alex: Daaaamn Luna? Freaking hot!! you are a wild card, aren’t you? =)

Luna: I am ?

Alex: Tell me more about the reward I would get =) for being spanked

Luna: Don’t worry boy I won’t spank you too hard for the first time? Speaking about the reward... after the punishment you can do with me WHATEVER YOU WANT and AS LONG AS YOU WANT

Alex: Damn... what the hell are you doing to me?!? tell me your address the crazy night is about to start..

Luna: ?

the next morning

Alex: Luna?

Luna: Hmm?

Alex: How are you? you feel good?

Luna: Yeah.. think so?

Alex: Look.. yesterday night was just so hot.. and special and YOU ARE SPECIAL Luna

Luna: ?? and you are way stronger than I’ve expected ?

Alex: But that spanking thing DID HURT =)

Luna: That’s the fun

Alex: Would you like to see me again Luna?

Luna: I’d love to and I’d love to try something new

Alex: What is it?

Luna: My other fetish waaay dirtier...  I wasn’t sure you were ready for it yesterday?

Alex: Wow! tell me now then

Luna: I hope that won’t turn you off Alex , here it is:


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