15+ Epic Hair Fails That Would Make You Really Appreciate Your Barber

When a girl wants a makeover, she will look for examples on Pinterest or Instagram. But sadly, sometimes things don’t turn out as expected and end up looking like everything but the look they wanted. Especially if they didn’t pay a lot of money for their new hair. Here is a list full of makeover fails, where hair realities didn't meet expectations. Let’s take a look.

1. This girl wanted a balayage, but at first, she must have realized that her expectations were too high. She chose a look made by Guy Tang as an example but didn’t get anything similar.

2. It was her first time in a professional salon, but the experience is going to keep her away from hairdressers for a long time. This is why many people prefer to get their hair done at home.

3. The first picture is how she ended, and the second one is how she wanted to look. You don’t need to be an expert to notice that this was a complete fail. Poor girl.

4. Undercuts require a bit of experience, but it looks like some hairdressers think it is easier than it seems. Sadly, this girl was attended by someone who didn’t know what it was doing.

5. This is another example of why not everyone should do undercuts. The fail of this picture is incredibly terrible. We would shave our whole head instead of looking like that.

6. The first picture is how she looked before the disaster. The second picture shows how she ended up looking after getting a haircut. But curiously, her tattoo is a bit ironic now.

7. Again, here is another balayage fail. The worst part about this is that the poor girl paid the shocking amount of $624 to get this look. We hope she asked for a refund.

8. We don’t know how she didn’t kill the hairstylist after he made this to her. She wanted beachy waves, but he ruined her whole hair instead. At least it is not permanent.

9. The first picture is what the girl wanted, the second one is what the hairstylist did, and the third is how she looked after her mom fixed her hair at home. She should have let her mom do her hair at first place.

10. At first glance, this looks pretty good, until you find out this wasn’t what the client wanted. The girl asked for a rose gold with some hidden lowlights of pink, and this is what she got.

11. We don’t know what we would have done if we were in her place, but surely we wouldn't be happy. We can’t imagine what is she going to do to fix that mess on her hair.

12. At least this guy was brave enough to correct the mistake right away. He will try in another occasion, and the good thing about this is that he already knows to which barber he shouldn't go back.

13. This girl wanted to have mermaid hair, but the hairstylist didn’t even try. It is pretty clear that the one who did this to her didn’t know what she was doing.

14. This is what happens when you want a new look, but you don’t want to pay for it. It may be too expensive, but at least your hair will be treated for a professional who has studied a lot.

15. It must be very disappointing going to the hair salon to get a vibrant purple look, and ending up looking like the second picture. No one should go through that.  

16. This is definitely better than the fails we have seen in this list, and at least it looks easy to fix. We are sure that if she goes to the right hairstylist, he will give her the look she wants.

17. Even men can suffer at the hands of a hairstylist who doesn’t know his job.

18. This is a different story. A girl came up to the salon with the haircut of the left, and they fixed it. She looked gorgeous after the makeover and was completely happy with the result.

19. It may seem hard to catch what is wrong with this hair, but if you look closely at the top of her head, you will notice that the colorist royally messed up.

20. We feel so sorry for this poor girl; she didn’t deserve such a thing. She only wanted an ombré hair, but they ruined it completely.

21. Everyone knows that dyeing your hair at home is a bit risky, and this girl learned it the hard way. As you can see, the green print from the bag transferred over her hair.

These pictures give us many reasons to invest in a good hairstylist because we can’t imagine how hard it must be going through something like one of these fails. Have you ever get a bad makeover like the ones from this list? Tell us more about it in the comments. If you liked this article, share it with your friends to make them laugh a bit. They surely will enjoy it!

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